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Hi, friends!

First, we woke up to snow again today!  It was nearly as much or as deep as the December snow we got, but this time the temps are even colder so it’s sticking on the roads.  My hubby took a snow day off, thank goodness.  I always hated that feeling when I was working in the Corporate world and snow came and you felt guilty because you just couldn’t get in with the roads all messed up. But really, why take a chance on wrecking your car, just stay home, I say!  So that’s what we are doing.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving all those fun comments!  It was so fun to see where you all are from, where you were born and now live and reading all the cute family stories and thoughts of the South.  Y’all are the best readers!

Today, I’ve got some new corduroy flare pants to share with you that I got recently from Loft. They are having a major sale right now with much marked down 60% so if they have your size, there’s some good deals out there.

I’ve noticed that burgandy/wine shades are really popular this season and I thought this color would be a fun addition to my closet.  And these are flare leg corduroy pants which is different than anything I have and I really love them.

A very sweet reader sent me this beautiful scarf right after I got married last summer and these pants were a perfect complement to the scarf with those rich pink tones.

The sweater is one I picked up from American Eagle Outfitters and I’ve had good luck with their sweaters and have a few in my closet.

Close up of the scarf, which came from Nordstrom. Heather, if you see this, thank you SO much! Your thoughfulness is so kind and the scarf is beautiful.  I have the best readers around, no doubt about it!  Y’all bless me more than you know too.

Berry shades are very pretty and these pants will be fun for winter outings.  I love that they have flared legs which make legs look longer and leaner, not that I need that!  The shoes I’ve shared before and they are linked below.  I’d also wear these with taller boots too.

Have a great day and thanks as always, for stopping by!

The pants and shoes are linked below (affiliate links) and a few more items that I liked from scarves to sweaters.  Loft is still having their clearance sale and there are some great buys to be found if they have your size.  I got those dark pink/coral velvet pants and 3 of the long sleeve T’s.  I think the prices were a 60% off when I bought, but now 50% off, still a great buy!



- Rhoda


  1. Such a pretty color. And the scarf is the perfect compliment. Stay safe and warm today!

  2. The scarf is the first thing I noticed! What a lovely and thoughtful gift, it is perfect with what you are wearing. I like everything about your outfit. Enjoying our snow here in SC, stay in and be safe!

  3. Love those pants and the scarf goes well with them!

  4. Hi Rhoda, I love the scarf too! Please explain pants sizing…is it waist?? Thanks! Carol

    • Hey, Carol, I’ve found that size 28 is my size numerically which computes to a size 6, so a 29 would be an 8 and so on. I got Talls in these pants.

    • Thanks! Yes I need Tall, also! Love it when those are available!!

  5. Do the pants stretch out much when you wear them? I have several pair of the Loft skinny corduroys and love them but they REALLY stretch out.

    • I have noticed that corduroys do stretch some, but I’ve only worn these once so not sure yet. I’m not sure why that is with corduroy. Drying them should help that some.

  6. Gail Norman says:

    Love the outfit. The scarf is great. Thanks for posting. Love your front porch and the welcome mat.

  7. That looks so pretty on you! I also like Loft cord pants a lot and I’m enjoying some flares again and think they look nice with boots. Thanks for letting us know you got the tall. I have found the Loft website is hard to see on my computer. It continually moves and a blank screen covers most of the page. Aside from that they have some good buys. Enjoy the snow!

  8. They look great! I have cords that I can fit in again , and may just dig them out for school tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Really love the wine color corduroy flare pants, Rhoda. They look perfect with the sweater and blouse. We had more snow yesterday, also, so I played with tablescapes. I’m getting a bit tired of snow now, though! Glad you and Mark stayed home safely.

  10. Jennifer Byrd - Ivy Staple Boutique says:

    Loving the color of those corduroys on you! Definitely have a soft spot for corduroy pants, such a classic! Keep up the good work with your blog, I have enjoyed perusing!
    ~ Jennifer Byrd

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