English Country Home: Nashville Parade of Homes

Happy Friday, my friends!  Glad the weekend is here again and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your friends and family.  I love this time of year and am looking forward to cooler temps and milder weather.  It’s still been pretty warm here in Georgia, so I’m more than ready!  Mark’s dad is turning 90 this weekend, so we have a family birthday party to go to!  We are blessed to still have both our parents.

Last weekend, Mark and I took a quick trip up to Nashville to visit the Parade of Homes that’s going on right now.  Open through October 22nd, if you’re in the area, you should go!  Wow, it was inspiring and we loved touring all these houses.  I took so many pictures, so I’ll be sharing one house every Friday for the next 5 weeks.  These are huge houses, definitely not normal size to most folks I know.  It’s hard to imagine living in a house this big, but it sure is fun to look. They were all professionally designed by some top designers and there were so many ideas to glean from the beauty.  I hope you enjoy this one.

Built by Castle Homes, the English Country home is just stunning. At 7,771 s.f. and priced at $2.25 million, it’s a magnificent home. Designed by the in-house design team, led by Joy Huber, in partnership with Roxanne Jackson Interiors, styling with interior decorator Ginny Garrett and interior architect Katy Austin, you’ll love seeing this house.

All furnishings, draperies, decor from The Iron Gate in Franklin, TN.

Porch Furnishings:  Summer Classics

Architect:  Kevin Coffey, C. Kevin, Coffey Dwellings and Design

Landscape Architect:  Gavin Duke, Page|Duke Landscape Architects

All photos:  Reed Brown Photography, used by permission from Castle Homes.  We were invited to tour the home during the opening day.

I’ve got lots of source details, so if you have questions, just leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.  I will add the paint colors of each room, as provided by the builder.


Main level paint color:  SW Zurich White

I fell in love with that painting over the fireplace by local artist Charlotte Terrell.  Maybe I can buy a small giclee print of hers to add to our house.  It’s just the sort of painting that speaks to me.

Here’s a closeup shot of the fireplace that I took of the painting.  I’ve looked her up online and checked out her website.  This painting isn’t listed on there, but there are several with a similar feel.

Those are Rasmussen Fireballs in the fireplace, an alternative to gas logs.  That’s pretty neat!

The kitchen was all open and just stunning.

Loved this banquette area by the windows and those builtin cabinets on either side.

There was even a back kitchen/prep area to keep the main kitchen clutter free.

Wouldn’t you die for a pantry like this??

And a laundry room this big??

Guest Bedroom

Paint color:  SW Drift of Mist walls

Master Bedroom:  SW Reserved White walls, ceiling, and trim

Master Bath


Study:  SW Silverplate walls, SW Snowbound ceiling and trim.

Covered porch

Casual Den:  SW Zurich White walls, ceiling and trim.

Girl’s Bedroom:  SW Crushed Ice walls, SW Snowbound ceiling/trim.

Boy’s Bedroom:  SW Reserved White walls, SW Snowbound ceiling/trim.

Downstairs family entertainment area.

Well, wasn’t that a fun one?  It is always inspiring to go through a beautiful house like this, even though it’s out of my realm.  We can always get inspired and glean lots of ideas to take home with us and even incorporate a bit of innovative details in our own homes.  Mark and I love to get ideas from touring houses and we end up with lots of inspiration swirling in our heads and this trip was no exception.

I’ll have 5 more houses to share with you all every Friday for a few weeks, so stayed tuned for more.  I love getting invitations to these beautiful Parade of Homes.  Atlanta used to do Street of Dreams every year, but we haven’t had one of those in SO long, not sure what happened to that but I haven’t heard anything about one for a long, long time.

Hope you enjoyed and got inspired too!  If you are local to Nashville area, you must go and visit by October 22nd!







- Rhoda


  1. Bonnie Brown says:

    Too modern, too sterile, too sparse, and too WHITE for me!! Looking forward to the next one. Maybe I’ll like it better. Hope your Dad is doing well.

  2. I would love to know where the master bath vanities are please.

  3. Beautiful home. Wish there was more color but that’s just me. It is SO spacious! Thanks so much for the tour, looking forward to the others! Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing Rhoda! Beautiful home, so much inspiration here. I especially liked the fireballs (thanks for sourcing them, I already visited their website) and the wine rack in the pantry. Looking forward to your future posts!

  5. What a gorgeous home! I love the planked and beam ceiling in the living room. I love that shadeof white. I looked it up and it’s kind of beige not too gray on the chip. It didn’t look like it had any pink, green or yellow tones in it. Loved the finishes! Can’t wait to see some more of these homes in the coming weeks.

  6. I loved everything actually. Very clean and airy. I’ve grown tired of so much stuff the older I get. I thought the colors were very serene. I loved the covered porch nice place for iced tea and company coming over or hot chocolate when it gets cooler. The shimmery wallpaper reminded me of your stenciled wall in your office nook only in white

  7. I agree with Bonnie Brown. Too sterile, no personality. However I do like the front view and the outside spaces. Please go back to “country/farmhouses”.

  8. What a beautiful home! Rhoda, I have been trying to Pin some of your pics, but have not been successful – just wondering if you have a “Pin It” button on them or not, maybe it’s my laptop….have a fabulous weekend!

    • I do have a pin it button that should show up on hover and there shouldn’t be a reason you can’t pin, especially if you have the Pin icon on your browser.

  9. Becky in 'Bama says:

    While I like the new house ‘smell’ and less clutter – the pendulum on this one swings a little too far to the sparse side – and a little bland and boring. Some color would be nice (even the felt on the pool table was beige). Maybe it’s more impressive in person. Not sure about that light fixture over the dining room table – reminds me of some sort of sea creature. ?!? I did like the laundry ‘suite’. LOL

  10. Rebecca Hopkins says:

    So much to take in. I liked that the front door mimics the shape of the piano beyond. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks Rhoda! It’s always fun to glean for ideas and see new products. Love those fireballs! If anyone knows the source of the vanities in the master bathroom – please comment.

    • The vanity in the girl’s bathroom ( I think) is the one I would like to source. It has 3 drawers on either side of a center two-door cabinet which which runs the full height if the vanity. Thanks!

      • HI, Dale, unfortunately the descriptions for all the bathrooms just mention the paint on the vanities as well as the sinks and faucets, but no real source for the vanities. Sorry!

        • Rhoda, we were so honored to have you in Castle Homes’ English Country house! Castle worked with G & P Custom Cabinetry in Nashville on all the cabinets in the home except that custom powder vanity. The painted, solid wood maple cabinets have soft, close drawers with drawer pulls from Rocky Mountain.

    • Dale, the only description in my notes for the master bath vanity is this: Raised Panel, painted vanity and “White Nuvalato” marble counter with nickel silver faucets from Kohler, I think. Doesn’t really say where the vanities come from.

  12. Diane Amick says:

    Love love love the exterior….not so much the interiors. Too pale for family living, and some choices leave me shaking my head.

  13. Beautiful home. Loved all of the pictures. The house seemed to have shorter ceilings than what I’m use to. Did they seem like that to you or is it just the pictures? Thanks for sharing. I always love seeing your tours!

  14. Hi Rhoda,
    Would it be possible to get the name and company on the wall paper in the little “nook” with the desk?
    If not, I understand.

    Thanks for sharing the home, love to see what’s going on and the styles out there.

    So glad you dad is doing better and congrats on your marriage!


  15. I don’t know, I guess my interests must be changing. At one time I would have been wowed. Now that type of house just doesn’t grab me. With everything going on in the world right now, I think of the good that money could do. I’m drawn more to homey and personal; furnishing by thrifting. It’s just me I know. Must be going through a phase.

    • HI, Jane, I hear you. I love to tour them, it’s always fun to see such pretty surroundings, but I have no desire for a huge home like this. Give me my manageable one any day, I’m perfectly happy and content with where I am.

  16. Beautiful home and thanks for sharing your tour with us. Always fun to see homes outside my realm. Happy birthday to Mark’s father!

  17. Paula Moreshead says:

    I must be in the same phase as Jane H and some of the other readers’ comments. I appreciate that you feature various styles of homes on the blog, Rhoda, and it really is true that there are always features about any home to admire. Maybe it feels more inviting when seeing it in person. The main question I have about many new homes is what style to call the exterior. They seem such a mixture and mish mash of different styles. I can deal with that on the interior, but I’m confused by the exterior. Thanks for your blog!

  18. Too sterile and lacking of personality

  19. Barbara Moore says:

    Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I can surely appreciate the talent it takes to achieve such a polished look. I’m looking forward to traveling with you to view the other homes.

  20. Although lovely, not sure English Country is a proper description. The pantry was amazing!

  21. Jean Anderson says:

    I enjoyed the tour. Love those sconces!
    It looks so lovely.
    I’m going to enjoy this tour. I love to tour homes, seems that we get so busy I don’t get it in the
    schedule as much as I should.
    We moved from our huge home to a smaller home in a retirement community built around a
    golf course here in Oregon. Homes were built in the 70’s and baby boomers are snapping them up and
    gutting them. Amazing to see what they do. There is another community a few blocks away that was built in the 60’s. They just did a fund raiser by opening remodeled homes over there. It is amazing what people do and the ideas that they have. Stunning remodels. The patios were a big deal. It helped us keep chugging along with our redos here.
    There is always something that catches your eye when you do these tours, even on a budget.
    Looking forward to the next few weeks. You and Mark are having so much fun!

  22. Thanks for sharing the tour. I think there were many beautiful and inspiring pieces to the house but overall it didn’t seem to show a lot of inspiration. Of course we only get to see pieces of the house so maybe the impression in much different when you are looking at it as a whole. I am just getting tired of gray and white. I did love the brick walled outdoor room.

  23. Thanks for this tour of homes,looking forward to the next few weeks. I miss Street of Dreams also.entirely out of my price range, but fun to look and dream. Franklin is a pretty town.

  24. Wow I love it. I get jittery with too much clutter. I wish I could keep mine as clean as this looks. Time to talk to fly lady and get my inspiration.

  25. I just revisited your blog that I’ve enjoyed since you began blogging. This time I wasn’t repeatedly annoyed by ads that bleeped me off the site! Don’t know what you did but thank you!!

    • HI Leila, I didn’t do anything different that I know of but ad network does a good job of controlling my ads so maybe it’s working well. Thanks for coming back!

  26. I think the thing that throws me off with this house is that it is warm and inviting on the outside- English Country, but too minimalist inside. English Country should be inside too with rich dark woods, warm colors, and just more stuff.

  27. I just read this post and thought this might be something fun to do for a date with hubby. I looked it up and it seems the homes aren’t in Nashville, but in Brentwood. Is this correct?

  28. So pretty and thank you for sharing!

  29. I love the exterior of this home! I am building my house now… although nothing so grand as this. Would you happen to know details on the brick and siding (type, color?)

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