Drool-worthy Strawberry Cake

And I’m not even kidding with that title! It totally is.

strawberry cake002

My mom grew up in the Plant City, FL area, which if you were not aware, is the strawberry capital of Florida, if not the US.  So she was raised picking strawberries and eating an abundance of them.  Maybe that’s why I love strawberries SO much.  They even have a very fun Strawberry Festival every year, which I’ve been to one time and man, oh man, at the homemade strawberry shortcake that comes out of that Festival.

Drool-worthy strawberry cake from a box cake mix

strawberry cake

So began my quest for a worthy strawberry cake, after I decided I need to thaw and use this gallon of frozen strawberries my mom passed on to me.  It was time to break them out.  I went online and found several recipes that sounded delish, so gave one a try.  I used one for the sheetcake factor (since I’m not fond of baking layer cakes).  Anytime I can bake in a 9×13 pan, I’m in!  So, I picked a recipe for the sheetcake and then found another one with icing that I liked better.  Cream cheese icing, YUM.

It has a ton of strawberries in the cake and icing and the good part is, it starts with a basic white cake mix.  That I love too, but it tastes homemade.

All frosted and ready to eat.  Put it in the fridge to chill for awhile before you cut it.

strawberry cake001

And then it’s even better with some of those leftover strawberries dolloped on top.  Oh myyyyyyyyyyy, was this ever good!  Are you drooling yet?

This is now going to be my favorite cake to make. 🙂  And it starts with a white cake mix, you gotta love that.


Add freshly sliced strawberries with juice to the top for EXTRA flavor!

And prepare to have your guests fall all over you when they can’t get enough of this cake!  Let me know if you try it.

For those of you who can’t see the printable recipe above, here’s a screenshot of it!

strawberry cake recipe


- Rhoda


  1. Yay! This recipe came at the perfect time! We picked strawberries over the weekend and now we have more than we know what to do with. I will definitely try this yummy recipe.!

  2. Yum! I love strawbs too, and always have frozen ones on hand. Thanks for the new recipe, I will give it a try, but will be very lucky to get any in my house!
    🙂 Flick

  3. Ooooh…that does look great. So pretty too!

    Chelsea and I are waiting for strawberries to come into season here.

    Becky K.

  4. Looks great! Can’t wait to try it.

  5. Any dessert that starts with a cake mix is ok in my book. Your strawberry dessert looks delish! Yes, I’m drooling just looking at it. A piece right now with my coffee would be heavenly.

  6. mmm! This looks great! Strawberries have been on sale here lately so I should stock up and make some cake! Perfect spring treat!

  7. Thank you for the wonderful recipe…I plan on making it today..and My hometown is Plant City Fl….so sad about the berries this year~! I couldnt even find any here in DC.


  8. Looks sooooo yummy…but I don’t think I have enough WW points saved up for a slice of it:( Thanks for coming by Coastal Charm for a little visit! Hope you have a FUN day!


  9. Kim Turner says:

    Love the cake recipe and I LOVE Plant City! My uncle use to live there and I remember visiting when I was a child and going to his strawberry farm and picking all the berrys we wanted! I didn’t realize until I was older how special that was. Thanks for the recipe. I am a lover of anything strawberry! I may have to try that strawberry icing on a banana cake too. I love strawberrys and bananas together.

    BTW, I have a few days off in May and I am having a beadboard wallpaper party at my house! I have been wanting to add beadboard to my dining room, but was going to have to wait on dear hubby to help. Now I can do it all by myself! Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. I make a very similar one, but the icing is thicker. Maybe you needed more powdered sugar? I don’t put mine in the fridge either.

    Strawberries are the best! They will be here in our area soon – yippee!!


  11. Yea – I have a strawberry pie recipe, but not a good strawberry cake one….definitely looks drool worthy. 🙂

  12. Love Strawberries! We’re going to the Washington Strawberry farm in Watkinsville, GA soon. Can’t wait to do all sorts of wonderful things with fresh – picked strawberries!

  13. MMMMM… now that look’s like some good cake! I may just have to try my hands at this one. Wonder if it would do well as a cupcake? Thanks for sharing Miss Rhoda..you’re the best 🙂 xoxox Susie

  14. Just sent this to my mama…maybe she will make one for me for my birthday this summer! 😉

  15. This sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for posting it. Perfect for spring and summer.

  16. That looks so good! Love a good strawberry cake and the frosting! YUM!

  17. Winter Strawberry Capital of THE WORLD, my sweet cuz! 🙂

  18. Hi Rhoda! I’m seriously thinking about making this cake in the next few days…and noticed when printing up the recipe…there wasn’t the mention when the strawberries should actually be used in the directions for the cake itself! Did you use the whole cup of strawberries mixed in with the batter before baking?
    Thanks for posting this! It looks incredibly yummy!!!

    • Hi, Amy, sorry for not getting back to this post before now, but yes, add the cup of strawberries into the cake batter before baking. Just mix it all in and bake.

  19. Kathy :) says:

    Oh boy I can feel my hindquater getting larger by the second…LOL I just LOVE strawberries……this is going into the recipe book thanks so much Rhoda…..

    I received for Mother’s Day from my son, a package of chocolate covered strawberries….some with coconut and white chocolate…oh my they are SOOOO very good and the size of your hand…..

    All the best,
    Kathy 🙂

    ps you would be so proud of me….I got a vanity at Goodwill and am now in the process of doing it over…..I bought Periwinkle paint, can’t wait to see how she comes out !!! Hubby thought I was quite out of my mind…it was only 19.00 and quite UGLY lol !!!!

  20. Yum! yes I am drooling!!!

  21. HI, Amy, I put the strawberries in about the same time as the eggs, so that should work fine. I edited the recipe to add that. Sometimes those online recipes don’t fill in all the blanks, I’ve noticed.

    Hope ya’ll will try it, it really is delish!

  22. That sounds so yummy. A keeper, putting it in my folder right now. Please stop in and meet my friend Jacqueline, the editor of Romantic Homes, and visit her blog, she’s a new blogger! You will love her, Rhoda. xo Lidy

  23. OH wow that looks so good! I will have to try that receipt. My husband was born and mostly raised in Plant City FL…that is until he was transplanted to GA. He too picked and ate many a strawberries!

  24. YUM! Rhoda, this looks divine! Gotta love Plant City. I was through that area last week! 🙂


    Sheila 🙂

  25. Rhoda, this cake looks so delicious! I want to try it. Strawberries are in here now. In fact, last night I made strawberry jam. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

    • Linda Hart says:

      My Aldi had Strawberries from NC. Made the best jam ever.
      Also, froze them since they were so reasonable.
      NC Berries were wonderful this year!!!!

  26. Looks wonderful and not difficult to make! I love anything pink!!

  27. Being a “Plant City Girl” myself, I can tell you it’s the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World” ! LOL I love anything strawberry for obvious reasons (one being family members are strawberry farmers here) and yes, you are right, that certain IS drool-worthy!!! Thanks for sharing, as I wipe my mouth!

  28. That looks tasty!

  29. That looks yummy! And too funny, Plant City is the next town over from me!

  30. OMG YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I have a similar cake recipe, but my icing is strawberry buttercream!! oooohhh man it is good. as good as the delish strawberry cake at Edgar’s bakery, I think!

  32. This looks like the most delicious cake ever and your last picture has me, in fact, drooling. I can’t wait to try it! So glad I stumbled upon your site.

  33. Just made this last night for Memorial Day company, and everyone pitched a fit over it…this cake is unbelievably good! I will also make one for 4th of July, and sprinkle a few blueberries on top along w/the strawberries for a red, white and blue dessert. Maybe serve on a white plate to get the white in, or spritz with some nonfat whipped cream (I laugh). I agree, this is as good as, or better than, Edgar’s. So glad I found your blog, Rhoda…thanks so much for sharing!

  34. adriann humphrey says:

    this is the recipe i grew up on as well. i still have the recipe card that my mom used to make this card. it is dated 1976 and has all the spills on it from when i was a kid. my mother-in-law also made this cake too. our dad’s love this cake and it is made for many special occasions. hope everyone loves it as much as our family. thanks for sharing.

  35. Hi Rhonda,

    I have a couple questions. Is the one cup measurement of frozen strawberries before or after they’ve been cut and could you puree them as well or is it better to cut them up? Also, I’d like to know if this cake stacks well? What is the texture like? I’m looking to stack and decorate it, possibly cover it in fondant. Thanks! I’m looking forward to trying it!

    • Chop up and make it a cup. I think you could pulse in a food processor too to mix it finer if you’d like. Anyway you cut it, 1 cup will do!

  36. Mmm this looks SO good. My husband has a birthday coming up in a week I will HAVE to give this try.

  37. I am also wondering all of the same questions that Joey asked back in July. My daughter’s birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and we are doing a Strawberry Shortcake theme and I think this cake will be perfect….but I am wanting to make sure that it will hold up to stacking and decorating! Thanks!!!

    • Hi, Jamie, I noted above to chop up 1 cup of strawberries & add right in the batter as it is mixed. As far as the icing, that icing with 7 cups make a TON of frosting, so you can either mix it with 7 cups or try to cut it down a bit. I couldn’t put it all on the cake. Be sure to mix in enough powdered sugar to keep it somewhat stiff so it will spread correctly. It really is yummy.

      I do think you can bake the cake in round pans and it would be fine to stack and frost that way too.

  38. I just made this for my birthday today!! It is WONDERFUL!!!! It did make too much icing but that’s okay…going to try to freeze it for the next time I make this!

  39. Made your strawberry cake “twice” and it was a hit. Too much icing as you mentioned, in fact, I think I could have made 3 cakes with that amount of icing. Delicis!

  40. Janet Hoffman says:

    Thank you so much for posting this cake recipe it looks so good! I was looking for a recipe for when my mother in-law comes that I haven’t met yet. : )

  41. This is the exact recipe I use when making strawberry cake and everyone loves it.

  42. I have been making this cake for years. The recipe I found was called Strawberry Princess Cake. It really is wonderful! It makes a great bundt cake and I use a little powdered sugar and some strawberry juice for a glaze. Great cake! Good job! 🙂

  43. Kathy Kennedy says:

    I make a version of this that is actually a little easier I think and I honestly made it without Paula Deene. I used a strawberry cake mix and added some chopped fresh strawberries and made cupcakes. I took a can of cream cheese frosting added one stick of softened butter and a box of confectioner’s sugar. I had thawed and drained a tub of frozen strawberies (with Sugar) and drained. (I think next time I’m going to almost pat them dry with good paper towels). The first time I did this, I didn’t drain them and there wasn’t enough con. sugar on eart to make it thick. This time better but still a little too soft for me. DEFINITELY REFRIGERATE. My next attempt is going to be with greek yogurt as the icing base. I’ll let you know how it turns out or email me and I’ll let you know. My family couldn’t get enough of these.

  44. made this for co-workers who loves strawberry cake said this is the best she has ever had 🙂 🙂

  45. Hi, just had to let you know I made the Strawberry Cake for a Baby Shower last weekend. It was fantastic and everyone wanted the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  46. Made this recipe into cupcakes to take to a birthday party at a club. OMG, the response was over the top! I had more than a few friends say it was “the best thing ever” and so, the next day I made more cupcakes to put the leftover frosting on and even sent little bowls of frosting for my friends to pour over the top of each cupcake! I’ll be making this dessert all summer!

  47. Victoria says:

    The very first thing I read on this post was that your mother grew up in the Plant City area! I was born & raised in Plant City but have moved to El Paso, TX with my husband who is in the Army. We are actually leaving tomorrow to take a trip back home to good ole PC! So nice to see a yummy strawberry recipe inspired by my home town 🙂

  48. I just made this with gluten free cake mix/flour and it was amazing!! I’ve been craving strawberry cake since I was diagnosed with Celiacs and this definitely hit the spot!! Great recipe! Thank you!

  49. Just made this- wanted to let people know that it was done in 30 minutes not 45. Haven’t tried it yet 🙂

  50. Jan Taylor says:

    Just saw his and will definitely try it – however; we are enjoying an abundance of blackberries at this time – do you think it would work to substitute blackberries instead? I believe I could find blackberry or raspberry jello.

  51. I made the cake and it was great. The only things I would change is the baking time to about 40 minutes(45 made it a little dry), and the amount of confectionary sugar from 7 cups to maybe 4 cups(test it as you put it in).It was very easy to make.

  52. How long do you cook this cake if you use a bundt cake pan?

  53. I grew up in Plant City, FL. Oh, the strawberries are luscious! This cake looks divine, definitely going to put it on my cake to do list 🙂

  54. I was googling strawberry cakes yesterday and found yours. I made it for my daughter’s birthday party tonight. I baked it in the 9×13 dish but poured a small amount of the batter in a separate dish and baked it. We had the small one at work and it is WONDERFUL! I can’t wait for my daughter to try it tonight. I think it’s the best I’ve tasted. 🙂

  55. Elizabeth A says:

    I am excited for this one. I appreciate you making it available. I love making new recipes for partys and friends.
    Just wanted to say Thank You.

  56. stephanie Croxton says:

    I’m 35 years old and my mother has been making this cake for about the last 25 years! I absolutely LOVE this cake! With my birthday being on Valentines Day she doubles the recipe making one square cake and one round cake. She takes the round cake cuts it in half and makes a heart and then slathers on the icing.

  57. Yay!! I’m from Plant City, and I cannot wait to try this recipe. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  58. My mother has been using this exact recipe for over 40 years. It used to be my birthday cake every ear.

  59. Could this recipe work in a Bundt cake pan? What modifications should I make?

    • HI, Caroline, I’m sure it would probably work fine, give it a try. I have no idea if you’d have to modify, but it’s worth a try the first time.

  60. hi Rhone lookssss delish, making it tonight. ? can u double or triple the batter with no problem?

    • HI, Krystal, since it is a basic box cake, I don’t see any reason why you can’t double or triple it. Just cut down some on the icing, that recipe makes WAY too much, unless you are doing 2 cakes.

  61. so sorry with my typo, I meant Rhoda

  62. Drove past Plant City several times this week(only 30 minutes down the road from my house), every time with the thought of this cake on my mind. Finally stopped and got a flat ($5!) and commenced to baking. I am so happy with the way this turned out, just the most perfect treat for getting ready for the Strawberry Festival!

  63. I grew up in the strawberry fields of good ol’ Plant City, Florida! Thanks for this delicious recipe. I ♥ anything strawberry!

  64. Are the strawberries fresh frozen or with sugar added? I want to make this for Valentine’s Day. Thanks!

    • You can get whatever ones you like. I used fresh frozen for all, with no sugar added. Some that I had frozen myself.

  65. Hi Rhoda! I made this cake on Sunday when my fiance and I celebrated Valentine’s Day late. It’s delicious!! Strawberry, strawberry, STRAWBERRRY…in the icing, in the batter…so good. The icing is absolutely perfect for the cake. Can’t stop sneaking to the fridge for stolen spoonfuls…

    Some tips for other readers: The half-cup of oil was just fine instead of 3/4 cup, so definitely follow Rhoda’s lead on that.

    The cake was, as some who have commented noted, done before the 45-minute mark, but I doubted myself and kept it in until 45 minutes, and wound up with a slightly brown cake. It wasn’t unbearable though! Just a little tougher/drier around the edges.

    I switched the cream cheese for neufchatel cheese which is the same, but a little lower fat. Big tip: make sure you let the cream cheese soften all the way or else it won’t beat in with the rest of the icing ingredients and you’ll end up with some thick white bits throughout the beautiful pink icing!

    The recipe did make a lot of icing, but I split the cake into two 8″x8″ pans (to keep myself from eating the whole thing – one for the office!) and only ended up with half a Ziploc sandwich bag of icing leftover (which is great for touching up slices that don’t have enough icing).

    So, this is truly a great collaboration recipe Rhoda! It’s perfect for princess birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and any other occasion when you’re just craving a pink strawberry cake. Yum. Thanks Rhoda!

    • Thanks, Jessica for chiming in on your tips. I did this cake on a whim a few years ago and can’t believe all the pins it has gotten, so I’m happy to share it and it truly is a wonderful cake. I’ve got to make it again. I’m so glad many of you are trying it too, it’s delish!

  66. Audrey Ellis says:

    Is the Jello ready to eat stuff or is it the Jello that you have to dissolve? Thanks.

  67. I made this cake today and it’s the best Strawberry cake EVER!!! Thanks so much for the great recipe.

  68. Oh my gosh! This cake is amazing! It was gone in 10 minutes. Next time I will have to make at least 2 of them. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

  69. Got it in the oven now . Smells Devine! Hope it’s as good as the one that put me into labor 30 years ago. Looks like it!

  70. Robyn Gussie says:

    Quick question, do I add all the regular ingredients from the box cake mix too? Thanks, I can’t wait to try this!

    • Hi, Robyn, NO, just dump the white cake mix in with the above ingredients, don’t add what the cake mix calls for too, just use the cake mix alone with all above! You’ll love it!

  71. Jenni Carver says:

    Hey Rhoda,
    I just wanted to tell you thank you for this recipe. I made it Saturday for my family and everyone loved it. My husband said it was just like his Grandma Ruby’s cake (which he hadn’t had in many years). He just bragged and bragged on it. Needless to say, I was quite proud. 🙂 Also, Lord willing, I’ll be making it for our Easter dinner. God bless ya!!

  72. Can you use fresh strawberries?

  73. Looks delicious! Do you think I could make this in a bundt cake pan? I want to serve it for Easter and am wanting something that looks a little bit prettier. Will the same recipe work?

    • HI, Lauren, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in a bundt pan, give it a try! You will need to cut the icing down, it makes a ton!

  74. Marsha Forsyth says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It tastes more like my mother’s than anything I have tried. She never wrote it down. I remember the white cake mix, jello and strawberries and she used a stick of butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar in almost every cake frosting she made. She was gifted in the kitchen and rarely wrote things down. With your recipe, just maybe I can recreate some memories when we have our Strawberry Festival in Humboldt, Tennessee. Thank you, again!

    • Melissa says:

      I’m not use to seeing someone from my neck of the woods! I’ve marched in the Strawberry Festival parade many times with the Rutherford Jr High and GCHS band. I’m going to be making this cake to take for mother’s day, but I accidentally grabbed strawberry cake mix! Guess I’m going to have an extra strawberryy cake lol.

  75. Got to make this cake, looks so dang yummy!! Thanks so much. I live in Lakeland, FL, one town away from Plant City, hit the Strawberry Festival every year!!

  76. Allison says:

    I made this cake and I can not wait to make it again, So good! 🙂

  77. Rhoda, I don’t know if you’ll see this so far down the road, but if you do…please let me know if the frozen berries you use in the cake are in syrup (as they are in the frosting) or if they are just frozen berries with no sugar added. Thanks, Beth

    • Hey, Beth, I would just use regular berries with no syrup. I think I used all fresh and frozen (from my mom’s freezer) berries with no sugar or syrup. It’s great!

      • That was fast, Rhoda! Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend with your family. Beth 🙂

  78. Don’t wait to make this cake. I have made a similar cake for 20 years and just looking at this picture makes me crave one. I dont use cream cheese in my frosting though. The best cake ever.

  79. Baked this cake yesterday and it is wonderful! I didn’t have the cream cheese on hand, so we had it without frosting and loved it.

  80. By the way, I made it in a bundt pan and it came out great!

  81. Crystal says:

    Hi I made your cake tonight and its delish! However my frosty came out a little runny so I wasn’t sure if I should pour it over the whole cake and it’d get soggy. Also how did you store your left overs? I put the frosting in the fridge and the cake on the counter?? Thanks! 😉

    • I put mine in the fridge to keep, but yours is probably fine. That icing recipe makes a ton, but mixed right it shouldn’t be runny. Add more powdered sugar!

  82. michele says:

    i have been making this recipe for about 3 years and everyone loves it when i make it

  83. Heather says:

    I am excited to make this with my daughter tomorrow. We went and picked fresh strawberries today.. I hope it is as good as it looks. Thanks for the recipe..

    • Heather says:

      My daughter and I made this cake yesterday and let me just say OMG….. I have 4 children ranging in age from 11 to 3 yrs.. They ALL absolutely loved it (which does not happen often unless it’s chocolate cake!) My husband has already asked me to make another one for him to take to work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for this awesome recipe, it was a huge hit here in NC.. I love Southern Hospitality, it doesn’t get any better that that.. Thanks again and have a wonderful day ya’ll..

      • Thank you, Heather for telling me your experience with strawberry cake. It is so good, I agree!!

  84. I made this cake today and I thought it was just “okay”. I was expecting something great based on the title and the reviews, but it tastes too much like plain old boxed strawberry cake. The icing is really good though. I’m going to keep the icing recipe and use it on a completely homemade strawberry cake.

  85. Hi there! Can you tell me what size cake mix you used? 16.5 or 18.25?

  86. I’ve made this cake twice now and it truly is AMAZING! Everyone who has tried it has told me several times how great it was and asked me to make it for every family event ee have coming up! Its wonderful!

  87. What does “TB” plain flour mean? Is that just regular flour? Or like self-rising or something?

  88. Plain flour? Is it all purpose flour?

    • Yes, Debi, all purpose flour. I don’t see why you couldn’t make it in a 9×13 pan. Careful, that icing makes a lot, so you might cut it down some. I need to make this again, it’s been too long!

  89. Also, can you make this in an 9×13 pan?

  90. Hi! this cake looks divine! I would love to try it but I’m not a huge fan of box cake mix. Could I make a regular white cake mix from scratch then add everything else the recipe asks for?

    • Shasta, I’m sure you could do that too. This is just an easy one for those who don’t cook from scratch.

  91. Plant City … Parkesdale Market is my favorite. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Years ago my mother made a wonderful strawberry cake and the frosting had white sugar in it – if only I could find that recipe I would be in heaven.

  92. Where is the recipe? I didn’t see it? Wanted to copy it! My husband would love this! Can you email it to me? Please

  93. Your actual recipe is not showing up

    • Paola, can you see the picture I posted at the bottom of the recipe? In fact, I just posted it there. I don’t know why the printable isn’t showing for some folks, that’s why I put the picture recipe at the bottom.

  94. Are you supposed to make the jello according to the box or just put the jello powder in with the cake mix?

  95. My mother has been making this cake for my birthday since I was a kid. Flash forward 35 years later, and 700 miles between us, I have picked up the tradition. Everyone I make this for adores it. It truly is a tried and true, longstanding Southern recipe that is quite special. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world!!

  96. Suzanne Pollock says:

    When you say frozen strawberries, are they whole and do you thaw first?

  97. This is a Srawberry Jello cake, my Grandmother made this when I was a little girl (70’s), & I still make it. Love love love this cake one of my all time favorites. You can take bamboo skewer & poke holes all over the cake then pour the icing all over it. Man oh man is it good. You can bake it in a bundit pan also, or make cupcakes. It’s a very tender cake & so, so good.

  98. I just made this cake and frosting and it was good except that the cake was thin and fence and it had to do with all that oil, 3/4C of oil! The last time I go by a recipe that doesn’t sound right to me!

  99. Robin Cizek Waters, Arlington Texas says:

    Hi. I tried this recipe yesterday. The cake part was a bit dense and not very thick. The icing was to runny but over all it tasted great. I am going to tweak this strawberry cake recipe. Not so much pureed strawberries and not so much oil in the cake. I will let you know how it turns out. Any suggestions would be great!

    • HI, Robin, I never had the cake turn out that dense, but yes the icing is runny and could be tweaked for a little thicker.


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