Fashion over 50: Flared Jeans and Coral Blouse

Hi, friends!  I’m back today with a Fashion over 50 edition.  Nothing too exciting and you’ve seen all of these pieces before, but maybe not exactly like this combination.

It’s been a long week with dad back in the hospital and I’ll share more on that as we get more updates, but I appreciate all the prayers so much. He’s in good care at the hospital and we are all 3 taking turns staying with him at night. I have another stint tonight.  Lauren is coming home this weekend for the 4th of July holiday and we are glad to have her here too. She will cheer up her grandaddy big time!  We are all learning about c diff and what it’s all about. If you follow me on Facebook, you will see the update there that he has the bacteria c diff that comes from taking antibiotics and then getting diarrhea. We had to take him back to the hospital, he was progressively getting worse every day. He’s so weak right now, but is on antibiotics that kill the c diff and hopefully this will get him back to normal.  We think he may be in the hospital for a week and then go to rehab to get mobile again.  He is so weak, he can’t stand and walk and that’s hard to see.  I’m sure he will get it back, but it will take time.  So, that’s the nutshell of where we are right now.  It’s so frustrating that taking an antibiotic can cause this kind of horrible outcome and I don’t think the doctors share that nearly enough, the side effects of antibiotics.  It makes me so mad that doctors don’t tell people, hey these antibiotics are going to kill the good bacteria in your gut, so you need probiotics to counteract that and if you get diarrhea, then you might have c diff.  Most people have no idea what probiotics are, my parents certainly didn’t!  No one warned them and now we are in this mess.  All of us will be going on probiotics now too.  I’ve done some of them before in drinking kombucha, but we all are going to get them in our systems even more now.  My brother-in-law brews his own kombucha and if you don’t know that one, look it up. It’s a fermented beverage that’s good for your gut with lots of probiotics.

They had no idea that any of this could happen, but it did and now we have to deal with it and c diff is a serious thing, we’ve found out. Daddy is strong and we think he will get back to normal, but it will definitely take time. He’s not going to snap back in a week.  So, keep the prayers coming and I’ll do a weekly update as time goes on and we see where we are. That knock on his head was nothing compared to what we are dealing with now!

The jeans are Mother jeans that I got last year. They are pricey, but fit well and hug in all the right spots, with a flared leg.   I like the dark wash.

This top you’ve seen before too and it’s from C Wonder. It’s a lightweight soft cotton that is very supple for summer wear.  Again, C Wonder is out of business.

Paired with these neutral tan heels, it’s a pretty outfit that’s casual, but not too casual.

Shoes are Aerosoles Foreward (affiliate link) in tan and they are available at Walmart now.

Jewelry came from the mart and it’s been fun to have in my wardrobe.  I just love the coral and turquoise combination.

Here’s a closer look at the jewelry. I’ve been happy that I picked up this set over a year ago at the Atlanta mart.  I think it was a total of about $28, so a real bargain.  Again, the mart is only open to the trade and I can get in because of my blog, so if you get a chance to go, the cash and carry jewelry rocks!

That’s it for today!  Thank you as always for stopping by and hanging out with me, I appreciate that so much!





- Rhoda


  1. Praying for your sweet dad. Lord we lift this dear dear man before you. We know you are the great physician and we also have the faith as we ask for his miraculous healing. We ask for the angels to encamp around him. God cause the good bacteria to multiply so quickly so he has no more suffering. Lord we ask for your hand and healing to restore his health to him and everything the enemy has tried to rob, steak and destroy. Be with his wife and cause her to have perfect peace and may she sense your presence. We ask for this miracle and we know you are the God of miracles. Jesus we praise your holy name and we give you all glory as this man gets to go home early. Thank you for wisdom for the doctors who are taking care of him. Thank you Jesus.

  2. KittyLuvr says:

    Praying for your dad’s health to continue to improve with no traces of C Diff in your dad or other family members. Also, I wanted to let you know that I learned that C Wonder clothing and accessories are now being sold on QVC! I had no idea and am not a QVC shopper; but a co-worker lives near the QVC headquarters in PA and she just told me this! She continues to buy the cutest items but now from QVC..prices are comparable to what we paid in the store…just no sale prices…sadly.

  3. I’m so sorry that your dad is in poor health and am praying he is well and home from hospital soon. Such a very difficult time for your family but I’m sure all the support and love will help you all.

    [Love the top and pants as well!]

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