Enchanted Lake Garden

Today Rhoda has graced me with an opportunity to share my enchanted summer garden with you and I could not be happier to meet each one of you. My name is Karen Marie and my blog is Dragonfly & Lily Pads. I hope you enjoy a leisurely stroll around my garden in Michigan.

I love having visitors to the garden. One of my Hydrangeas has produced a heart shape bloom two years in a row. Click on the word Instagram to find the heart and I would love to follow you.
 These bright colored Adirondack chairs brighten the beach on the lake front. When you are limited with an unknown watering schedule then a little creativity goes a long way.

Since the lake is a place to re-charge I planned the garden with that in mind. Perennials fill the garden splashing color at different times through the yard.

Blue is my favorite color is blue in any shade. I plant one flat of Spirea because it blooms throughout the summer and well into the fall.

It makes me happy when some of natures friends come to land in our garden. This beautiful butterfly and lightning bug were some welcome guests this year.
This orange rose bud preparing to add a burst of color to the garden is from my dad.
 I call it a balloon flower because of it’s shape. This plant does not look like much most of the year. I bought it at the end of the season for $1.00. My family has mowed two down as weeds which has me standing guard to save my last one.
As the sunsets on our lovely day together our visit is ending. Rhoda, I can’t let the day end with out thanking my gracious host for having me at Southern Hospitality today. It has been a pleasure meeting each one of you. Since we had this wonderful visit at my home let’s connect on Facebook to chat. What is your favorite flower? My Pinterest has garden ideas which would be fun to see what you have been pinning. I invite you to spend more time together by flying by Dragonfly & Lily Pad. Please leave a little comment love for Rhoda and me. We both know your time is precious and appreciate each second you take to share with us today.
Until next time Happy Creating,
                           Karen Marie
                        Dragonfly & Lily Pads

- Rhoda


  1. Your garden is amazing. What an oasis of serenity!!

  2. Karen, your garden is lovely and thanks Rhoda for introducing us! Pam @ Everyday Livng

  3. How lovely. I wish I was sitting in one of those chairs sipping my coffee. Thank you for sharing.

    • Vanessa,
      Come on over for coffee anytime. The best part of having this special place is sharing it with others. Rhoda you must come over also.
      Thank you,
      Karen Marie
      (Guest Post 8/11)

  4. What a beautiful garden. My hubby is from MI, and his sweet mom has a home on Lake Huron.

    • Lauren,
      Thank you so much. I am learning about the Mitten State. The people have been so nice to us. We have lived there 4 1/2 years. It is a beautiful place even in the winter. Rhoda your readers are so kind to me as a guest blogger.
      I am honored,
      Karen Marie
      (Guest Post 8/11)

  5. Balloon flower is it’s common name. I can’t think of (or pronounce) the real name (platy something or other LOL). I don’t see salvia in your pics?

    • Renee,
      Who knew I called the flower its common name? The blue salvia are the fourth picture down. The Blue definitely look different than other colors. Thank you for your help with the balloon flower.
      Have a great day,
      Karen Marie
      (Guest Post 8/11)

  6. What a most beautiful garden…and love how you captured the butterfly!!

    • Shirley,
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. The butterfly was certainly a great moment for me as the photographer. You are so sweet to notice.
      Karen Marie
      (Guest Post 8/11)

  7. Rhoda,
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my garden with your readers. I hope they all enjoyed my visit and tour through the garden. Your kindness has truly been a blessing from you and your readers. Haven 2016 is in the books as a huge success. Hopefully you are taking a well deserved rest.
    Have a wonderful day sweet friend,
    Karen Marie
    (Guest Post 8/11)

    • Thank you, Karen, it was great to have you and others guest posting for me and I did take a few days at the beach after Haven,which was wonderful.

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