Fashion over 50: More Casual with Faux Fur

Back today with a couple of outfits that I’ve worn with that newly found Goodwill faux fur jacket.  Nothing too exciting, but this is what I’ve worn lately.  I’ve really enjoyed that little $5 faux fur jacket and it’s perfect for a cool day out when you don’t want anything heavy.

Tomorrrow, we are heading to New Orleans, my sister and brother-in-law and I, to celebrate Parker’s 3rd birthday, so that should be very fun.  She will enjoy her birthday this year, I’m sure.



When I went to the Atlanta market in January, I stopped in a couple of shops and shopped their samples and came home with this pretty flowy white top.  It was $25 and I really like how soft it is.  Brand is Bobeau and I found a couple online that are similar. This might be a new one that’s not in the stores yet.  I’ll share links at the bottom.

I’ve enjoyed these rust/brown booties by Franco Sarto this year.  I’ll link those below too. White tops are just so versatile and can be worn with so many things.

I added that faux fur jacket for a little warmth and it made a great outfit for my day out.

Another day, I wore one of my white sweaters under the jacket and added a colorful scarf.

One more new purchase was this tunic dress from Costco.  Every time I go in Costco, I look at their clothes and always find a couple of things that I want to bring home.  I got a pair of ponte skinny pants and some Cole Haan shoes I’ll share later too.  This tunic top is so comfy and it will be a great traveling top worn with leggings and flats.

Here’s the link to the tunic dress on Amazon (affiliate link)

It’s plenty long enough and very soft like a cotton T-shirt. I can’t find this one online, but if you have a Costco nearby you may find it, by Hillary Radley.  My sister got one too. We love these type tunic tops with leggings for a casual look.

That’s it for today.  Check out these affiliate links below for similar items (or same) as I’m wearing, in case you are interested. I added a leopard faux fur jacket that I think is so cute!

Thanks as always for stopping by Fashion over 50!

- Rhoda


  1. Always stunning! I thought i was odd shopping at Sam’s club when I am in there. They have some decent clothing. Nice find at Goodwill though. We recently, got a Goodwill Boutique and they carry nice home decor, clothing and shoes. With prices still remaining low, it’s a cool place to shop. Happy Birthday Parker. Have fun in NOLA.

    • Sharon Person says:

      I’m really having trouble reading this – everything is in a one inch strip down the left side of the page. The pictures are tiny!

      • HI, Sharon, are you running an ad blocker? That is happening for those who have an ad blocker running and if you disable it for my blog, it will probably go back to normal.

  2. Hi Rhoda, You look so good in your clothes! I love your style. Have a great time in New Orleans.

  3. Hi Rhoda,
    I love you fashion style, especially the fur coat with the colorful scarf. Could you please let me know where you purchased it?

    • Julie, the fur coat or the scarf. The coat was $5 at Goodwill and the Scarf probably came from TJ Maxx, now I don’t remember.

  4. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    You have such a great fashion sense. I have the same Costco dress, who knew leggings would look so good with it?? I’m so lost in the fashion world. I just buy whatever is on the mannequin, that way I know it all matches! You really make everything look effortlessly pulled together. I’m envious!

  5. Rhoda, I so love your blog! You are very cute in everything you wear! Love, love, love the jacket with the scarf! Your sweet personality comes thru in all your posts and we as readers get to feel like we are good friends. Your blog always brightens my day and inspires me. I absolutely adore posts about your parents. Have a great time in New Orleans! It is such a fabulous place for great music and food. I really enjoy talking to the locals and hearing their stories about how they have overcome Katrina. They have such passion for their city.

  6. Cheryl Johnson says:

    You make that jacket rock! Great look!

  7. Oh wow, I NEED that tunic top. We are going on a 4 week expedition to northern Italy and I am determined to bring 3 outfits only. I’ve done this before and shorter dresses/longer tunics and leggings are the easiest and most comfortable way to travel, more comfortable than PJ’s. As long as it’s *like* cotton and not really cotton? I’m on a mission now and there are a million Costcos around here! The fashion police will never drag leggings from my cold hands…..
    You look gorgeous, as always, and please have some king cake for me!!!

  8. Hi Rhoda, I love those booties! Are they comfortable by the way? Also, I really like the colorful scarf and the flowing, graceful white top. Everything looks great on you.

  9. What is Atlanta Market? Can anyone go? I love your style!

    • HI, Sue, it’s the big wholesale market, Americasmart. You have to have a business license to get in, not open to the public.

  10. I really like all of these looks–so pretty. That longer tunic dress from Costco is gorgeous! I like the shoes you have on, also. I’m starting to look at pretty flatter shoes in order to have more comfort in walking. Heels are not so comfy to me these days.

  11. Thanks for telling us the brand name of the tunic. It’s on and Amazon in 3 colors. I ordered it from Costco because of easy returns.

  12. I love the flowing white top! All these outfits look great on you! I really like every piece that you chose and the ful jacket is perfect for this time of year!

  13. I love all your looks!

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