Fashion over 50: Casual Spring Outings

Hi, friends!  I don’t have that much to share today on Fashion over 50.  I tell you, I don’t know how the “real” fashion bloggers do it all the time, because once a week rolls around way too often some weeks.  I can’t imagine putting together “new” outfits every other day or so, I’m happy that I opted to only share once a week. That’s plenty for me!

Since my lifestyle these days is mostly casual, that’s what I have in my closet and I don’t have the need for a lot of fancy clothes, so most of what I share will be just that, casual wear and easy going fashion.  I figure that most of you are in the same boat too.  I have a few dressier things in my closet, but for every day, I’m a casual girl all the way and I love it after all those years of working in the Corporate world and having to dress up for a living.

Over the weekend on Saturday, Mark and I went to Madison, GA for their annual Spring tour of homes and wow, was that a treat!  I can’t wait to share more with all of you.  We toured at least 6 historical homes and walked the streets and I snapped more pics of beautiful homes than you can imagine. That little town is a treasure trove of history and gorgeousness, so you’re in for a treat as soon as I can get pics edited and get a post up. We also went in a great antiques shop there too, so I’ll share that as well.  I had heard for years about Madison, GA and finally made it there and I’m so glad I did! What a fun spot to visit, so quaint and the streets are so walkable and the downtown has such a small town feel.  We loved it and enjoyed seeing all the houses, browsing the antiques market and having lunch before heading home. It was the most beautiful spring day with cooler temps than we’ve had in awhile, so that was welcome too.

I wore those green pants I shared with you last week from Steinmart and as I had mentioned, thought they would be fun dressed down with sneakers and I really liked it a lot.  It was a chilly day for spring and I wore my cream Ralph Lauren sweater with the pants along with  my Gap jeans jacket and Chucks Shoreline sneakers for a comfy casual outfit.  The blue and white infinity scarf topped it off!

Excuse these pics, but sometimes I don’t have anyone to take pics so I had to resort to a remote gadget on my phone to take these pics, but this is what I wore to church, white jeans and a casual top that I’ve shared before.  The brand of the top is Tribal and I got it in a little boutique a couple years ago, but I can’t find much online with this brand.  I’ve enjoyed this top with its multi colors.

I went shopping for a new pair of flats and these suede ones came home with me.  They are really comfortable too and will be great for a neutral flat during the spring, summer and fall months.

So that’s a look at what I’ve been wearing lately.

Audrey Brooke taupe suede flats, linked below.  I noticed they have a bunch of fun colors in these shoes too that I didn’t see in the store when I was in there.  I think they would be great in a bright color too.

Here are a few things that you can shop if you’d like. I spotted a great sale on those charcoal Diana Kut from the Kloth jeans below, if you’re in the market for this color. I’ve enjoyed my white jeans in this brand. The shoes are linked below too, affiliate links used:

- Rhoda


  1. Cute outfits. I always love blue and green together–in any shades of those colors. I think I may have to check the Steinmart near me to see if they still have those pants. I know it’s hard to put the outfits together, but I for one love Wednesdays just for this and hope you will continue. Thanks againn for sharing your life with us.

  2. Rhoda, you are always stylish and so cute. I will be looking forward to your post on Madison…have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. You look adorable, as always! After 40+ years of “dressing up” for work, I am now so happy to spend most of days in workout gear or yoga pants. The last dozen years of my career, I became the academic advisor to 150 freshmen women a year at Clemson. Young women these days have no idea what it means to dress professionally, so I really made an effort to set an example. They took a picture of me once shoveling out a pen in the poultry house, dressed in coveralls with a scarf jauntily tied around my neck! Well why not?!?

  4. Our daughter and family live in Madison and I’ve enjoyed many tours and invitations into homes….Always outstanding. The Christmas Candlelight Tour probably my favorite. Will be going to Madison Friday for Mother’s Day luncheon on Saturday.

  5. Love the outfits and the colors. So pretty!!! I seem to be wearing more greens and blues together this Spring!!

  6. I Enjoy your fashion posts. One you take what you have and give an example on how to put it together. My budget consists of using what I have and putting those pieces together in a creative way, and your posts give excellent examples of that, so thank you.

  7. I would like to see clothing that is more suitable for women over the age of 60…not clothing that is worn by young mothers in the 25-40 age group….and by the way, not all of us weigh 100 pounds, either. If you are going to do posts about fashion, please get real about it.

    • Rebecca M says

      Marigene, Rhoda has a fluffy friend that sometimes models clothing for the fuller figured ladies. Maybe she’ll do it again! I enjoyed those posts as well as her own clothes she models.
      But remember, just because you’re over 60 and fluffy it doesn’t mean you have to dress like an old woman. Rhoda dresses tasteful for her age.

    • THanks, Rebecca, my friend, Vicki, has gotten busier and we haven’t had the time to do a fashion post with her lately.

    • HI, Marigene, well I’m about as real as I can get for myself. I don’t weigh 100 lbs. nor do I weigh 200 lbs. and can only share what I do myself. You can go elsewhere to find clothing ideas from other women over 50, as there are others out there doing fashion too. I think people who read my posts get inspiration and are able to translate it in their own wardrobe.

    • I enjoy your fashion posts. I can shop my closet from the outfits you style. You always look classic and stylish, and I appreciate your fashion posts. I am 62, do not weigh 100 or 200 but still want to be stylish for my age. I purchased two pairs of those Steinmart pants–one is a black print and the other is a muted navy print. So comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Thanks, Rhoda!!

    • Thank you, Lyn, I’m glad you tried some of those pants, I really like the green ones I got too.

  8. Last week I bought a pair of suede flats and they will go with a lot this summer! Thank you for sharing with us. I always get inspiration from your posts!

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