Fashion over 50: Boots and Buffalo Check

Hi, everyone!  It’s been a slow week for me, trying to wind down the year this week after Christmas and get geared up for a brand New Year jus around the corner.  This time of year I tend to be a little melancholy and a tad lazy, getting my Christmas decorations put away and getting the house back to normal.  I do like to start the New Year off with a little bit of cleaning and organizing, although that can take a backseat when I’m not in the mood.

I haven’t dressed up a lot lately, but recently wore this outfit which I really liked.  The new shirt is from Old Navy and I picked it up on sale when I was in the store recently.  Everything else is recycled and I’ve shared it with you before.


The skinny pants are from Kut from the Kloth and I got them last year. They are winter white, which I love and I paired them with gray/taupe boots and the new gray buffalo check flannel top from Old Navy.


The faux furry vest I got a couple years ago at the Atlanta mart and it’s been one of my favorite finds for Winter.  With side pockets and sweater material on the back, it’s cozy and just right for layering.

Gray/white buffalo check flannel top from Old Navy (affiliate link).  It’s marked down on sale now, but Small and XL are still available.  I got the Small.


We’ve had so many mild days this winter so far that a vest like this is just right for a day out.  I love this buffalo check gray and white top too, a fun addition to my closet.


It looks a little blue here, but is a nice shade of gray.

Here are a few similar things as well as the Old Navy flannel shirt I’m wearing.  I found some similar boots, faux fur vests and cords in case you’re interested, all affiliate links, which just means I earn a small commission if you purchase anything from my links at no extra cost to you.

I got notice that Nordstrom (affiliate link) is having their twice yearly sale with many things up to 50% off, so if you have some Christmas cash to spend, it might be fun to find some end of year sales.

I got the prettiest eye shadow from IT Cosmetics (affiliate link) for Christmas and I think I’m going to love it.  My other palette has more shimmer and this one is matte finish, which is good for us older gals (crepey-eyes anyone?!)  and now I can mix the two. This one has some great colors for my skin tone too.


Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you’re all having a great week after Christmas and getting ready for the New Year!

- Rhoda


  1. Happy New Year Rhoda! I love your outfit. I have a buffalo plaid shirt I’m going to try this with. Thanks for a great year of posts.

  2. Love your outfit and particularly the boots!

  3. Jessica Wilson says:

    You will LOVE that set of eye shadows. We have the same coloring and I have used everyone except the Sunrise. And you may, you use coppery colors. They stay on so well and blend so easily. I found them on 1/2 price months ago and purchased 4 more. I hate it when you find something you love and then its gone!! I purchased IT blush on your recommendation(?) and then many more things from them. What great products. Thanks for sharing. Happy, happy New Year!!

    • Hi, Jessica, thanks for sharing. I happened to see this and asked for it for Christmas so glad I got it. You got a great deal at 1/2 price. I do like to splurge on more expensive eye shadows, since I can tell a difference with them. They are more richly pigmented and do stay on much longer than the cheaper ones.

  4. I hope you go back to your original concept with your fashion over 50 blog. There are only so many ways you can show skinny jeans and cute boots! A lot of us would like to see different styles and sizes. You always look adorable however?

    • HI, Byrdie, when I started doing fashion posts, I always said this was clothing that I wear in real life, so since my lifestyle is not really dressed up that much, this is what it is. I can only show what I’m doing and you will have to get inspiration from other bloggers who may share different sizes and styles. I can only share what I’m buying and wearing what’s in my closet.

      • I remember you showing friends that you helped select flattering clothing for and I enjoyed that concept. One was losing weight I believe. I enjoyed that concept, and I looked forward to different styles. No problem, just a thought I wanted to share.

        • Thank you, Byrdie, yes that was my friend, Vicki. She hasn’t had much time these days to do any fashion updates, but if I can get her to do more, I will.

    • I absolutely love the boots and jeans look and hope Rhoda continues to show the different ways to wear them. I really love the combinations she puts together.

  5. Looking sassy ! Love the buffalo checks, I foung a red and black check jacket by Ralph Lauren ar Kohls. Can’t wait to wear it.

  6. donna zoltanski says:

    You always look fabulous in all your outfits. I too love your boots – always love whatever you share. Thanks for all your posts this year and Happy 2016 to you and yours!

  7. Love your whole outfit! Appreciate you sharing for us gals over 50! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. You look great in the light neutrals.

  9. I love this outfit and always look forward to your fashion blog. I have just recently found your blog and find it very inspiring!

  10. You look stunning. I know that melancholy feeling. I look forward to your fashion friday

  11. ugh …. my melancholies start before Thanksgiving … I’ve tried more organization, more exercise, more sleep, a light box, everything but medication. I don’t have anything against medication but I don’t know that you can take it for 2-3 months a year? If anyone has any ideas, send them my way. Anyway.

    Before reading your Fashion posts I didn’t own a pair of boots (I don’t think hiking boots count). Like skinny jeans, I thought they were for “other people”. Now, I have a pair of knee high black boots and skinny jeans and wear them constantly. I feel pretty darn stylish. I even have WHITE skinny jeans!! Imagine that!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to us all.

    • HI, Nancy, you made me smile! So glad I inspired you this year on the boots and skinny jeans. They are for all shapes and sizes. Happy New Year to you!

  12. I’m new here and new to 50! I love everything I’ve seen so far, especially the outfit above. In the winter it’s so easy to dress in dark colors. This is a great combination and makes me want to dig through the closet until I find pastels and lighter colors. Thank you.

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