Family Time in New Orleans

I just did a recent update on the family, but since we just got back from another fast weekend trip down to New Orleans, I thought I’d share what we did this visit.  My sister and I went down and took mom with us, she will continue to travel with us as long as she can and she always enjoys seeing those grand baby girls, so it’s a win-win for all.  They are getting to know their great grandmother, which is so precious.


The main reason for going is that baby Iris was being baptized at their Methodist church, which is what we traditionally call dedication (minus the sprinkling), so we wanted to be there for that, since we went down for Parker’s as well.  It was a sweet service and then we went to brunch at Brennan’s, a real treat that I’ve never experienced before, so I’ll share that with you too!


There was plenty of baby girl snuggling going on with all of us and we dearly love to see these girls. Iris is growing and turned 5 months old on Sunday of her baptism.  Parker is doing very well on being a big sister to Iris.


It was mostly cloudy while we were there, with some rain coming through, but we managed to get out by the backyard pool one afternoon.  Her daddy, Philip, plays with her in the pool all the time and she loves it. She’s like a little fish out there, still learning how to swim, but doing great.


Mom got outside a bit with baby Iris and enjoyed the sunshine for a few minutes, then moved to the shade. Iris loves to be outside and likes to watch what everyone is doing.

It’s a tradition to get beignets while in New Orleans, so my sis and I made a run to the Cafe Dumonde near their house on Veterans Blvd.

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They never disappoint!  I could eat these everyday, so it’s probably a good thing I don’t.


More photo opps of the girls.  They are so cute!


We love to eat and that is usually the highlight of our trips, what are we going to eat for dinner?  We went to a local Italian restaurant one night, on St. Charles Ave., called Vincent’s and it was SO delicious.  Very authentic and the food was fantastic.


Lauren and Parker going inside.


Renee and Mom.


I ordered the special, which was cannelloni and it was so good!!


The next day was Sunday, so we all went to their church on St. Charles, Rayne Memorial Methodist.  They love the lady pastor here and she is so sweet.


The family of 4 after church.  It’s so sweet that there are 2 girls now!


Next stop was Brennan’s for brunch. I was so excited to eat here since I know it is a New Orleans staple, but I’ve never been before.  It did not disappoint!  I heard it went downhill a few years ago but it’s back in the family now (or changed hands, or something) and back up to its high standards again.  Brennan’s is in the French Quarter on Royal Street.


Family picture outside.


Brennan’s has a pretty courtyard with fountain.


And the fountain happens to be filled with turtles.


Which completely delighted a certain little girl named Parker.


Pretty place and I loved the decor in our room.


We did have to make reservations, but luckily got in.  Don’t you love this decor?  Thought it was so pretty and a throwback to the old days.


My sister and I split a couple of dishes and it was perfect.  We both love a mix of salty and sweet, so this was the perfect choice.  French toast for one.


And a mushroom spinach omelette for the second entree.  It was very filling and I loved every single bite!  We did not get dessert, although I know they are known for Bananas Foster.  We were too full for more!


Walking down Royal Street in the French Quarter, there are lots of beautiful old buildings to see.



Plenty of horse and carriages to see in New Orleans.


Parker and her Pop (her daddy’s dad) after brunch in the French Quarter. These little girls have plenty of love on both sides of the family.


As I mentioned, baby Iris turned 5 months old last Sunday and Lauren captured the day.


We took the opportunity to take pictures with mom and baby Iris, her namesake.  Sweet pictures!


Mom is the best, she loves these babies, just as she loved my sister and I and Lauren.  She is wonderful with babies, especially her own! They seem to think she’s pretty special too and she is.

That’s a wrap of our family time in New Orleans.  We left dad at home, he just doesn’t like to travel much anymore, but he is fine to be at home by himself.  Mom leaves him plenty of plates to warm up so he definitely doesn’t starve while she is gone.  It’s always great to visit down there and we love our family time!

- Rhoda


  1. What a sweet time you all had. The girls are growing so fast. Can’t believe the change in Iris just since your last trip!

  2. Suzette Gore says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip, for a special occasion.
    Nice that your mom is still able to enjoy those precious great grands!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m glad your mom can stilll make those trips.
    Love to read about your family:)

  4. Your family visits are so precious. Such a great treat to grandmother Iris. The memories you share are so vital for these babies in the future.

  5. Oh, I love NOLA! We visited Brennan’s and had bananas foster… was amazing. So glad to hear it is back on track and open!

  6. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. I love New Orleans! I am tickled that your mom will travel without your dad and that your dad is ok with her doing so–I would say that is not the case with some older folks I know. In your parents feeling this way, it is a win-win, and I am so glad.

  7. Nice pictures, a nice trip and very cute little girls ! So glad your Mom can still go.
    The one thing I got out of this is all the love you have in your family. You all are TRUELY blessed.

  8. Oh, my, what a nice time you had. Is it just me or does little Iris look like her great-grandmother?

  9. Four generations of women who,are beautiful on the inside and out! Love your family stories and photos…such treasured moments. xoxo

  10. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to New Orleans for the Baptism….such a beautiful family…Glad a great time was had by all!….

  11. All you girls are beautiful, Rhoda, but that little Iris’ eyes are so full of spirit! I really enjoy these posts you share with your family. Have a great week.

  12. Wonderful pictures of such a special time! You ladies are all so stylish and well “put together”. The next to last picture of your Mom and Iris is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. My other was alive to see her Great Grandchildren and although she has been gone for almost eight years now they still have some special memories of her. Your family relationships remind me of ours–such a blessing!!

  13. What a beautiful post, Rhoda. Those girls are adorable. And the pictures with your mom, so precious. 6 beautiful girls!!

  14. Patricia Wilson says:

    Rhoda, I so love your family photos (Parker and Iris are so adorable, the both of them) and seeing the places in which they are taken…like New Orleans…or wherever. Please keep them coming. I’d also love to see an update on your Daddy as well.

    To know that there are, indeed, some families who have remained close knit no matter that they may all no longer live in the town where they grew up, yet a family they remain…and visit to keep those family ties strong and completely intact.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing the girls growing. Seems like just last week you were posting pictures of Parker as a baby. Wow time flies. When we visit Louisiana we most definitely stop at the Cafe Dumonde, always on our list of can not miss.

  16. Beautiful pictures of those little girls! Now that I saw the dad of the girls, I think Iris looks a lot like him! I love her black hair!!

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