Fashion over 50: Blue Summer Top White Jeans

As usual this week, it’s been a casual time for me and this week’s Fashion over 50 is a casual blue summer top that I picked up at the Atlanta market last January during the samples sales. It’s sleeveless and so now it’s time to get it out and try it out and I really like the color and style of this one.

My little sidekick, Cody, is checking things out at the door.

The brand is Side Stitch and the fabric is very soft in a slight blue and white check print which you can sort of see in the last picture.  I really like the ease and fit of these rounded edged tops since I hardly ever tuck anything in anymore.  Are you like that too?  It’s just so much more comfortable with no tucking.

Looking at this brand online, I see I got a really good deal and paid about $25 for this top.  The ones I see on Bloomingdale’s are all over $100.

With my white Target jeans that I’ve had forever and those shoes I shared awhile ago, it’s a fun and casual outfit.

Shoes: Audrey Brooks Winny Ballet flat (affiliate link)

Nothing fancy, just casual and comfy, the way I like to dress.

Here’s a great shot of my hydrangeas in bloom and I’ll be sharing more of those soon!  They are positively bursting with blooms this year.  Still hard to believe they were only planted 3 years ago. Now they are all grown together.

And the top closer.  Very soft fabric.  I wore some simple blue jewelry that I’ve had for a long time and it’s fun to mix things up.

That’s about it for today’s Fashion over 50!  I get pretty boring with my clothing choices and don’t have lots of new clothes to share, so thanks for hanging in there with me.

- Rhoda


  1. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Love the top – but would love to have those ‘sleeveless top’ arms more!! Your hydrangeas are so beautiful!!!!!!!! I’ll have to do a drive by.

  2. Marianne A. says:

    Not boring at all! Very pretty!

  3. Love to see your style. That top is a winner! Blue is such a favorite color and the pic of you in front of the blue hydrangeas is beautiful!

  4. I like this, just a creative way to put together what you have in your closest. Just what I am looking for.

  5. That pale sky blue is lovely with white. It’s quite difficult to find in tops, most light blues a a little too vivid, or greenish for my taste.

  6. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous — mine got zapped but I still have some blooms, not as pretty as these, though!

  7. Cute top, blue my favorite color. Just ordered me some new white jeans. Fun look Rhoda good job.

  8. Wow, I am crushing over the hydrangeas! Not that you (and Cody) aren’t adorable too…ha! The top does look comfy and cool.

  9. Anise Butler says:

    I always enjoy seeing what you are wearing. I want to tell you that my favorite part of all the remodeling you have done is that area by your garage. It always looks so pretty and I notice it is often in your pictures.

    • Thank you, Anise, I’m really proud of that stone wall and how it makes everything look so much better in my yard.

  10. You look great , I need to try target for white jeans , I can not find a pair that are not too thin or they also seem to fit tighter than blue jeans

  11. TJ Neill says:

    Very comfy looking. I would be interested in uour 50+ beauty routine. ??

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