Fashion over 50: My First Stitch Fix

Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own personal clothing stylist to choose things for you?

If you’ve been hanging out around blogs in the last couple of years, you have probably heard of Stitch Fix by now.  I have been hearing about them for a long time and finally decided to try it out and see for myself.  It’s an online clothing company with your own personal stylist who puts together outfits for you based on a profile you fill out on their site.  This is not a sponsored post (they don’t know me at all), but they have a referral program to earn a referral fee, so I’m linking my link here in case any of you decide to try them. out.

If you want to get out of the normal routine of shopping for clothes this might be a way to do that and get some things that you might not otherwise choose for yourself.

So here’s how Stitch Fix works.  You go in and sign up by filling out a profile.  They ask you questions about what sort of clothes you like, along with price points that you are comfortable with, which means you don’t end up with really high end prices if you don’t choose that.  I used a mid-range price for my profile. They also show you pictures of outfits and ask you to check whether you love that outfit, like it or hate it.  After you go through all the questions and answer the profile, then you can also write in some ideas for them to take into consideration.  They also ask you if you dress casually, for work, or if you want dressy clothes.  You can then sign up to receive a box as often as you want.  I thought it was a very fun idea and wanted to see what they would do for me.  Since I opted for casual clothes and I wear a lot of skinny jeans, here’s what I got.  The box arrived all wrapped up pretty and I couldn’t wait to open it!   They send 5 things in every box, including clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Here’s the basics on how Stitch Fix works:

If you buy all 5 things, you get a 25% discount on the total bill.  You can keep as many pieces as you want or send them all back. I sent all but one thing back on my first box.  I’ll tell you more about that below.

They do charge a $20 styling fee for every box sent out.  That fee is then applied to anything you keep.  If you send all 5 things back, then the $20 is gone.  That’s sort of a bummer, but hopefully you’ll like a few things.  It worked out OK for me on this first order since I bought one thing. Most of the items I received were around the $50 range, with the jeans around $100, but again you set the price parameters in your profile. I didn’t take a pic of the skinny jeans, but decided to send them back since I have plenty of those in my closet already and the ones they sent were $98 and I didn’t love them any better than what I already have.

My first box had a variety of neutrals and one color.  I love black and white and have so much in my closet, that I couldn’t justify keeping this top, which I thought was just OK on me.  I really like my tops a little bit longer than these were.  But, if I do another box, hopefully next time will be more fine tuned.  I think this online shopping service could be very good for those who don’t have a lot of places to shop in your town or get overwhelmed shopping online.

This little lace number was cute, but it didn’t really grab me either.  I think it would be best layered under a jacket or something, but didn’t really feel like me, so I sent it back too.

This dusty rose long cardigan was pretty, but I don’t feel this is the best color for me.  I went back and in the profile added colors that I think look best on me, so be sure and do that when you fill it out if you try Stitch Fix for yourself.

Now, here’s what I kept!  I immediately loved these gray suede Tom’s wedge booties. I know these will go with a lot of things in my closet, so I kept them. They  fit perfectly and feel comfortable so far.  My sister loved them so much, she found them online and ordered them too.

Tom’s Castlerock gray suede booties (affiliate link)

I wore them out with my family one day with those Old Navy High-rise jeans I’ve shared before. These are still a fave of mine and I love the charcoal gray color.  Mixed with this rust sweater I got last year, it was a comfy outfit for the day out.   This sweater was from Nordstrom last year and the brand is Sun and Shadow.

Old Navy High Rise Rockstar Jeans, Stone Lake (affiliate link)

These pics were at my parents house, I was there for an outing I’ll tell you about tomorrow.  We finally talked my dad into getting hearing aids, so I’m sharing that story tomorrow!

They also send along cards with pics of each of the items in your box, so that you can see how to mix and match the items with other things in your closet, so that’s helpful if you’re not good at that sort of thing.  I think I’m pretty good with my own clothes styling, but if you’re not, then Stitch Fix might be a good alternative for you.

Just wanted to share Stitch Fix with you and my thoughts on it in case you might want to try it for yourself. I do like the idea of a personal stylist who takes your likes and dislikes into account in choosing clothing to put together for you, as well as sizes and fit.  They ask detailed questions on size and fit of clothing, so you can be assured you’re getting personal service on that too.  I really like the idea of the service even though I only kept one thing this time, I think I’ll use them again in the future.  I know there are a lot of women who aren’t that comfortable with choosing clothing and sometimes get stuck in a rut, so that’s where I think Stitch Fix might help.  If you want to see what someone else might choose for you, give them a shot!

My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try them for myself.  If you do give it a try, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience too. Have you tried Stitch Fix, if so tell me what you think?! 

- Rhoda


  1. I’ve heard of this service but, never used. I am a horrible shopper for my personal self but, my house is mostly where I shop for. I am a thrift shopper for clothes and I wonder if they ever have sales on the clothes? You look wonderful.

  2. I haven’t tried them, but I’ve seen another blogger who uses them. Just seeing what they’ve sent to you and the other blogger, I am not overly impressed. I guess their service would be good if you didn’t live close to malls & shopping centers.

  3. I used Stitch Fix a few years ago. I usually kept one thing each time….most items were returned as they were not me. I had so many things that were either too tight or too loose as sizing varies so much. I also felt the item were priced a little high for the quality. Love the shoes…..that wasn’t an option when I did it. Was the price for the wedges your sister bought comparable to your SF price? They now have Stitch Fix for men.

  4. Andrea G Corley says:

    Thanks Rhoda. Looks fun I might try it because I am not good at putting things together. Do the clothes fit pretty true to size? I hate shopping since I have gotten older because nothing fits right…..

    I love what you picked but you look great in anything you wear!

    • Hey, Andrea, everything fit that I got and they go through a detailed sizing questions, so they have a good idea of your fit. Like long torso or legs and more details like that.

  5. I have the Toms and wear them often. They are so cute!

    Choosing things in the best colors for me is something I’m working on. Sometimes you run across something you like but the color is off. It takes discipline to walk away. 🙂

  6. I’ll bet your dad will love his hearing aids after he gets them. These devices have really improved over the years. My husband wears them. He can now hear birds chirping and all sorts of things he didn’t realize he was missing.

  7. Hi Rhoda, Actually….I think the first blouse is really cute on you. You might pair it with white pants too! that second blouse could be used only for laying but meh on the color and the sweater too! just giving you my two cents! tHanks

  8. I’ve tried them twice and I kept one item each time. I don’t think I will use them again, the items weren’t exactly my style and the prices seemed high for the pieces. I do like your shoes, though!

  9. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix myself, but always enjoy reading about bloggers who do. The gray boots are darling and they look so nice with you gray pants. Definitely a good purchase. I’m not sure they’ve got your colors quite right … where are the bright turquoises and corals that you look so good in? Perhaps you can add those shades to you profile. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey, Lindy, yes I should have specified colors more, so I went back and added that to my profile for future. I’ll probably try it again sometime.

  10. Rhoda, the comments are running down the left side of the page in a very skinny line. Don’t know if others are seeing the same thing or not. I have not tried SF but have relatives that did for awhile with moderate success.

    • Hey, Terry, are you running an ad blocker? That is probably the issue as it has happened with others who run one. It’s not compatible with an ad plugin I have on my sidebar.

    • It’s an ad blocker. I can set it on my laptop to allow certain sites but I don’t know how to set it on my iPad and phone. But, with the touch screens you can make things larger easily. Sorry ?

  11. I have tried Stitch Fix a few times but have found that some of the pieces were too pricey. To justify the styling fee, I just keep one item and send everything else back. Still can’t beat TJ Maxx or Marshall’s or Ross.

  12. Good morning. Loved what Stitch Fix picked for you. I have used Dia&Co for larger women and I have done it once and loved it but……Jeans were too long (I am short!) shirts were just not long enough, sweater – did not like the neck line kept one thing the blanket scarf (gave it as a Christmas present) But loved the packaging and was excited to get it. I have know from others that have used SF that you need to tell them where you live in the country as I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and a friend ordered thru SF and got sleeveless tops in December!! So I would tell any one after hearing others talk about it make sure you give your stylist lots of information – I will do Dia&Co again and make sure I tell them I prefer clothes age appropriate (age 55) , I am short and I need tops a bit longer in the front. Here’s to trying again……the shoes you kept are awesome!!! Love, Love, Love them!!! Please show us again when you get a box!!!

  13. Bless your sweet daddy. I hope his new hearing aids work out for him. Seems there is a lot of fine tuning involved. Still can’t get my dad to buy into the idea. Maybe one day. In the meantime it is a lot of talking loudly and dealing with the television volume, lol.

  14. I like to see and feel clothes, also try on the things I buy. I wasn’t overly impressed with the things they sent you either except the shoes. I love that sweater you bought from Nordstrom though and would wear it also. Glad dad is getting hearing aids. I’ll need some also later as I’m finding my hearing is decreasing. My friend who wears very short hair has one you cannot even see unless you’re looking for it. Quite small but works well.

  15. Thank you so much for this post – have been curious about this site for a while!

  16. I tried Stitch Fix for 4 months and only purchased 1 item out of 20. I felt like the prices were too high despite me choosing the lower price points on tops, etc. I don’t like to shop so I mostly order clothes on-line where I can get free shipping and returns. I’m curious to see how you’ll like it!

    • HI, Melanie, thanks for sharing your experience. I sort of feel the same way. I’m pretty good at finding deals and I think I can do better price wise on my own for the most part.

  17. I love Stitch Fix. I’ve gotten several boxes in the past few years. My average is 2 items per box that I kept, although I have had 2 Fixes that I kept everything. I did go in and lower my age and found I got more clothes I liked.
    Funny thing is I actually taught one of the founders of Stitch Fix. I just found that out recently.

    • Hey Dianne, that’s great and funny about lowering your age. I know, people have a certain connotation with age and it’s probably hard to think past that.

  18. Rhonda, I just started following you. I love your style! And I love the shoes. I have a similar pair that I wear to work(I teach)–they are so comfortable and so cute. Tom’s also has a cute summer wedge that I love. Thanks for the tips on Stitch Fix. I have considered them, but, like you, I enjoy putting my own outfits together. You are my new inspiration!!

  19. I have seen a lot of people do this but i feel you gave a better option on it given you weren’t working with the company like others were. I personally like you sharing the clothes you pick out for yourself but i do like the shoes they sent you. Thanks for always sharing with us.

  20. Oh my goodness, I just looked at the sign up page. They show you various outfits, you assign them as “Hate, Just OK, Like, Love”. I didn’t like any of it!! I’m either in a terrible rut and really need it or it’s just not for me.

    • And I didn’t see where they asked for your age. I signed in with FB, I just realized my fake BD is 98 this year.

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