Fashion over 50: Date Night and Casual

My clothing seems to be date night dressy or casual and not a lot of in between, so today’s clothes choices are a little of both.  We have been dancing some lately, finishing up dance lessons and going out to practice.  We need to keep up with that because if you don’t practice, you definitely lose it and we have to get out there and keep learning.

This was a dance night outfit, black ponte pants that I’ve shared before and this top I’ve shared too, but it came from Beall’s Outlet in Destin a few years ago.  Definitely have enjoyed this top over the years.  I’ve worn it with boots during the winter and thick leggings. I love how versatile tunic tops are and thankfully, they are easier to find these days.  I remember not so long ago that longer tops were hard to find, especially this length.

It’s a soft knit fabric and really wears well, with 3/4 length sleeves and built in bling on the bodice.

I’m sharing these ponte pants again below, as well as the new Anne Klein shoes.  I found these and bought them because the heel is lower, about 2 inches or so, comfortable enough to dance in.

Next outfit is very casual for a weekend dining out.  We don’t usually go anywhere really fancy for dinner and were heading to the Marietta Square for dinner this night.  These are a new pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy, linked below, along with a striped black and white shirt from Lands End I found at Goodwill.  The sweater I’ve had for a long time.

We had a little cold snap again and a sweater was needed outside, so it was good to be layered.  Layering always works for me. I hate to be hot or cold, especially cold and it’s nice to have something on in the evening to keep from getting chilly.

It was a beautiful spring evening on the Square.  We ate at ThaiCoon for dinner and then walked around, sat on a park bench and people watched.  Very enjoyable evening out on such a nice spring night.

You all know I love shopping at TJ Maxx (affiliate link) and now you can shop online.  I get their weekly emails and they have a nice selection of outdoor products in stock right now you might want to check out.  I saw some beautiful outdoor pillows, cushions, garden stools and more for some great prices.  Also, if you want a jump on summer white, look at the White Shop (affiliate link) with clothing and more. I love that they offer online shopping now.

Below (affiliate links) are some of the same items I have on, as well as some inspiration pieces, like the black and white tunics and a couple of tunics from Lands End, who has great clothing. The shoes are exactly the same as mine, as are the jeans.

- Rhoda


  1. I love that bold black and white tunic. And, that cardi is perfect this time of year here. While warming up outside so many shops have the A/C on full blast already and a cardi comes in handy.

  2. hi rhoda
    love the looks. love the converse! I have not tried TJMaxx online… yet… laura

  3. Brenda Swindall says:

    Looking so good, casual or dressy. Keep up the good work Rhoda. Have a blessed Easter. What was the name of the church you were raised in. That Artie was your teacher?

    • Hey, Brenda, thank you & Happy Easter to you. It was Marietta First Assembly. It doesn’t even exist anymore, unfortunately. It changed hands several times and denominations.

  4. That sweater, I love it! And TJ Maxx but I don’t get their emails. For tunic tops I pretty much buy above the knee dresses. I’m average weight but I feel so self conscious in any leggings/possibly a blouse combo at my age. It took forever for me to get on the legging train and now I can’t imagine wearing uncomfortable pants or living in jeans all the time. So easy to look a tiny bit extra fancy.

  5. Can you give us more information on your dark gray sweater? What brand name and style is it? Thank you.

  6. Linda Hickey says:

    Hello Rhoda, I love your Blog and all you inspirational things you post. Your outfits you are showing today are stunning and look great on you. I look forward to all your next postings.

  7. You are just a doll in your casual outfit with kicks. 🙂

  8. I have the same shoes
    I love them! You’re right about dancing in them!

  9. Becky Benton says:

    Lovr your post. Please dont stop ever!! I get so much style advice. Things i never thought about. ❤❤

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