DIY Monogram Plaques

I’m adding this to Chris at Just A Girl’s, I Can Do That party, so welcome if you’re dropping by!  Take a look around and stay awhile.

Last year, I showed you some cute monogram wood plaques that I made for my sister and niece for Christmas.  Thought they turned out pretty cute.  We are also doing some craft projects for the Holiday House to sell, so I volunteered to put together a few of these and put them up for grabs, hoping they will sell.  I put a Christmas spin on some too, so I’ll show you the details on how to put these all together.IMG_7202

First, you know those unfinished wood plaques that all the craft stores have?  These are from Hobby Lobby.  Find the right size for your wooden letters to sit in the middle and you’re all set.  I spray painted the edges and didn’t even cover the middle since that part will be decoupaged.  Pick out scrapbook paper that you want to use.  Wait for it to go on sale 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. 🙂


Just place the square edge of your paper onto the wood plaque and crease it on 2 sides where you’ll need to cut with scissors.  Cut to fit the top.  Then get out the decoupage and a brush and go to town slopping the decoupage on there.  I did the backside first and then placed it down.  Rub your finger over the paper to smooth out the bubbles.  Those seem to happen.  Paint over the top of the paper with the decoupage too and keep smoothing til it is flat.   And you will have wood plaques that looks like the above.  Let it dry well.


On to the next ones.  I decided to do 3 plaques and spell out JOY for Christmas and picked out some pretty Christmas-y striped and polka-dot paper for this one.  I used some left over wall paint on these and again, just painted the edges, along with the letters. IMG_7205

Same thing, cut your paper and glue it on.


Now, we’re ready to put on the letters.  I glued these on with wood glue and let them dry overnight.  Then, I got out my Rub N Buff, which you’ve heard me talk about before.  I love this Spanish Copper color when used on black. It really accents the edges of black painted things well.   Put this on with an old cloth over your finger.  And just rub it along the raised edges.  I did the sides of the letters and the sides of the wood plaques. IMG_7211

And if you don’t wear a glove, your finger will probably look like this.  Don’t worry, it will wear off soon. 🙂  Rub N Buff is a metallic paste product and is really fun to use on things like this.  You can get it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.IMG_7217

These are just random letters I chose.IMG_7220

The black ones are done.  Time to move back to the JOY plaques. IMG_7213

There are several ways to antique things.  You can sand and add stain or glaze.  Or you can just use some glaze, which works well for lighter painted things.  For these, I got out my Ralph Lauren glaze.  This one is Smoke.  I had a can of Tea-Stain glaze too from my old kitchen cabinet glazing project that I showed you last year, but it was completely dried up, since the can was almost empty.  These are wonderful glazes and I’ve been using them for years.  This can I think I picked up free (or almost free) at a yardsale along the way and a little goes a long way with these glazes.

Now, for small projects you really don’t need a whole quart of this, I just happened to have it on my shelf.  You can buy craft bottle sizes of glaze (at the craft stores) and mix your own.   Use about 1/2 and 1/2, glaze and paint.  Pick up a small bottle of Raw Umber craft paint and mix it with glaze and you’ll have the same thing as this one.  You can darken or lighten it depending on how much Raw Umber you put in.   Got all that??IMG_7214

Get out a small paintbrush and brush the glaze along the edges.  Have a damp cloth handy.  You will need to immediately go back and wipe off most of the glaze. IMG_7215

Brush along the edges, then take most of it off with the damp cloth.IMG_7216

Don’t let it sit too long.  Once the antiquing is done, then I added some fun polka-dots to the letters.IMG_7222

Got out my craft paints and found some colors that worked with my Christmas paper.  I actually ended up using the green wall paint from my kitchen (Laura Ashley Olive 4), on the green dots, since I liked it the best.

You’ll need an extra special tool just for this part…ummmm, I mean, a pencil eraser.  Daub it in the paint and start dotting.  You’ll need to have it loaded pretty well to make a nice squishy dot.


And just have fun putting those dots randomly over the letters.  Let your imagination and creativity run wild. 🙂


Dots and more dots.IMG_7229

And here’s the side of the white plaques where the glaze is “hanging up”.  Yes, that’s a technical term.


And here they are all finished!  I think they are pretty darn cute and I would hang them up for Christmas in my kitchen if I kept them.

Hope you got some ideas on this one and will try it yourself.  I originally got this idea from Joy and ran with it.  There are endless possibilities for colors and scrapbook paper combinations, so have a ball with this one and try it out.  These would make some very fun and inexpensive Christmas gifts .

Joining Kimba’s DIY Day.

- Rhoda


  1. and I now have my project for the weekend! I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it Rhoda!!! I may have to add these to my Christmas project list!

  3. Rhoda, those are just as cute as can be! Love these! Great job. “Joy” looks so cheery!


    Sheila 🙂

  4. Janet@The Decorating Diaries says:

    Endless possibilities with all the scropbooking paper out there! Very cute.

  5. those are fantastic! so clever, and cute. thanks for sharing the how-tos.

  6. This is a great idea, Rhoda, and one I am doing myself for gifts. I did one for my sister last week and was going to post about it, but I found out she secretly reads my blog. I now have all the supplies to make one for myself so I can post that one. I’m going to try your glazing technique since I just posted something {a Christmas decoration plaque} and had used a walnut stain which I think was just too dark. I think I might have a little more time to wipe with the glaze. Love the holiday ones ~ I”ll have to try them, too!

  7. What a totally cute idea! Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Your photography was amazing.


  8. thank you Rhoda, great idea!!.

  9. Quick question. . . What kind of finishing glaze do you use on them? Especially over the scrapbook paper part? Thanks!

  10. Rhoda,
    You would laugh out LOUD if you saw what was under my hutch! These works in progress…. Right now I’m doing some with vintage botanicals I printed online….LOVE The JOY!

  11. These are adorable, easy, inexpensive, and right down my alley! Love them.

  12. Oh I love those! They turned out amazing. I cant wait to get started on holiday decorating!

  13. fabulous! i have been contemplating on doing something like this. just not sure where to put it… hmmmm

  14. OH what great projects! I can’t wait to start on this one too! Omgosh, I need to finish painting my fireplace though! hee hee… Rhoda, you are awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Absolutely precious! I love your style and enjoy your blog every single day! I will be doing these letter plaques as gifts AND decor for my home this season….

  16. Rhoda, I just love these! So great for a personalized gift for a special friend. Easy, quick and so cute.

  17. So easy and fun! My girls would love to have these in their rooms. You gave a great tutorial, so maybe I can pull this off! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Love, love, love these!!! Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing. You have such a delightful blog. Blessings!!

  19. Rhoda, these are adorable. Thank you for taking the time to show us exactly how you did this. I love your tutorials!

  20. Those are too much fun, Rhoda! 🙂 I love the “JOY” plaques. Those would make great Christmas gifts! (okay, and maybe some for me too)

  21. Love this idea!! You’re right, they are really cute!! Thanks for sharing. I’m off to sift through my scrapbook papers for inspiration!

  22. WOW!!! You make it look so easy. Love them.

  23. I love these. Now I will make some for Christmas too. Thanks for the inspiration

  24. I love this project! It’s crafty and thrifty and the results are wonderful! And I haven’t used my 40%-off coupon at Hobby Lobby yet this week. This project idea goes on “The List.”

  25. OOHH what a beautiful project. I just love Hobby Lobby and anything monogrammed. Thank you for sharing…

  26. These are great Rhoda. Can’t wait to get started!

  27. Cute ideas – thanks

  28. Oh Rhoda … what a great idea. I’m off to Michael’s …

  29. Beautiful Rhoda!
    I love a good mod podge project! I love the paper you used and the colors. FABULOUS!


  30. I love the letters and mod podge…I will have to try making one, hope they turn out as good as yours. Thanks for the idea and I will be back soon.

  31. What a great project in time for Christmas!! Thanks for the tutorial, Rhoda. It must have been time consuming and I know you are a busy lady!


  32. I think I am going to do this for our church! Great ideas Rhoda. Love seeing what you are upto…I haven’t left too many comments because I am working more now…but I love to visit and see what you are working on. Always inspiring. thank you.

  33. Oh, Rhoda, those are soo cute! I love the “JOY” letters, my favorite colors for Christmas decor are red and lime green.

  34. Tammy Healey says:

    I met a woman once who collected anything with the word JOY on it because she said it stood for how we should live our lives…..
    J (Jesus)
    O (others)
    Y (You /yourself)

  35. Adorable Rhoda! I am a sucker for “JOY” at Christmas….don’t know why I love that so much but I do!!

  36. Loooove, looove the JOY plaque set! It is adorable! I’m definitely going to make one of those. Best! Vanessa

  37. Hi sweet friend! Life is gradually getting back to “normal” for me so I’m hoping to be able to visit everyone more often.

    This looks like a fun project. You go girl!


  38. I’m really loving all the polka dots!

  39. Oh wow! This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your tips and ideas too. I am LOVING your blog and am a NEW happy follower. 🙂

  40. I love these. Now I know what my mom is getting for Christmas!!

  41. Wow, these are fantastic! Thanks so much for the how-to, I’ll be linking to this.

  42. How fun! You did an awesome job – and so simple. I love Joys of Home, too! 🙂 Found you via One Pretty Thing. I will link from Dollar Store Crafts soon!

  43. Adorable and now I know how you get those dots so perfect!

  44. I was thinking about making these as christmas gifts! I have a big family and it can get quite spendy!

    I love the JOY, so cute 🙂

  45. *FeeLiN tHe *JoY* 4 SuRe! 🙂

  46. Such a cute idea!! I even have the same scrapbook paper! Thanks

  47. Great project! I love it. 🙂

  48. Love these – Going to pick up supplies to make a few sets of these tomorrow!

  49. May I ask where you got the letters to put on the plaques. I would love to try to make some.

  50. Thanks for shairing this idea – they are utterly fantastic – I love them 🙂

  51. I just love this idea, Rhoda! The “joy” plaques are too cute. Thank you for joining the party!

  52. What an awesome idea! I am linking to your post on 1/22 from

  53. hi,

    What kind of wood glue do you use?


  54. Elizabeth says:

    really cute…love the additions…easy instructions!! will definitely try to do this one!! with love and gratitude eliza

  55. I love this idea! Will be trying these soon!! The pencil eraser part is great!!
    Thanks for sharing!


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