Fall Mantel Linky Party!

Hi, all!  I am heading home from San Francisco Tuesday from my amazing days with Kate, the Centsational Girl herself.  We had such a great time and you can read a little recap over at Kate’s. ! I’m going to be on cloud nine for a few days from spending several days with her and her family.  I’ll tell you much more about my trip later, you can count on that.

But, first we have a mantel party to enjoy this week.  Since I don’t have a mantel of my own at the moment, I borrowed Kate’s.  I did her outdoor mantel and she decorated her indoor one and we had a ball.

Here’s a little peek at Kate working her magic on her living room mantel.  I had so much fun watching her work behind the scenes, creating those beautiful vignettes that she is famous for.  We took pics, edited photos and shared ideas and notes about blogging.  You can imagine how fun it was, 2 bloggers hanging out together for a few days!

Don’t forget, for the next 2 weeks, the four of us will be hosting linky Fall parties, so don’t miss out on the fun.  First up is Layla and mantels!

Dried hydrangeas

Kate has the most gorgeous and HUGE hydrangeas outside her front door and these big balls of beauty were all ready for drying.   I love drying hydrangeas and the colors of these are superb.

Got out the clippers and started cutting some of these beauties for the outdoor mantel.

Here’s what we came up with after buying some mums and pumpkins from Lowes.  Simple and pretty!

With the hydrangeas taking center stage.

Up on the mantel, we added some simple and petite mums in small glass planters, curly willow and pinecones.

Don’t these colors look great together?

A beautiful Fall outdoor fireplace.

Those hydrangeas are the scene stealer for sure.

Mums are a great way to bring in some pretty colors for Fall.

Outdoor entertaining.

fall outdoor mantel

Lovely, simple and elegant.

Feel free to hop over to Layla’s today to link up your mantel for the season.  Enjoy all the fun!  Next up, I’ll be hosting the Door Decor party, so I hope you’ll join me on Thursday! 

- Rhoda


  1. Very pretty – I’m sure you guys had a great time…..you would be very fun to spend the day with!

  2. Just perfect Rhoda! I can’t wait to hear all the fun stories from you and kates visit. Praying safe travels for you my friend.
    Love ya! Susie

  3. I love the outdoor mantel! I used drying hydrangeas on mine too! So so pretty!!! Be safe traveling! xoxo

  4. Rhoda, it is beautiful, those hydrangeas are huge!!
    I am sure you had the best time with Kate, how fun!!


    Art by Karena

  5. Oh my….those hydrangeas!!

    Good looking outdoor mantel and space, Rhoda.

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  6. Gorgeous Rhoda! I have a passion for anything hydrangeas…..simple elegance for sure! Oh yea, the outdoor fireplace is to die for! Wonder what my dad would say if I asked him to help me build one of those? hmmmmm?

  7. Hi Rhoda,
    The outdoor fireplace looks fabulous with its fall touches. Nothing says fall more to me than mums and pumpkins! The addition of the hydrangeas was a great idea. You’ve inspired me to dry some of mine.

  8. Rhoda, that fireplace looks AWESOME!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors….gotta get me some mums when we get back home!! 😀

    Glad you had fun with Kate too…blog buddies are the best!

  9. I love it! I want a beautiful outdoor space like that! The colors are perfect!
    ps..when does your door decor start. thanks for the fall party!

  10. Rhoda,

    You are such THE social butterfly these days! Good for you! Time spent with family and friends is good for the soul.
    You did a wonderful job decorating the outdoor fireplace. I love the contrast of the red mums against the muted yellow stone.

    Your Friend,

  11. Have a terrific time away. LOVE the outdoor fireplace-ours is exactly half built right now.

  12. Oh girl…I’m lovin’ that mantel of hers you did–and I am COVETING THE HYDRANGEAS!!!! I know…that’s a sin….but they’re gorgeous 😉


  13. Oh, I love the hydrangeas too. Much too dry in my xeriscape, but someday when I move to a moister (and warmer) climate, I will grow hydrangeas.

  14. All so lovely. I do indeed like hydrangeas, but haven’t had luck with them here. Perhaps in Tulsa… You’re looking good, girl. How on earth do you stay so slim and trim? I see she has the same outdoor coffee table I have, but I sure don’t have that pretty fireplace!

  15. Hey Rhoda-
    The mantel is beautiful with those colors …. you’ve given me the permission I needed to to put those brilliant mums with the orange pumpkins…Who knew?
    thanks for including the picture taken next to the hydrangea bush…. Wow – it’s humongous! Wish I had just 3 of those beautiful blooms to stash in a basket like that… Beautiful home to work with…. best to Kate, and safe trip home!

  16. Rhoda, the mantle is lovely. I think those are the biggest hydrangeas I’ve ever seen. That had to be a blast. Great fall party idea.

    The French Hutch

  17. HI Rhoda, I left a comment on your FB, but am so excited I thought I would leave one here also. I WON!!! I am one of the daily winners on the Shaw HGTV contest where I have been voting for you and Lindsay!! I wanted to wait until everything was finalized…I was at the Shaw dealer today and now just have to decide what I want to get. On a different note…I just love the mantel that you did @ Kate’s it is absolutely gorgeous…so special that you two became friends through blogging…amazing how God orchestrates thing in our lives, isn’t it? I hope that you and Lindsay win the contest…just think you will get to take another trip!!!

  18. It looks great! And since I am also from Northern California, I can appreciate a fall-ified backyard…as it is still plenty warm to spend some time outside! You girls are adorable!

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