Dining Room Rug Update with eSale Rugs

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Sometimes we just want a change, don’t we? I’ve had the same seagrass rug in my dining room for at least 7 years. This seagrass was in my old house and I had another one in my previous dining room, which means seagrass has been with me for many years. And that means, I was getting a little antsy for a change in there. Don’t get me wrong. I still love seagrass and natural textured rugs a lot and they definitely have a great look to them and fit in so many spaces. I will definitely keep the seagrass rug and may be able to use it somewhere else, it’s still in great shape.

The thing about our dining room and my previous dining room in my old house is the fact that it’s a smallish dining room. Both of them were very similar in size and my round table and chairs fit in there really nicely. So if you have a small dining room, you might want to take note of this. One thing I noticed over the years is that a square rug works so much better in a small dining room and especially with a round table, so I had bought the 8′ square seagrass and knew when i went to replace it that I would do another 8′ square rug. A bigger size rug would have overwhelmed my space and not fit nearly as well. There are quite a few out there in that square size but not as many as other standard sizes. I’m so happy I found one online that I love with eSale rugs.

I’ve shared eSale Rugs before, but this one is gorgeous and fits our space nicely. They partnered with me and sent me the rug to review and share on my blog.

The thing I really like about eSale rugs is that you can upload your room photo and try out different rugs in your room. Of course, it’s not totally accurate, but really helps get a visual for a rug that might work. I tried out a few and this one caught my eye, the blue vintage style. I knew I wanted something blue and white, not too formal, but not too casual either and this one fit the bill. I have another rug that I bought from them too in our master bedroom and the quality is nice We’ve enjoyed that rug too.

Once I got the visual on this rug, I ordered it from eSale and couldn’t wait to get it in.

Here’s a reminder of what the seagrass rug looked like. Mark actually likes the seagrass better, but I was ready for a change. He does like the new rug a lot too,but maybe it was the texture and neutral tone he liked. I certainly love the new look now!

And change I got! I really love the soft and vintage style of this rug. It’s manmade fibers but backed in cotton and feels very good on the feet.

Before: the seagrass

And after, the blue and white vintage rug.

I love the faded tones throughout the rug which gives it a very vintage look. And the white background really brightens up the dining space a lot.

It has fringe on two sides.

As soon as I unrolled it, I was in love and couldn’t wait to get it under the table.

It feels great on my bare feet and I can’t help but keep looking at it.

It has a nice texture and softness.

And it has a cotton backing.

It’s definitely a keeper to me! When you’re ready for a change, it’s nice to get something new in a space to spruce it up. I don’t change things all the time in my home, as you probably know if you’ve been reading my blog very long. I just don’t change things out all that often, but this was something I had been thinking about and I’m so glad I went for it!

The rugs from eSale are very reasonably priced, this one was less than $200 which is not a bad investment for a new rug. I’m happy that they worked with me on this and I get to share them with you, in case you haven’t shopped there before. They have great rugs and reasonable prices too. It’s sometimes scary to order rugs online and not know what you’re getting, but I couldn’t be happier with my new dining room rug! It’s gorgeous!

Here’s my rug again if you’re interested (affiliate link):

eSale Blue Vintage Rug


- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, I’ve always loved your dining room with the seagrass rug, but the new rug completely changes the look of your room. It is beautiful and created a soft, different look. When I was a child growing up without AC in Charleston (nobody had AC in the Olden Days!), my mother would switch out the rugs, seagrass for summer and her Oriental for winter.

    • Thanks, Roxanne, I love the new look too that this rug creates. It gave me just what I wanted, softer and lighter look in there.

    • Roxanne that’s exactly what I do! I live in Michigan and winters are long so changing things up for summer is a must!

  2. Lovely, Rhoda and a nice change. I have a question. I noticed you have a non-slip rug pad under it. Have you ever had this type of backing mar your floors? My concern is that the rubber/plastic might interact with the floor finish, which is why I’ve hesitated to use them. Thanks.

    • HI,Jan, I have had them stick before and I’m not really sure why some are different from others. This particular one doesn’t stick or mar and I don’t know the brand. Someone mentioned a thicker felt rug pad and I’ve never used one of those so will have to look into it.

  3. Doreen Bednarski says

    This blue and white rug is gorgeous. It brightens the room and softens it at the same time. Pulls everything together.
    Great choice!

  4. Mary Sturgeon says

    Love the new rug! Nice pop of color on your floor! Looks warm and inviting ❤️

  5. It’s lovely and really does brighten things up. I did the same thing a few years ago in my dining room.
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a nice thicker felt rug pad. It will give this rug a whole new dimension and make it seem more $$$ than it is-plus, it will wear so much better too

  6. Love the new rug Rhoda! ❤️ Your dining room is beautiful. Will you please share your source for the dining chairs? Thanks!

  7. Always great to see your beautiful dining room and I love the new rug in there! We have a seagrass one in our dining room and while I love the look, it isn’t comfortable to walk on. I am sure yours is nice and soft. So pretty!

  8. Jan above asked if you have ever had the non slip material mar a wood floor. THE ANSWER IS YES IT CAN! You have to make sure you have the right non-slip material under the rug or it will stick to the flooring and ruin it. I don’t have a rug on a wood floor so I don’t know the answer…..it can also ruin carpet if you place one rug on top of carpet because of the chemical interactions between the rug and the chemicals in wood or carpet. I’ve had the color of carpet change when another rug was placed on top of it. Be careful to look into this so you don’t ruin your beautiful floors.

    • HI, Toni, yes I have had that happen before with certain rug grips and they stuck to my floors in my old house. It didn’t ruin the floors, but I did have to scrape it off with a plastic scraper to get off the residue. The gripper I have under the dining room rug is holding up fine and doesn’t stick. I’m not sure what the difference is in these rugs. I really probably don’t even need a rug pad under the dining table, as it won’t shift with the table on top.

  9. I love both rugs equally but I agree its always nice for a change up. In fact, I have two area rugs I switch out in our living room for that same reason. Your new rug is softer and lends a lighter look to the room. Enjoy!

  10. Rhoda, your new rug is beautiful, and helps create a totally different look in your dining room. I like it! It is so classy! As one of the previous individuals stated, it softens the room. You knocked it out of the park with this choice. Well done!

  11. What a nice update! Thank you for that link. It’s awesome to be able to see the rug in your own room after uploading a picture. Fantastic little helper!

  12. That really looks nice! What a great pick on your part. Perfect styling and colors.

  13. Becky in 'Bama says

    The new rug creates a great segue way between the grass cloth walls and the floor – on into the kitchen and living room. I love the sea grass rug, too, but it tends to just blend into the wooden floors (not that that is a bad thing).

    Regarding a felt rug pad… I have one under my living room rug (an inexpensive low pile), and yes it gives a more plush expensive feel, but it does tend to slide on the floor. Originally the edge of the rug (with the felt pad) was under a heavy t.v. cabinet – which we moved out – so now it’s only anchored by the sofa and can slide on me. Not a big deal – just wanted to put in my two cents. 🙂

    Beautiful purchase for you!

    • THank you Becky for letting me know that. I’m not sure I really need anything thicker in there, the rug grip I have does the job too. I love how soft the rug is already so we are enjoying it.

  14. Beautiful change.. a soft luxurious look that is gorgeous! However, I liked the other rug too!

  15. I love the new rug! I agree with Becky that it pulls down the color from the grass cloth and just brings the room “full circle”. I also have had damage from the gripper rug underlayment and don’t use them anymore. Perhaps you could try the rug pad and see how you like it! I doubt it would “walk” with the heavy table on it. I do think the rug pads make a rug feel even more luxurious and the thinner ones don’t have to add a lot of ‘cushion”. They are said to extend the life of your rug. Enjoy your beautiful new rug!

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