Fashion over 50: Casual Shorts and Top

Hi, friends!  Summer is heating up around these parts and that means I really look for ways to dress cool and casual.  You won’t find me with heavy clothes on anymore and sometimes when I know I’ll be outside for a few hours, that means shorts are in order.  I don’t love wearing a lot of shorts anymore, but they are a necessary thing in the summer months and so I have a few pair that I like that are longer and cover things up.  That’s important these days and I’m sure if you’re close to my age, you get that part.

I don’t like showing off too much leg anymore, especially my upper thighs, so that means long shorts to the knee.  When I’m home just chilling out, I will wear whatever is comfortable, but when I go out in public, I make sure that my shorts cover lots of leg. Who’s with me on that if you are ahem….an older lady?

I’ve shared this outfit before, but it’s worth sharing again.  I do like some cooler tops like this during the summer and this one has a built in padded bra, which I like.  I got it from Kohl’s a couple of summers ago and it’s black with a crewel type embroidery on it.  The straps are adjustable and it feels good on, so it’s a nice summer top that’s cool and casual to wear out in the heat.  I can’t stand a lot of sleeves when it’s hot and this one is definitely cool, but isn’t too bare.

It has a little tie at the back to cinch in the waist a bit.  I know this type of top might not be for everyone my ag, but I still feel fine in it and don’t mind the spaghetti straps and it’s cut straight across in the back so not too low either.  It probably helps that I’m not very well endowed up top too. I can get away with a top like this.

Shorts are a few years old too, probably from Kohl’s and they are Lee brand. Necklace was from a long ago yardsale.

Metallic sandals (in pewter) are from Target and I just picked up a new pair, so they still have them there.  They have been great sandals.  I got a black pair and another color just like these since these are showing some wear.

Jana sandals from Target (affiliate link), several colors in these. Mine are pewter and black. 

Mark and I were headed to the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, someone gave me tickets so we decided to go to the tasting tents.  It was hot when we left, so I was relaxed and comfy in this outfit.

Unfortunately, after we drove down there, a rain cloud came over and it was raining the whole time. We were there for less than an hour, when the authorities came through making everyone evacuate back to the parking deck in Piedmont Park because of lightening that was spotted.  We didn’t see lightening, but I guess they can’t take chances.  So that was the end of the Food and Wine festival for us.  We don’t like big crowds anyway, so it was time to head out.

I’ll be showing you my hydrangeas more soon, they are really doing well this year with all the rain we’ve gotten.

I made my guy, Mark, take a picture.  He hates to get his picture taken, although he does enjoy the pics after I take them it seems.  I love to document our times especially when we look cute and dressed up for a summer date like this.  I love Mark’s look, don’t you?  He is a good shopper himself and stalks sales all the time on his favorite clothing.  He shops mostly at Belk, in the store and online and finds some great things.  This shirt was one we spotted in the store last year, this ombre shirt for men by Ralph Lauren and it retailed for $125. He stalked it til the end of summer and ended up getting a blue and pink one for about $29 each. I love these shirts! Sadly, I don’t see them online anymore, so maybe they didn’t bring them back this year.  He’s stocked up now and we both think they are very classy with his plaid

That’s it for this week!  Summer has arrived so it will be cool and comfortable for me from here on out.  I may not have a lot of new clothes to share, but I’ll recycle what I have!

Here are a few Lee shorts that I found online that you might like! I’ve had good luck with Lee shorts.

- Rhoda


  1. You look great. I agree about short length . Enjoy your day. 🙂

  2. Yes, Im right with you in this southern climate! I agree with the length of shorts, and have to wear cooler tops b/c the heat gets to me. And only cotton. Thankfully there are also lots of slub fabric tops now which are thin, but hold their shape and are much cooler.
    You all are a cute couple!

  3. You are both just the cutest!! I love your top and would say that it has all the right features. A built in bra and adjustable straps is a hard combination to find. I would love for my hubby to take some tips from Mark. Paul is pretty sure all of his clothes should come from Bass Pro Shop. 🙂

  4. I love your look Rhoda. When you and Mark are together you both look so happy!
    We love summer up here in Clemson, too, and the rain has made my hydrangeas
    very showy this year.

  5. I still wear shorts too even though my legs aren’t perfect anymore. I wear the longer length like you do and feel comfortable in them. Nothing any shorter though!

  6. You look great in shorts. Perfect length and with that top you look cool and comfortable

    • Thank you, Debbie,things have sure changed with the body that’s for sure, but still have to dress cool in the summer.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I am loving the longer shorts I have found this year. Bermuda I think they call them. Found some good fitting ones from Chico. Bought them in Khaki, denim and white and a pretty green. I too am older going to be 69. But we need to stay cool too.

  8. Rhoda, I am 52 (53 in two more months), so I understand the long shorts! You and Mark both look so sharp! And, oh, the hydrangeas- they are gorgeous! Thanks for keeping me in touch with Atlanta and the South.

  9. Linda Greer says:

    Great look! Now I want some long shorts.

  10. Thank you, Rhoda, for always posting something interesting, educational, entertaining.
    I know what you mean about covering more leg as we get older. A couple of summers ago I put on the shorts I had been wearing the previous summer and looked in the full length mirror. I don’t know what happened over that winter. It’s like any good firm flesh and skin on the inside of my thighs had slid down to my knees so my thighs now have concave hollows and there are big bulges on the inside of my knees. Yep, if I stand with my legs together those knee bulges touch but the rest of my legs are still inches apart. Yet another part of my body that has sagged. Every time something else goes I try to think of it as God’s way of helping me keep from being vain. You, however, still look great.
    And thank you also for showing us that we don’t have to buy $300+ clothes, $500 shoes and $1,400 purses (like some other bloggers do) to look great. You always feature great looking clothes at reasonable prices.

    • HI, Patty, thank you for that! Your detailed comments made me chuckle. Oh, I can relate to the legs. My thighs used to be so much firmer 5 years ago, but they have sagged terribly too and the skin just doesn’t look great anymore. My knees are sagging too, but I just deal with it. I see some ladies my age who still have great firm legs and I’m so jealous! Sigh….we do just have to take it as it comes and how the good Lord dishes it out.

  11. I totally get the length of the shorts thing. I always order the 9-10in inseam for all my shorts and I do wear them all summer long, it gets too hot here not too wear them. they are the same length of a skirt or dress so why not?!! I have found good luck with JCpenneys st. John shorts and the price point is excellent. They call them Bermuda Shorts. Always fun to see a picture of you and your guy!!

    • THanks, Kathy for stopping by. We all have to find ways to stay cool and shorts will always be part of my wardrobe, just longer length for sure!

  12. Clarice Main says:

    These outfits look great! Thanks for sharing.
    I’d add that sometimes a cute little sundress can be just as cool and flexible as shorts! I have a sleeveless T-shirt-type cotton dress that also fits in this category…cool, comfy, and fits well with hot weather.

    • HI, Clarice, you are right, I have quite a few summer dresses I like too and will be getting them out.

  13. Nancy Cox says:

    You look adorable. Love the sassy top! You and Mark are an adorable couple. And yes that’s a very snazzy outfit. So blessed and favored.

  14. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Rhoda, what a nice picture of you and Mark! You two look so good together! Both of your outfits are really nice!

    Enjoy your warm weather! Blessings!

  15. Oh my, I do love Southern men. Y’all are so adorable. I’m to the stage of only capris now. I hear women say they want a facelift. Not me, I want a thigh lift!!

    • HI, Nancy, my Southern man is pretty cute! And I hear you on the thigh lift, I’m not happy with mine either.

  16. Hi Rhoda , when will we all ever be completely happy with ourselves ? Ha !! I think you look amazing at your age. I am about your same age and I’m tellen ya. You look great. You have the most amazing figure. I just bet that southerner of yours thinks he has hit the lotto because you are very cute I love the straps on your shoulders. I love that women have inched away from feeling like we have to dress like grandmothers. That we can be stylish and yet decent as well. I say if you can wear it and it looks cute then do it. You and mark are very attractive together and by the way I have me one of those nice southern men and they are pretty nice. I love your fashion post. Being from the south , and I’m from Little Rock , we have to dress for our weather , and here in my part of the country the humidity can be pretty harsh, so I love those straps

    • HI, Carole, I know, I think women go through our whole lives not liking something about ourselves, don’t we? I have definitely embraced myself as I’ve gotten older and just go with the flow. There’s nothing we can do about aging and some parts of us age better than others, so we all just have to take it as it comes….and laugh about it! Thank you, you’re very sweet, Mark is a great guy and I think we both hit the jackpot with each other.

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