Fashion over 50: Beach Casual

HI, friends, thank you so much for the well wishes on our wedding story. It was a thrill for me to share it with all of you because really, you have been a part of my story all along the way and it’s only fitting that you get to see the happy ending.  It’s been a true God journey for me to get to this place and I’m very grateful for it.

Mark and I went to the beach last week with his family and it was so much fun. Well, if you like to sit on the beach, cat nap, and read books then it was fun. That’s about all we did until dinner each evening.  The weather was hot as you’d expect August to be, but the crowds were gone, since most schools are back in session already in the Southeast.  We had great weather and only one morning of rain.

It’s been a crazy 2 months as we bought a house, my dad was in the hospital and rehab for 6 weeks, I had the Haven Conference, we got married, and then went to the beach. It’s mostly been good stuff happening, but it’s been exhausting.  We are really getting close to moving in the new house and that’s going to be a banner day! I’m in packing mode right now and getting things ready for movers to come week after next.  I’ll continue to share updates on the house and all of that process as we get moved in and settled.

I’ll do another update on Dad soon, but he’s home and doing well!  He’s getting plenty of home cooking and eating much better now that he’s home and getting around well on the walker and using a cane.  We think he’s going to recover very well and get most of his energy back.  It’s such a relief after seeing how far down he had gone fighting that c diff.

So, back to Fashion over 50! I went off and forgot my hanging bag when we left for the beach, which meant I had shorts and pants in my suitcase, but nothing to go with them, so I had no choice but to go shopping!  I went in a local beach shop on St. George Island and found a few things by Raya Sun and bought a couple of dresses.  These aren’t expensive at all and may fall apart, but they worked for me while we were on vacation and I think they are cute.

I went in and tried on several things and ended up with 2 dresses and a top.  This ombre one in blue and white was beachy and comfortable too, so I figured it would be a good summer dress with flats.  Each of the dresses was $32.

I found that Amazon (affiliate link) carries this brand, so you can check out that link if you like these and want to find something similar.  

I don’t like short dresses anymore, but these came to the knee which I liked a lot.

Sometimes it’s cooler in the summer to wear dresses rather than shorts or pants.

Another dress by Raya Sun.  I gave up on my hair at the beach. No use trying to really style it with the humidity and wind, it was a hot mess most of the time.

I loved this top, also Raya Sun. These will be fun to have in my summer wardrobe.


Each of these pieces have some embroidery on them which I liked too.

So, I didn’t plan to go shopping on our beach trip, but it turned out I needed to and I’m sure I’ll enjoy these for other occasions too.  I’ll do a post next week on our beach trip to St. George and share the highlights.

That’s it for this week’s Fashion over 50. Thank you as always for stopping by!



- Rhoda


  1. I wish I had your hot mess hair. It is as adorable as you are. I’m so happy for you.

  2. I agree about your hair! I would not consider it a “hot mess” but a very natural, tousled look that suits you. I bet Mark prefers it too. I’m 57 but my hair has gotten so thin I am forced to wear it in a pixie style. Wish I had your “problem”.

    • Lynn Hutcherson says:

      Hi MEM! Try taking collagen in your coffee or tea or yogurt, etc. every day. I take a scoop a day and it is amazing the hair that I see growing in! Also good for nails and joints.

  3. I did the same thing in Gulf Shores…..forgot the bottom to my bathing suit. I found the cutest one piece that was $140 for 75% off which was under $40 even with tax. Sometimes it is good to forget – LOL! I love your new dresses and I’m sure you had a great time relaxing on the beach. I changed my hair last week- pic on Instagram. Something like your smooth do but alittle shorter – blow out with round brush but pull ends straight over the brush and not under. Your hair looks great windswept & curly! Have you heard hot rollers are coming back in? Good luck with the packing!

  4. I especially love the blue and white dress on you. The length is perfect! I have been buying easy shift like dresses like this to wear to the beach when I don’t want to put my bathing suit on. They are cool and perfect for sitting under the umbrella.

  5. Keep it curly and keep on smiling! You have a new glow that is gorgeous – all these good things that are happening in your life surely show! Best wishes!

  6. Sometimes the beach is a great place to buy clothes because you usually you don’t see those kinds of clothes at home and they are so cute.

  7. The first thing I thought when I saw your pictures was how great your hair looked! Straight, baby fine hair at the beach…now that’s a hot, bedraggled mess! ( like Me). You look gorgeous!!

  8. You did good! You always look so nice and put together, and I like your hair tousled! I agree with Monica…there’s a new glow to you that speaks of pure happiness. So glad to hear your dad is doing better. Best wishes for peace and energy during the hectic moving days ahead.

  9. Kim Nations says:

    These are adorable. You look so cute in them. So happy for you..

  10. You’re such a cutie! I love the clothes you found and there’s nothing better than a legitimate excuse to shop for clothes. 🙂

  11. Love love the outfits…. but WOW… that long top with the white shorts is gorgeous!!!!! That picture on the boardwalk is just beautiful !!!!! Been following your blog since Alabama days … God is good!!!

  12. You look so cute and i love the white dress.:) Perfect beach attire.

  13. You look adorable! It’s always fun to shop in a new place…never know what you will find…you did good! Busy times for both of you…looking forward to seeing the new house after you move in. Glad your dad is doing better. I will echo Miss Terri’s sentiment: God is Good!

  14. Nancy Lyons says:

    Actually, I think your beach hair looks fabulous!

  15. Really cute outfits – too bad you forgot your bag (wink)! Congratulations on your marriage!

  16. The style and length of the dresses are perfect for you and the blue is especially pretty on you. Blessings on your wedding; your story brings hope that it’s never too late to find someone. Prayers for continued healing for your Daddy.

  17. You look great in everything and I agree your hair is very pretty ‘undone.’ How about the cute white shorts you are wearing? Could you tell us the brand?

  18. Jeannette says:

    Since you have been so very busy, I’m glad you were able to have a relaxing time at the beach. I love your cute purchases. Those dresses look so nice and comfortable.
    Great news your Dad is home! I’m sure that will help immensely with his recovery. Particularly eating your Mom’s cooking.
    Take care

  19. Loved your carefree hair, and the new dresses and top. They look so comfortable , carefree , and very stylish . You find the cutest pieces!

  20. melesa garrison says:

    I love all three. There’s nothing more relaxing that sitting on the beach, listening to the waves crash. I’m glad you had some beach time. I’m excited for the next step in your life. May you and mark have many happy years in your new home . I’m glad to hear that your Daddy is recovering at home.

  21. Love all the outfits but especially the first dress! Congratulations on all the good things coming together in your life!

  22. Jan Jensen says:

    Love the dresses and top. You wear the styles I like and can afford. Love your hair. You are looking more beautiful every day, guess Mark is the cause of that. I married my husband in my late fifties and it was the best thing ever.

  23. Humidity— Nature’s curling iron! You look adorbs!

  24. Love that idea for some beach shopping! ? I left my entire make-up bag once. Fortunately it was on our way home, not to. Your buys look adorable on you, I agree and love cool dresses all summer, much easier to throw on, too. And, it sounds unanimous, your hair is very cute that way! I hope you plan some ‘down’ time after you get moved in. You both will need it. Thankful for good news about your sweet Dad!

  25. Colloni Keener says:

    We have been to SGI many times. It is our favorites beach! Hope you loved it.

  26. Your new outfits are so cute and reasonable! Left your hanging bag at home. That sounds like something I might “accidentally” do so I’d have to go shopping. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  27. diane in northern wis says:

    I love all your new duds Rhoda…really cute. and they look so great on you too! Bet you had a fine time on the beach, even in the heat. It sounds great to me. Can’t wait to see the pics of you guys moving into your new house. So happy for you and Mark!

  28. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Cute dresses! Love your hair – I’m a curly girl myself!

  29. Girlfriend you look fabulous ❣️
    And ditto on all the comments! You do have the “glow” that registers your new marriage, your new home and a new wonderful chapter in your life and abundant blessings! God is good! So glad your Dad is home! (wink wink)…a lovely new connection with your dad and your dad’s sister! Southern Hospitality at its finest!

  30. p.s. I love your blue dress (Gator blue) but I love the red too (Alabama red) ! And the white dress is perfect for a “family” honeymoon after your marriage in Savannah!

  31. Cute outfits as always. So glad your Dad is doing well.

  32. Iris McCloud says:

    Rhoda, Isn’t it true that we always want the hair that we don’t have ? Since my 20’s I have wanted wavy hair like yours. Mine is poker straight and when I go to the ocean the salt and humidity make it lay completely flat without a hint of wave . I have friends that wish they had “nice,smooth” hair like mine. The grass is always greener.

    • That’s true, Iris. I guess after having crazy wavy hair all my life, it’s nice to have it smooth sometimes and I could never get that before the flat iron was invented. Now I can do both, which is fun.

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