Dwell with Dignity’s Atlanta Project Reveal

I shared with you last week a non-profit called Dwell with Dignity, out of Dallas and the fact that they just completed their very first project here in Atlanta for a mom and her 2 sons.  They live in an apartment building and I loved hearing about the new start that this little family will have in this new space.  It was very heart-warming to have a small part in this endeavor and even though I didn’t get to see the finals in person, they shared pics with us and the video of the final reveal.  I think you’ll love seeing this!

The two designers working on this project were Kerry Howard and Brian Patrick Flynn and they each had their own areas.  Kerry did the master bedroom and the boy’s room (I think that’s right) and Brian did the living room and kitchen.  Even though the colors are very bright and you might not want such vivid colors in your own home, imagine a mom who has been through really tough times of being homeless with her two boys and wants a new place to start over.  Color would be welcome in that case.  Happy, bright vivid color just wakes up the senses. welcome home letter I love that this family has a new start in this pretty apartment that was made over just for them. living room green wall Put on your sunglasses.  Green is in the house!  But really, with all the neutrals and textures in place, it’s a beautiful and happy space. living room overall Brian brought in some unique items for this room to make it feel just right. living room sofa I love the rug and the coffee table with wicker chairs.  And the vintage artwork is cool too. living room tv Console for the TV and what a beautiful fig tree he brought in. kitchen after fridge side The kitchen is equally vivid in orange and is totally woken up now with this color on the walls. Kitchen after looking to lr I love the Count Your Blessings sign and the table setting is pretty sweet too. Kitchen after This mom will enjoy having a pretty kitchen to cook in every day. kitchen art All of these signs are such a great message too. master bed Kerry did a great job in the master bedroom and I love the subtle gray on the walls.  What a retreat for this busy mom of 2 boys to relax and enjoy. master bedroom after Check out the special framed prints of mom and her 2 boys on the wall. bathroom Simple touches in the bathroom. container store closet The Container Store came in and outfitted all the closets. boys room The the 2 boys share a room with twin beds.  Lots of DIY project went into this room, like that cartoon console table under the window. boys room2 The boys love super heroes and this was made for them especially. boys room3 That’s a lego table at the end of the bed. {Note:  All photos courtesy of Thomas England, Photographer) Such a happy and energetic space for this young family to enjoy and I love sharing this with all of you.  There will be another project happening in Atlanta later this summer, so I’m sure the Atlanta home blogging community will come out and support them again.  Dwell With Dignity is such a worthwhile cause to support. If you missed the video from my earlier post, please take a moment and check it out. It’s SO heart-warming!

- Rhoda


  1. While I applaud this organization and the worthwhile work they do, I simply couldn’t live with those colors for very long. The green was overwhelming enough, but the orange kitchen is awful (in my humble opinion and for own personal taste), and would make me want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. I hope the family is enjoying it, though. Kudos to Dwell With Dignity for their work.

  2. I am not sure people in poverty can be helped by home decor. Not saying that this project isn’t worthy but I see no indication that the residents have to help or work for any of this. That is what I love about Habitat for Humanity. Sweat equity so that the recipients have some idea that work is necessary.
    As for as the green and orange, not a fan. It is too dramatic and too personal unless the new residents approved the colors. If they did, good for them.

  3. Francis C. Moore says:

    I agree with the second comment. Wish someone would revisit this residence a year later and post pictures. I would hope it would be in the same condition or better.

  4. I knew these bright colors would raise some eyebrows, but they did interview the homeowner before they started and got ideas from her on what she would be comfortable living in. As far as helping this resident, Dwell for Dignity takes on people who have worked through programs to get back on their feet again. It’s not just handed out without any thought to who it’s going to and those folks have had to work hard for a period of time and prove themselves before they get a project done for them. Hope that helps explain!

    • Francis C. Moore says:

      Thanks for more information. They are deserving of the new place provided for them. Francis

    • Rhoda, this is a wonderful project and so charitable of you to give your time in such a thoughtful way. It’s great how you used your own gifts and talents to make someone else’s world a little prettier. I love the green, but not so much the orange. To each his own, however! This is what makes the world go round… Others may not like my rust and brown living room, but that’s ok, they don’t have to live here. hehehe.

    • Thanks for the additional information. It makes a difference when a family has a buy in. I know this from projects I have been involved with.

    • Praise God for people like yourself and others who take the time to show care and concern for the less fortunate, yet hardworking people who are trying to provide a beautiful home for their families!! (Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve”.)

      It’s however sad that so many people have to respond with negativity to make themselves feel better or perhaps more important.

      Keep doing what you are doing; I can see God all over your life!

  5. Gosh, please ignore the negativity, Rhoda. I can totally understand how living in a beautiful place would be good for someone. Beauty inspires people! This mom wants to make a wonderful home for her kids just like any other mom would. I wish her the very best and applaud you and the others for helping her out.

  6. What a great project, Rhoda! The colors are intense, but may be just right for a family with 2 young boys. I can see the intensity leveling off as the lights go down low. Glad that the mom got a nice retreat for herself as well. Coming back from the rough spots of life can be tough — and I hope she gets a heartwarming boost from her new surroundings. Here’s to new beginnings!


  7. That is great. Bright, but great. I hope the new residents realize how blessed they are.

  8. What a wonderful space to raise boys! The colors are very bright, but I remember the first time I saw a dining room painted red ten years ago and thought to myself, “Oh my! What were they thinking?” A year later it seemed like EVERYONE had a kitchen or dining room painted red. As long as the homeowner is happy, that’s all that matters.

    I do love the decoupaged console in the boys’ room. What a fun touch!

  9. Oh Rhoda I LOVE the space! I am sure that after struggling to find decent living conditions (maybe even previously living in shelter etc) where everything is cold and industrial.. gray, and white.. The fact that they are now surrounded by bright and vibrant colors would be like a breath of fresh air.

    There is a reason that children’s wings of hospitals etc are painted bright colors.. since it is welcoming and makes you FEEL better. The last thing you want is a sea of neutrals.. browns, tans, grays.. which may not be depressing to people who have always had a roof over their heads, but would remind me of industrial/commercial rental properties if I had always struggled to stay off the streets.

    This is a single mom with two KIDS. If you are going to go bright with anyone.. that would be it! I personally adore it. I may not do it in my own home, but I may have done it in my FIRST home.. since it just screams “this is mine!” It is clearly not a shelter, a hotel or a rental.. it is HOME!


  10. I love the concept and I think the home is beautiful and cheerful.

  11. What a blessing for this mother and her two young boys !


  12. This is such a precious project and I know the family will cherish the work. I happen to love bright colors and the best part is . . . it’s just paint. When they get ready for a change, it can be switched to purple and red in a snap!

  13. nice job–love the colors and positive atmosphere/attitude…we need to help other more like this and I hope the family appreciates this enough to help others when they can. it’s bad to always obe on the ‘taking’ end of things…bad for the soul..

  14. I love this story and this beautiful family! Everyone who comments should watch the video first. It really shows the hard work this mom did in the program BEFORE they did the makeover. Also, the colors in the photos look far more intense than in the video. I am also a subdued color kinda gal but can appreciate that everyone is different. They did an incredible job and I’d love to be a part of this kind of thing in our community. I love a good before and after!

  15. So happy for this mom and her 2 boys. Many blessings to her and to Dwell with Dignity!

    Thank Rhoda for sharing this with us.

  16. Seems the old rule, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything,” could apply here.

    What a great home and a worthwhile cause. I wish this family all the best and many happy memories in their new home.

  17. I loved this project and the good work Dwell with Dignity is doing to help those who have shown their own commitment to succeed in life. The video was worth it after seeing the photos, hearing and seeing the excitement of this little family was just what I needed today! Rhoda, glad you were a part of it too!

  18. I would never have thought that green room can be so attractive! I always thought that green walls can be rather irritating but the room looks rather calm and vivid, full of life and happiness! And the plant look really amazing.

  19. That is absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors! Great job to decorators!

  20. Colors are a little intense for me; however, if you were homeless, a home in any color would be welcomed. Great job for a great cause. Do you think you could share the source of the rug in living room and under kitchen table? Thanks

  21. I think it’s a very happy and uplifting palette and personally like the orange next to the green. It’s the cabinets that could have stood being painted white. It’s all very sassy. A positive physical environment can make such a difference when one is trying to get on one’s feet and seeing others contribute is very inspiring. It’s clearly NOT a giveaway. Congratulations on helping with this project.

  22. It’s so fresh and happy and so inspiring!!

  23. God is our provider. Thank goodness these people were obedient. That mom is so blessed to have people that were so generous. Take it from someone who was once a single mom who lived in a car (and now has her masters degree) gestures like this are few and far between. The apartment brought them all joy and increased their faith that The Lord has their backs. Amen to that.

  24. I love it. As someone who struggled for years financially trying to raise my children on very little I can only imagine how grateful this mom is. When people are willing to work hard I LOVE seeing great things happen for them.

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