Fashion over 50 and 60: Red Top for Christmas

Thank you ALL for the sweet birthday wishes and all the fun comments on my birthday post yesterday!  I sat around in my pjs all day enjoying the rainy day and feeling happy and blessed.  My mom and sister and I went to my mom’s church ladies Christmas party last night, so it’s been a celebratory birthday weekend.

Since it’s the Christmas season, I thought a fun red top would be in order, so I am partnering with Covered Perfectly on one of their festive red tops to share with you today.

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This style Covered Perfectly top is called the Allyson keyhole and it’s a beautiful shade of red, perfect for Christmas.


I wore it with jewelry and with a scarf for a couple of different looks, both paired with my winter white skinny cords and a new pair of black booties I just got.  These tops are made with that Micromodal and spandex, which is such a great fabric combo, so comfortable and soft and this one has a slight feminine flair.


The black, white and red plaid scarf adds a really fun look, I think, perfect for a December outing.


The monogrammed scarf came from my friend, Debbie’s shop, Miss Lucy’s Monograms last year. It’s nice to have a friend in the monogram business.


Topping off my red top is this black and white houndstooth cape I got last year too.  I found one similar here (affiliate link), but looks like there’s only one.  My brand is Capelli.


These skinny cords are from Kut from the Kloth (Diana), which I’ve shared before. They are a Winter White corduroy.  Here they are from Amazon (affiliate link).


Now to the black booties!  I seem to be adding more shoes and boots to my closet, but I just can’t help it.  I have a taller pair of booties, but really don’t like a high heel very often, so looked for a pair with a shorter heel and this pair by my fave brand, Sam Edelman, is about 1 1/2″ tall and so far they are very comfortable.  The leather is a pebbled leather and I can see wearing these with a lot of outfits.  I wore my bootie socks with them and they were perfect too.  By the way, the bootie socks washed up just fine, someone was asking me about those.

Sam Edelman Petty Chelsea black booties (affiliate link). These come in a pretty tan leather color too.

Bambu Bootie socks (affiliate link)

Hope this gave you some fun ideas and check out Covered Perfectly tops for flattering tops for women over 50!  I am wondering if I need to change my Fashion over 50 to Fashion over 60, now that I’ve graduated to the next decade? What do you all think?  I know Fashion over 50 pertains to any age over that, but it seems more in keeping with the truth if I start using Fashion over 60. I’ll definitely be tagging both in my social media posts!  Thank you as always for stopping by today!

Winners of Edie’s book, All the Pretty Things have been chosen, posted and emailed! 


- Rhoda


  1. Carol-Anne Powell says

    I don’t want to be a whiner….am I the only one who gets your video blaring when I’ve scrolled about halfway down the page?

    (Love your blog, been reading since the very beginning, but I have to say, the video is causing the site to load slowly & in a “choppy” way, and is kind of a pain!)

    • Monica Converse says

      I do not get any video 🙂

    • Carol-ANne, I’ve told my ad guy about this, so he’s looking into it. So sorry! So it’s the family videos I have posted that is blaring, the one of my mom cooking?

    • I didn’t get the video today. I used to get it but the sound didn’t bother me because I keep sound turned off until I want to hear something specific. I did notice that it would take a long time, up to 20 minutes, for me to be able to scroll through your entire post…..scroll an inch or less, scrolling stops and refuses to budge till more loads….over and over and over. Didn’t have that problem today so maybe it had something to do with the video. Sometimes I got frustrated with waiting to see the whole post but I didn’t give up because I so look forward what you post. “Good things come to those who wait.” Happy (belated) Birthday! God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

    • Carol-Anne Powell says

      Yes, Rhoda, the video of your mom cooking.
      Thanks for looking into it.

  2. Ohhh–Black, red and white—my very favorites!!

  3. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says

    You’re such a cutie patotie. Happy belated bday! Your story inspires so many, Rhoda. Amazing to see God work through you to help others.

  4. Monica Converse says

    Fashion over 50 still works!

  5. Looking good Rhoda. Here’s something I found while wandering about on Pinterest that you and other readers might like:

    I ordered some for Christmas gifts, both scarves and cuffs.

  6. You look adorable as always. Love this color combo.

    No video for me.

  7. The outfit looks great on you! I love red for Christmas too & your top is too cute! Lil tip for you since you said you don’t like high heels but might alittle height in your boots & booties. Us shorties use them for extra height. They are invisible heels & you can order online at The lowest one which is the 3/4 inch wedge would be good for you since you have height but in flat boots might want alittle more.

  8. I respectfully ask that you stick with the title “fashion over fifty” ….much more inclusive, lol. Glad you had a lovely birthday. Greetings from Northern Ireland.

  9. I don’t have the problems with videos blaring or your page loading too slow. Just thought you would want to know. I do see the video over to the left side but it is very small.
    I love this red top. I like the keyhole cutouts much better than the shoulder cutouts. I love the boots too!

  10. Rhoda,
    The code SH20 is not working; says it is not valid. Cute top; I was going to order!

  11. Missy Yanchuck says

    Rhoda, love the outfit!! Just a quick comment, anytime I click on one of your links, I get kicked to a scammy contest website??? Never happens anywhere else… Would love to see the boot link you posted but could not get there??

  12. A belated happy birthday to you!

  13. Hello. I just found your blog and have read as many of your posts as I could find. I couldn’t find any way to subscribe to your daily posts.i enjoyed them very much and I would love to be added to your email list. Thank you.

    • HI, Sharon, there’s a subscribe bar at the very top of my blog and you just enter your email address there. Let me know if you can’t see it & welcome!!

  14. Lovely outfit, Rhoda, and Happy Beautiful Birthday. Cheers, Ardith

  15. Well, I personally like “Over 60”, for reasons I will not divulge!! (LOL). Love your pretty outfits, Rhoda! Keep up the good work. Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  16. I have that same hounds tooth shawl and I got it from Dillard’s, I love to wear it and it goes with anything.

  17. I loved this top so much that I went shopping on their website and got 2 other wonderful tops! So glad you showed it to me!

  18. I have just discovered your blog, and although I’m not a blog person, I love yours. I found it looking through Pinterest (you were wearing something that I liked). After discovering that you are a woman of God and that you have been through things similar to what I am going through, I am a huge fan of your blog.

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