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We haven’t talked about this subject in awhile, so let’s dish wallpaper today!

Wallpaper has gotten a bad rap over the years.  Believe me, I get it too.  I have had my share of wallpaper that turned ugly, from green ivy cascading over the walls in my kitchen, to a classical Tuscan look in my bathrooms, with faux finishes and urns.  Ugh!  I thought it was SO pretty back then, but when I look back at it now, it’s laughable.  But, that doesn’t mean I’m totally turned off to wallpaper.  I do still like it in small doses and who knows, I might use it again in the future in certain spots.

Here are a few wallpapers I saw on BHG that I really loved the look. See what you think and if you might be ready to tackle wallpaper again.  I would use it in a bathroom to really amp it up into something special and cozy.  I love it as an accent wall in a certain room to add pizazz to a space.  I wouldn’t use it in large doses, but here and there, yes!

Grasscloth has been around for decades and I still love it. So classic and pretty. I would definitely use grasscloth somewhere.  This deep navy is beautiful.

Here’s a grasscloth in green.

And this neutral grasscloth looks very classic in this living room space, at least to my eye.

This bold black and white really adds so much personality to this pretty white bathroom.  I love it!

Green and white trellis wallpaper livens up a hallway.

This beautiful classical gray floral is so romantic in this powder room.  I totally love this too!

On the back of a bookcase to add some interest and slight texture.  Love this room too!

I wouldn’t have the nerve to do this, but on the risers of stairs would certainly make a statement.

This whimsical floral pattered wallpaper totally makes this powder room space.

A soft and subtle Greek key design is always in style and classic.

(all photos above from

Do you recognize this Schumacher patterned fabric made into wallpaper?  This is the Chang Mai Dragon fabric that so many bloggers (including me!) have decorated with.  I have 2 pillows out of it on my living room sofa.  It looks very vibrant on the walls of this powder room.

(pic via Magnolia Home)

Favorite designer, Joanna Gaines, has created her own line of wallpaper with York and these are standouts.   I saw this black and white toile in person when I visited the bakery at Magnolia Home silos in Waco.  It was so fresh and pretty and made the perfect presentation in the ladies room.

This beautiful black and white buffalo check is also by Joanna and both are currently sold out, so I’d say that wallpaper is definitely making a big comeback.

What do you think? Are you ready to try it again?  Raising my hand! I am, I am!  You just may see me using some stylish wallpaper in the future.


- Rhoda


  1. Well , I don’t know , my paper is really plane compared to these I really love these , but would I tire of them ?? I have the tongue and groove paper painted white and i like it a lot. I guess if you get tired you rip it off . I love paper in other people’s houses and think .would I like that in my house and then I get a little scared. I do have some of the grass cloth that is the natural and plan to hang it before our remodel is finished. It is so classic , like you said and I guess I’m not as afraid of it as others. Definitely something to think about before you hang it. Some of it is rather pricey

  2. We live in an older 1950’s home. We bought it 3 years ago. When looking on line for homes, the thing that caught my eye was the bathroom wallpaper! Our master bath is tiny! My husband primarily uses it. Unfortunately the cute cottage check with canbbage rose wallpaper was torn down. However the hall bath still has the same wallpaper. I have never tired of it. I love it… it is a British red design. Traditional…

    • Molly, that sounds so pretty & those kinds of papers are so perfect for a small space. A small little jewel box, love that!

  3. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Too many memories of peeling off wallpaper….tiny piece by tiny piece for me. I understand the newer papers have solved that problem, though. Maybe in the half bath? Hmmmm…..maybe not.

    • Hey, Barb, I know been there SO many times myself and have hesitated adding more for that very reason. But, I do love some of the ones I see these days!

  4. Rhoda, I too have had wallpaper in the past. Grassxloth is timeless! I decided many years ago, no matter how much I loved a paper, I wouldn’t love it a few years later, kind of like hair styles! ???

  5. I have used wall paper many times in the past. Remember when there were fantastic laser cut borders that allowed flowered patterns to flow into an under paper that coordinated with another paper that was below the chair rail? Been there, done that. Don’t want to do it again. Also, while I love doing a lot of things with my husband, I learned quickly that wall papering was a project best left to just one of us for the health of our relationship. That being said, I love a little jewel box as Rhoda says above. I have wall paper to create that effect in a very small (3′ x 5′) powder room that’s about 12 years old. The thought of taking it down makes me itch. The room is dated now and needs refreshing. Maybe just one wall will get papered this time. Or not.

  6. Rhoda, I agree with you totally and think I hit every wall paper trend you did back then! Thought I would never do wall paper again, now…..the wheels are turning!!!!

  7. Judy Clark says:


    One word. Nope! I think that it is pretty in other people’s homes, but I don’t ever want to use wallpaper again. Same with carpet.

  8. Nope. Stripped too much off the wall! I think every generation gets a go round with wallpaper! But once is enough for me. I do agree, though, that there are some very pretty papers.

  9. I vowed I would never do wallpaper again after spending days stripping it off the wall in my bathroom. I’ll just admire it in other peopl’es homes.

  10. P.S. the only wallpaper I really like is over at Kim’s at Savvy Southern Style. She has a shiplap accent wall that looks so real but it’s wallpaper!

  11. I especially love the subtle touch of the wallpaper at the back of the shelves. That would be a good way to ease back into using some wallpaper! The choices are so beautiful these days.

  12. Rhoda, these wallpapers are gorgeous! LOVE the grey floral in the powder room!

  13. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I’m with the previous commenter: I like the understated look of the paper in the back of the bookshelves. At age 62 – YES I’ve experienced wallpaper in different houses in a variety of rooms and NO I’ll not be going that route any time soon. My worst wallpaper experience: in the 1980’s my husband and I found ourselves selling our nice home because of hard times (unemployment of the 80’s). We bought a very small home that suffered with BAD wallpaper overload (orange roller skates on four walls in one bedroom ~eyeroll~ ) and the topper: a GIANT ‘photoscape’ wallpaper of the Pacific Ocean and Big Sur covering the main wall of the foyer. No amount of anything would remove the thing. We finally had to paint over it and lived with the bumpy, lumpy, bubbly after-effects for the 12 years we lived there.

    I suppose if I could afford someone to install it and then UN-install it in a few years I’d be on board. But I’ll never have that luxury so I’ll enjoy it ONLY in magazines and in other people’s homes. LOL

  14. I, too, have lived through ripping out numerous wall paper trends. No matter how great and stylish they look at the time, they WILL eventually look very dated. And nothing is worse than out of date wallpaper!!
    I know it is hard to believe, but even grass cloth has gone in and out of style. When we moved into our home in 2000 (house built in 1985), the first thing we did was rip out grass cloth in a huge living room. I also remember an office I worked at in the 90’s was covered in grass cloth and we all thought it looked awful and were so glad when they redecorated it and took out the grass cloth.
    Yes, there are some beautiful papers out there I still think looks great in a small bath room, but be prepared to take it down every few years!

  15. Jane H. says:

    I hear wallpaper is coming back into vogue. Not a big fan really. I do like the grasscloth and I like wallpaper used in the back of a bookcase. But most of the others are a little busy for me and I think I’d get tired of it.

  16. Jean McGee says:

    Wallpaper….been there, done that and NOOOOOOOOOOO more. Expensive!!!!
    Soooooo, now I buy a stencil and a little jar or two of paint and its done. YEESSSS!!!!!
    And I still have leftover paint. 🙂
    Jean McGee

  17. I grew up with wallpaper in every room of our house! My daddy put it all up. And 10 years later my mother peeled it all off. Wallpaper in a small bathroom can be tasteful. I really think wallpaper is such a personal choice and usually what one person likes does not appeal to many others. I’m afraid it will look dated sooner than later and it’s no fun to take down. So not a fan! 🙂

  18. I have always liked wallpaper, and I know it’s gotten a bad rap. I agree with you, though….use it in small doses. The only place in our house where we have it is the powder bath. I still like it even though it’s 21 years old.

  19. My husband hangs wallpaper and has for over 50 years. He is so busy here in Louisiana, especially after the flood. Grass cloth is the big thing right now. He also hangs a lot on ceilings. Some people love it and use it in every room, and then some want him to take it off. He hates taking it off and usually tells the customer it would be cheaper if they did it themselves. I do think it is a dying art, and my husband can’t find anyone to help him. I have had to paste for him on some of the bigger jobs. There are some beautiful wallpapers out there. Of course you know I want to change mine, but he can’t seem to have time to change mine! lol

  20. Wow, what a wonderful collection of wallpaper resources. I find myself considering every room for an update with the options noted. It’s so hard to choose just one.

  21. Yes it has but, its coming back! Adding a wall with wall paper adds a wow factor ! I know for resale value I don’t like wall paper because I have bought and sold many houses and painted walls sells better. But my next home will plan on doing a few walls in paper.

  22. Rhoda, we must be sharing a brain…I have avoided wallpaper like the plague for years…but all of a sudden I’ve been seeing so many beautiful patterns that are really making me want to reincorporate some of these lovelies in my home. And while I’ve always avoided wallpaper, grasscloth is something I would have any time and anywhere. What a lovely round up.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  23. I love wallpaper! When we had this house built, the builders convinced my husband that no one does wallpaper anymore and it is out. I couldn’t change his mind. I really didn’t try very hard as there was so much going on in working on the house. But, I decided, the painters/builders were saying that because they didn’t want to mess with it. I look forward to the day when we re-decorate or move…..I’m getting wallpaper! I just love it!

  24. What pretty options! ‘Love that buffalo check! I have wallpaper in my kitchen. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  25. These are not grandma’s wallpapers. So much color and versatility in these choices and they really make quite the impact!

  26. I am so happy that wallpaper is making a comeback! I used to have wallpaper in many of my rooms in past homes…then in the house, I refrained as it seemed that wallpaper had taken a fall from grace so to speak…The only wallpaper I have is a great grasscloth that is a backing on my bookcases. It added such great color and texture….so now that we are planning to build our “right-sized” home, I am planning on having lots of wallpaper! Love it! Happy Summer Rhoda!

  27. The grey floral is stunning! The Schumacher to me has a very ’70’s vibe. I’m not sure I’d choose it for an entire wall. The grass cloths and the Greek key are classic and provide lovely texture.
    Wallpaper is fun, until you have to strip it. I wonder if that’s improved with the new papers?

  28. These wallpapers are stunning! In my parents’ last home, a cornflower blue grasscloth with a bit of a sheen to it was used in the upstairs hallway 2nd/guest bathroom. My mother loved it and I have to agree. It was a pretty paper!

    For myself, in our first home back in the 90’s, I found a lovely dark green background Waverly print with cabbage roses on it that I put up in our powder room downstairs. Everyone who came over loved it! That’s also, too, when I learned the fact that not all rooms are perfectly square… LOL! 🙂 I LOVE the black or grey background wallpaper with the white roses on it! Stunning, stunning!!! Can’t wait until we have a house again…

    Thank you for sharing these. I posted on G+ and to Pinterest, of course, for you,
    Barb 🙂

  29. Mary Williams says:

    I am in love with the bold gray floral wallpaper. Do you happen to know its name? I too, have wallpaper nightmares, but if a wall if primed properly and a good wallpaper is used, it usually comes off easily. It adds so much personality to a room!

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