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  1. Janet Coates says

    Hey Rhoda,
    Just wanted to say I love your blog and am overwhelmed at all the great ideas. In fact, I find that I spend so much time pinning and looking and reading all the information that I never have time to actually “do” anything. I’m sure all you girls are schooled decorators, but I am just a hillbilly born in WV and living in a cabin in NC! 🙂 We have some great “junk” places here and I have some inspiration trying to escape my secret “junky artistic” heart, but I don’t know where to start. Thanks again for your blog and please keep it up.

    • Hi Janet!
      Southern Hospitality is definitely a place a girl could spend hours getting great tips and inspiration! Try to carve out a time each week you can go on a treasure hunt and pick a special spot in your home for your great find.I’m sure you will have great success

  2. Penny Carson says

    Rhoda, Bobbie or I cannot find the week by week blog about the rennovation of your new home. We found it before and loved it but either we both have forgot where we found it or it has moved. HELP!

  3. Lori Schammel says

    I saw your new kitchen, looks great!!!. I am looking for some pulls just like that. Most bin pulls I like have the screws in front. These look like they screw from behind. Could you please tell me where you found them. Thanks – Lori

  4. Jamie McHenry says

    Rhoda, I love your site. I have a questions concerning what to do with some black lacquer chairs. I want to use them with my cherry dining room table. The chairs and the table match as far as style. I am researching how to paint lacquer but I was wondering if I should try to match the table or do some other color and, of course, change the seat fabric. Or could I use them as they are and just put new fabric? Thanks much.

    • HI, Jamie, I think you could spray paint those chairs with another color and it might look more interesting. and yes, change out the chair seats too. I’m not sure about paint sticking to the chairs, but I bet if you used a good oil based primer first, it would work just fine.

  5. Hello Rhoda!
    Love your DIY projects! I too have an Ikea kitchen which I love. Good luck with everything. Can you help with this one thing? I have a bathroom cabinet from Ikea in high gloss white. Now that we have a new bathroom, I would like to paint it gray. How can I do this? Do I have to sand it? I am sure it’s not wood though….will it matter? Can particle board be sanded? Help?

    • Catherine a really good sticking primer will be necessary for paint to stick to the Ikea pieces. I know that Zinsser has a good one that is shellac based & will definitely stick to anything, but I think their oil based would work too. Definitely prime well and then paint. You can’t sand particle board.

  6. Dona Walters says

    I cannont get your blogs after February 6, 2013. Blog about
    green door is as recent as I can get. Please tell me what to do.

    • Hi, Dona, there are many of you having problems and my tech guy doesn’t know what is wrong, he can’t find any reason why this is happening. Please check out my Facebook page, since I post links every time I do a new post. At least then, you can click over and read each post as they are new. Also, clicking the Archives tab on the right sidebar should bring up all the posts in that month, so try that too.


  7. Hi There,
    Rhoda- I just love your blog and I think you are a great inspiration to many women. Love all your DIY projects and decorating ideas. Keep up the good work, I’ll be checking back often.

  8. Do you do in home consultations? I live in Atlanta and I love your style.

  9. the color that was used on your stairs.

  10. Hi Rhoda,
    I’m a newbie to Google Reader/Freely and am trying to set you up as one of my reads. Do you have an RSS feed? If so where is it on your website? Thanks so much! LOVE your blog!

    • HI,Carol, I don’t know how to give it to you. I know you can set it up through Google Reader, but that’s going away July 1st. I have my feed set through Feedburner. Can you just put in my blog web url and have that work? I don’t know how that works. Sorry!

  11. Danielle Turner says

    Hi Carol- I love DIY projects! I both a home and I am currently working on my kids bathroom. I am going with a nice calm blue. In the bathroom is black countertop and white cabinets. My dilemma is what color should I use to frame the mirror? Black or white?? Also, should I use white or black decor in the bathroon? HELP!

    • Hi, Danielle, it’s Rhoda. I don’t know for sure what to tell you on your bathroom, but you could go either way on the mirror. Maybe try to visualize which one looks the best with your countertop and cabinets. I think you can definitely go with a mix of black and white in a room for balance too.

  12. So glad I ran across your blog. Love your blog post and style! I follow many of these same blogs and enjoy all their post too.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. anita lemmen says

    Hi Rhonda

    Love your site and try to read everyday, have taken some of your ideas, I live in Ellijay and would love to attend Haven next year.


  14. I have a question about what brand and type of paint did you use on the stairs. It is beautiful!

    • Hi, Lynn, if you mean my new stairs, they are Valspar Porch and Floor paint in Fired Earth, Satin finish.

  15. I love your dining room…what color is it?

    • Hi, Lee, the gray above the board and batten is called Rockport Gray by Ben Moore. I had it mixed in Valspar at Lowes.

  16. Debby Fraser says

    Hey Rhonda,

    I am renovating a 1970’s house. The bathroom floor is avocado green 4″ tiles and is in bad shape. I would like to use the tub and toilet but cannot find new tile in that color or something that would match. I would prefer 12 or 18 inch tile rather than the 4″. Any suggestions where I might fine it?

    Debby Fraser

    • Hi, Debby, I am sure you can find something at Home Depot or Lowes. It doesn’t have to be the same tile, so just find something that blends in there.

  17. Addicted 2 Decorating is a blog I look forward to reading daily. Kristi and her husband moved from a small condo into a house a year ago. She (alone) is remodeling their home and staging their condo to put on the market for sale. Check her out – you will be amazed!!

    Like you, I am a single lady living in Atlanta area and relate to your blog so much!!! I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it every day!! I am updating my home and receive a lot of encouragement from all the ladies that share their lives in their blogs. I look forward to reading the others I did not know about. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • HI, Darlene, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I know Kristi and have been watching her progress too. She does awesome work!

  18. tonya hannesson says

    I love your front door where did you get it and what color of stain is it? Thanks

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  20. Would love tour tickets if the giveaway isn’t over! I am in Athens

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