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My last challenge of the year with Lowes as a Lowes Creative blogger, was making my house shine and sparkle for the New Year.  There are many ways to interpret that and I browsed in my local Lowes and immediately spotted some pretty plants, some of them even marked on clearance.  I’ve long been a lover of real live plants and have always had something live and green in my spaces ever since I can remember.

live plant

Real plants add so much life to a room and I love having them around.  From what I hear, they all add oxygen to the air too.  This pretty plant came from Lowes, as did the white ceramic planter.

small plant

With my brightly painted front door, I added this little plant on the ledge. It’s in some sort of lightweight rocks and all I do is add water to this clear container and the plant grows and thrives.  My kind of plant!

corn plant

Over by the fireplace, I added a cornplant.  I had one of these in  my old house and it got huge, so now it’s living on my parent’s back porch.  This one should get big eventually too and I can move it around the room.  I’ll  put it in a ceramic planter too.  My paperwhites are leaning in this pic, those things always get too tall and next time I’m planting them in a tall cylinder to keep them upright.


But even thought they get a little gangly, I still love the look of real paperwhites blooming this time of year.  We eagerly wait for spring and this just gives a little boost of sunshine inside the house on a cold winter’s day.

ivy on table

On an end table in the living room, this potted white ceramic planter of ivy is a reminder of spring as well.

coffee table plant

This live plant on the coffee table, in a planter I found at a yardsale in one of my fave shades of blue, is so vibrant and green and a much needed pick up this time of year.


When all the Christmas décor is put away for another season, my real plants will be the stars and remind me that Spring is not too far away.  I love watching them grow and how much life and vitality they add to a room is priceless.

If you think your room is looking pretty blah after Christmas, head out to Lowes and check out their houseplant section for lots of inspiration for the New Year.  You’ll love bringing home a plant or two yourself!

Thanks to Lowes for letting me write about what inspires me for the New Year.  Plants do it for me, how about you?  I got rid of almost all of my fake plants a few years ago and haven’t looked back.  I don’t think I’ll ever do that again….bring home the fakes.

Live ones are so much better!

I have so enjoyed being a part of Lowes Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers this year! Here’s to a fun year in 2013.  

For some end of the year excitement and to make some reader really happy, Lowes is giving away a $75 giftcard to ONE of you this week! 

What a way to start the New Year, right?! 

All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me what you would do to add some sparkle and cheer to your home in January from Lowes? 

Note:  Lowes provided a giftcard for this project. 

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- Rhoda


  1. Definitely need some paint for these white walls!

  2. I would add puck lighting under my kitchen cabinets.

  3. We’re in the process of converting a room to my youngest sons bedroom in anticipation of new baby in the spring. I’d love to be able to make it special for him

  4. I just finished an armoire makeover. Next up is a curio cabinet and an end table. I will need supplies to complete these two projects. The timing is perfect!

  5. Joanie Cottrell says

    I would begin making changes to my original 1960’s kitchen!

  6. I would get some lamps for my house from Lowes!

  7. Live plants make a room look so much better. I’ve gotten rid of all my fake plants and, if I can’t keep live pants growing, I’ll have none. Hoping to keep the live ones alive, though!

  8. Live plants make such a difference to a room and someone else to talk to when the husband is doing my head in ;). Great pics!

  9. I love Lowe’s! I would like to spruce up the laundry room so that’s how I would use a gift card.

  10. Redoing the living room. I currently have 7 paint samples painted on the wall. Lowe’s gift certificate would be great to buy paint or at least more samples. Just kidding. I am getting closer.

  11. Hi. My mother is 86 years old, and has stayed in her house way too long. Among MANY things that are needed, her kitchen is a disaster. I do what I can, but it doesn’t help. It needs some necessary updating, but I would say that what she needs most would be a stove that is not from 1962, which happens to be electric as well. Truthfully, anything, in any capacity, big or small, would help. It is so overwhelming, that I truly do not know where to begin. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and a very, very healthy and happy New Year for Lowes!

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