Fashion over 50: Flared Jeans and Coral Blouse

Hi, friends!  I’m back today with a Fashion over 50 edition.  Nothing too exciting and you’ve seen all of these pieces before, but maybe not exactly like this combination.

It’s been a long week with dad back in the hospital and I’ll share more on that as we get more updates, but I appreciate all the prayers so much. He’s in good care at the hospital and we are all 3 taking turns staying with him at night. I have another stint tonight.  Lauren is coming home this weekend for the 4th of July holiday and we are glad to have her here too. She will cheer up her grandaddy big time!  We are all learning about c diff and what it’s all about. If you follow me on Facebook, you will see the update there that he has the bacteria c diff that comes from taking antibiotics and then getting diarrhea. We had to take him back to the hospital, he was progressively getting worse every day. He’s so weak right now, but is on antibiotics that kill the c diff and hopefully this will get him back to normal.  We think he may be in the hospital for a week and then go to rehab to get mobile again.  He is so weak, he can’t stand and walk and that’s hard to see.  I’m sure he will get it back, but it will take time.  So, that’s the nutshell of where we are right now.  It’s so frustrating that taking an antibiotic can cause this kind of horrible outcome and I don’t think the doctors share that nearly enough, the side effects of antibiotics.  It makes me so mad that doctors don’t tell people, hey these antibiotics are going to kill the good bacteria in your gut, so you need probiotics to counteract that and if you get diarrhea, then you might have c diff.  Most people have no idea what probiotics are, my parents certainly didn’t!  No one warned them and now we are in this mess.  All of us will be going on probiotics now too.  I’ve done some of them before in drinking kombucha, but we all are going to get them in our systems even more now.  My brother-in-law brews his own kombucha and if you don’t know that one, look it up. It’s a fermented beverage that’s good for your gut with lots of probiotics.

They had no idea that any of this could happen, but it did and now we have to deal with it and c diff is a serious thing, we’ve found out. Daddy is strong and we think he will get back to normal, but it will definitely take time. He’s not going to snap back in a week.  So, keep the prayers coming and I’ll do a weekly update as time goes on and we see where we are. That knock on his head was nothing compared to what we are dealing with now!

The jeans are Mother jeans that I got last year. They are pricey, but fit well and hug in all the right spots, with a flared leg.   I like the dark wash.

This top you’ve seen before too and it’s from C Wonder. It’s a lightweight soft cotton that is very supple for summer wear.  Again, C Wonder is out of business.

Paired with these neutral tan heels, it’s a pretty outfit that’s casual, but not too casual.

Shoes are Aerosoles Foreward (affiliate link) in tan and they are available at Walmart now.

Jewelry came from the mart and it’s been fun to have in my wardrobe.  I just love the coral and turquoise combination.

Here’s a closer look at the jewelry. I’ve been happy that I picked up this set over a year ago at the Atlanta mart.  I think it was a total of about $28, so a real bargain.  Again, the mart is only open to the trade and I can get in because of my blog, so if you get a chance to go, the cash and carry jewelry rocks!

That’s it for today!  Thank you as always for stopping by and hanging out with me, I appreciate that so much!





- Rhoda


  1. Diane Dahl says:

    So sorry to hear about your dad. I know several people that have battled c diff. I’ll be praying!

  2. Andrea G Corley says:

    Still praying for your dad and the whole family! I know it is so hard to watch when they are weak and unable to stand. I pray the cdiff will subside quickly with the new antibiotics. I know your mom appreciates all the help! Let me know if we can do anything!

    I like those jeans you are right the look comfortable and great fitting!

    Again let me know if I can do anything to help with your family!

  3. I will surely pray for your Dad. My own Dad (who’s91) is right now in rehab from a hospital stay last week for an UTI. They can get so weak so quickly at this age. Cdiff is a dangerous thing and you are so right we are not warned about it near enough. Watch for the UTI thing too–my Dad is spot on mentally, but when a UTI hits he is totally confused–this is something else the doctors don’t warn us enough about in the elderly. Prayers for you all, being the caregivers is a hard job too.

    • Roxanne says:

      Brenda, you are so right about the UTI thing. Before my mom passed away last year, several times we thought she had had a stroke or developed overnight mental problems. The doctors told us it was UTI. I had never heard of that before, but other friends with elderly parents said they have been through same thing.

      • Agree with you both. It’s happened to my mother as well as several friends elderly mothers (seems it hits women more).

        • All the previous comments are spot on concerning UTIs in the elderly. Also, falls are one of the most dangerous things for elderly as well. As we age, the brain shrinks and when the head has trauma the brain has more room to move around in the skull, so the danger is greater. I dealt with this with my mom, so just keep a close watch on your dad. I hope the c diff improves. I understand buttermilk is good for adding healthy bacteria to your gut. Antibiotics can be dangerous, but the doctors just use them like they are passing out lemon aid. Prayers for your sweet dad and all of you taking care of him. Being a caregiver is a very hard job.

  4. Hi Rhoda, I have been reading your blog for several years, but I believe this is my first comment. I’m in my fifties and a couple years ago I got cdiff from an antibiotic I was taking. It’s a tough thing to go through. The first 10 day antibiotic they commonly use to treat it made me feel just a little better, but a week later I started to feel bad again. I then took Vicomycin which made a difference quickly. They don’t usually use this one first. If your dad isn’t feeling better talk to the doctors about trying this antibiotic. Also, cdiff is highly contagious so make sure there is a lot of hand washing, separate laundry, bleach disinfecting, etc.. When he is feeling better eating oatmeal, applesauce and other “prebiotic” foods along with probiotics like Kefir and yogurts help. I also took Align probiotic for several months. Hope this helps. Prayers to your Dad.

  5. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    OH NO!! How can something that supposed to help you hurt you so badly?? I am so very sorry this has happened to your dad. Please know you all are in my prayers and I am only a phone call away if you need anything, anytime.

  6. I agree with the comment from Tag.
    Six months after my dad died following a cdiff infection, I took a simple amoxicillin prescription prior to a root canal. I had the cdiff infection in my system and the amoxicillin killed off all the good bacteria. I was then hospitalized for a week suffering from cdiff. It is a miserable sickness, prayers for your dad and family.

  7. kathy olson says:

    Praying for your dad.
    Coral is your color. It looks great.

  8. Kathleen says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I always enjoy the pictures and stories about your family, especially your Dad and his garden.

  9. Roxanne says:

    Rhoda, I will pray for your sweet daddy that he is completely healed. C Diff is a terrible problem. I ended up twice in the hospital due to antibiotics. It is horrible. My doctor also told me to take a probiotic every day for the rest of my life. We all love your parents like they are our own.

  10. Praying for your Daddy. I am so surprised he got C-Diff because he is such a healthy man and hasn’t been sick before. It is easily picked up in nursing homes and hospital. I do not touch the bed rails of anyone in the hospital or nursing home I go to see now. My Mother had a very bad case of C-Diff due to continuous use of antibiotics because of her UTI’S. Be diligent about keeping your hands washed when you go to visit and after you leave the hospital. By the way, I love this top!

  11. Also praying for your daddy! Mine is in Hospice care in the final stages of a 4 year long fight with bone cancer. It is SO hard to see your daddy be that ill when they are so vibrant in everyday life ! Best wishes and hugs for you and your family during this difficult time!

    Coral is definitely one of ” your” colors! Love those shoes- I am trending more and more toward attractive but very comfortable shoes and Aerosoles fits the bill!

    Take care and please know many people are thinking of you!

  12. Will continue to keep your sweet daddy in prayer my friend. As you know, I too contracted C-Diff after antibiotic use for what I was told was chronic sinus infections. Turns out I had a SEVERE dust mite allergy!!! Once I made changes to our home and took the necessary “natural” allergies fighting supplements they all but disappeared, but not before C-Diff did a number on my immune system. My doctors believe that was the trigger for all my gut health issues (including my gluten sensitivity). Antibiotics should only be taken when absolutely necessary, and you are so right…with probiotics!! I take one daily regardless. Kombucha is great, as are certain yogurts, but most really need a supplement and it is best to rotate them every couple months or your body just gets used to it.

    • Good advice, Lauren, and I hate that you had to go through this too. Most people probably have no idea what c diff is, just like our family did not. It’s appalling to me that doctors hand out antibiotics like candy!

  13. Beautiful outfit and you wear it so well. Oh my goodness! My husband has been telling me to take probiotics and after hearing this I will. Sending prayers or a full recovery for your dad. He’s a strong man and will all of your care, he will be getting back to his self. I never heard of c diff.

  14. Praying for your dad!

    I like your outfit, and thanks for the info on your shoes. I’ve been looking for a nice tan shoe, so I guess I check out Wal-Mart!

    I really like your jewelry!

  15. Patti Osmus says:

    I’ve been a reader for about 5 yrs. now and love seeing pics and stories of your parents! Your dad reminds me of my PaPa(still miss him after 40 years) – tall, strong, and somewhat of the silent type. Hope he recovers soon – prayers for your family.

  16. Probiotics are a good thing to take even if you are not on antibiotics. I even give them to my dog! My grandfather had C-Dif years ago. I hope your dad is doing much better and home soon!

  17. Oh Rhoda, it just breaks my heart to hear about your Daddy. I have 3 friends that got C-diff and it is very serious. I am glad they figured it out. I did not know this but found out from a friend whose mother was on antibiotics for an infection and she became quite confused and even delirious, that sometimes older patients will get that way when on antibiotics just a little fyi, I had no idea. Looks like these crazy antibiotics are a necessary evil aren’t they. I am praying for him and his medical team and all of you that are giving him loving care.

  18. Melesa Garrison says:

    I have never heard of c diff, but definitely praying for your sweet Dad. I do know that sometimes the side effects of meds is sometimes worse than the original problem. You look like you are losing weight…Take care and eat, you are too beautiful to blow away! Lol

  19. I am so very sorry to hear about your dad, and, yes, you are so right that doctors don’t inform their patients more on the side effects of antibiotics… C-diff is a very serious thing! I take a probiotic every day and have Greek plain yogurt daily as well and have for years as recommended by a doctor to me years ago. I have seen a huge difference in boosting my immune system, and rarely have a cold now or allergies….and they are hugely important when you are on an antibiotic….Doctors need to give this info more frequently!….I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers as well as you and your family… Take care of yourself as well, and also your mom….keep her hydrated, eating and as rested as possible!

  20. PS Wishing him a Happy 90th Birthday as well!

  21. I had never heard of c diff until now. It’s nothing to fool around with. I’m so sorry your family has to deal with it. Prayers continue to come your way.

  22. I am so sorry that your dad is going through this. Praying for him and your mom. You look lovely btw.

  23. Theresa Ball says:

    Your Daddy has always reminded me of mine. I am sending good wishes to him for a full recovery, albeit slow but full. Your family is in the palm of God’s hands, supporting you all through this time.

  24. You have such a nice community of people here, Rhoda! Even though I am a nurse, I have learned a lot just reading through everyone’s comments about c diff! I came to your page hoping to hear good news about your daddy this morning. Sending continued prayers. I have SO enjoyed the pictures and articles you’ve done on your family through the years. Hope you have a great weekend with family, even in the midst of this difficult time. Sending prayers and love!

  25. Dear Rhoda: My mother in law is 95, living at home alone, and she is just getting over C diff as well. She is slowly getting better but is still very weak so I think your Dad has a good chance of getting better. Here’s the thing, they (medical personnel) told the family to wipe down the entire house with a bleach solution because it is contagious, I am concerned about your Mom and all of you, so please consider doing this as a precaution. Apparently it is prevalent in nursing homes due to the elderly
    population. You all are in my prayers, hang in there girl.

  26. Susan Hughes says:

    I am so sorry that your father is going through this. Your dad and your family will be in our daily prayers. I was always looking forward to posts about your father and his garden. I hope he is able to return to his garden soon. Please keep us posted as we are all attached to your parents. Blessings, Susan Hughes

  27. Oh gosh, Rhoda. Had no idea your Dad has c.diff. I hope it was diagnosed very early, as that is the best scenario for wiping it out the first time w/no relapse. I had it after taking Clindamycin for a dental infection. That one is NOTORIOUS for giving rise to c.diff., so everyone should be aware of that. It doesn’t “give” it to you; you’ve already been exposed to c.diff. somewhere along the line, and it is in your gut. While the offending antibiotic kills all the good gut bacteria that keep the c.diff. in check, it will not kill the c.diff., leaving it to basically take over the gut. C.diff. is just one example of the “super bugs” that we have allowed to proliferate by demanding antibiotics for every little ailment. (Antibiotics for the COMMON COLD, anyone?) It’s horrible stuff, but your Dad can beat it. I’m sending up prayers for his strength, and for the family watching over him, too.

    • Jane, thank you for chiming in on this as our family had no clue about any of this. We do now! I too think it’s crazy how many antibiotics are being handed out these days. I think I’ve had antibiotics maybe 2 times in my life and I don’t ever plan to take them again unless there’s a really, really good reason. This is not something that the average person may even know, so I hope this discussion helps to educate someone else reading my blog, like it has for us. Knowledge is everything!

  28. Rhoda, hoping that your daddy finds his good health again soon. I had never heard of it and will certainly pay more attention. I wanted to give you more encouragement about the after care at rehab to get him mobile again. My 86 year old mom got really weak from a bleeding ulcer she did not know she had. She had to have blood transfusions and more. She went from the hospital to a rehab hospital. In 9 days, she went from so weak she could not get out of bed by herself to getting around quite well with her walker, of course. The rehab can be so good. I hope your dad can have the same result. Prayers!

  29. Ann Werries says:

    Dear Rhoda and family,
    I will keep your family and your sweet dad in my prayers …you are doing a service for all your readers to share info on c diff. I’ve known about it for years, and thus avoid antibiotics unless ABSOLUTELY necessary…. Probiotics are quite helpful but more importantly we all need to be knowledgeable about the risks. Shame on doctors who don’t inform us of the risks. Praying for a good outcome for your dad soon, and that he will regain his strength to enjoy his 90th year. Again, thanks for educating about the dangers of antibiotics (yes, and they do have good uses too) through your blog.

    • Thank you, Ann, I am glad I can share this information on my blog so maybe someone else can learn the truth about antibiotics and the dangers they can have for this particular scenario.

  30. Oh no Rhoda. I will be in prayer everyday for your sweet family. Oh to know all these important things that we should have been told about before hand. So many families go through things like this and then we find out. Sometimes to late. Thankfully your family knew so you could get him the help he needed I am going to be praying for your mother also. Bless her heart I know she must have some concerns right now. You prayed for my daughter one time Rhoda when I ask if you would and now I will pray for your family. I know seeing his sweet grand daughter will lift his spirits. Over the years you have blessed a LOT of readers and from coast to coast I have a feeling you have a lot of ladies out there and probably a few men as well who are praying for you and your family and I hope this brings all of you some comfort. To so many you have been a blessing and now hopefully so many will be a blessing back to you. Xoxo

    • And by the way I loved your coral it is a pretty summer outfit on you the color agrees with you. Very casual and pretty.

    • Hi, Carole, I do remember when you wrote me about your daughter, I trust that things are better for her. Thank you so much, the outpouring of care and support from all of you is blessing my family so much. I’ve told them all that so many people are praying for daddy and are concerned about him. So thank you for that! He’s a little perkier today, so we see some improvement!

  31. Bonnie E says:

    OMG Rhoda….I am so sorry! I know your family must be in a panic. So glad your Dad is going to be ok. Sounds really scary but I will be praying along with everyone else. My Mom’s blood pressure went really low one day in the beauty shop area of the nursing home & they couldn’t get her to respond. She was fine after they did tests on her in hospital…..just a urinary tract infection but scared us to death. Her young cute doctor told me sometimes the nursing home nurses can’t wake them up when they are just asleep so they call for an ambulance but I am glad they did anyway. You never know when the are 91. You look great in your outfit! Please keep us posted on your Dad. We all love him. 🙂

    • Thank you, Bonnie, he may be in the hospital for a few more days, we will see how he progresses. We’re seeing some improvement today, so hoping each day brings more. This really knocked him for a loop!

  32. Linda Miller says:

    Haven’t been on line or read your blog for a long time. Have been dealing with structural problems with my home where I had to move my household goods and myself out of the house for three weeks and then move back into a giant mess!
    So was reading a few of your posts and haven’t seen or read anything about the fellow you were dating. Is he still in your life or not?I’m single and understand, more than ever,that relationships aren’t easy at this time in our lives. Just checking to make sure you are ok.
    Charlotte, NC

  33. diane in northern wis says:

    Thanks for a look at your cute clothes, Rhoda.
    Please know that I’m sending up many prayers for your dear dad these days. May he get stronger and mend well so he can get out of the hospital and go back home soon. God Bless him.

  34. My husband came very near to death due to C-diff and a Staph infection. After an 11 day hospital stay with vancomycin, we found an amazing infectious disease doctor who only treats patients in ICU. My husband had 6 doctors on his case and it wasn’t until this doctor came on the scene that he began to improve. One of the most potent and critical components of recovery that his doctor prescribed was Saccharomyces boulardii probiotics. After 2 days on these probiotics, my husband’s diarrhea stopped, his strength and appetite returned and he finally began to feel more normal. My husband has taken these probiotics everyday since his C-diff episode (6 years ago) and has never had another problem. We buy the Jarrow Formula at our health food store and I know you can order it online. I would encourage you and your family to seek out measures to Build up your dad’s gut…I will pray for his complete and swift recovery.

    • Thank you, Rhonda, all of this is very helpful. I just can’t believe how many people this has touched who read my blog, so that tells me it’s rampant out there and we had never heard of it. Thanks for these recommendations, we definitely are going to keep him full of probiotics once he gets home too, a must now!

  35. Nurse Nancy says:

    I’m a nurse, I know too many antibiotics are handed out and when you said in the gardening article Dad had “cough and cold” and got prescribed antibiotics, my heart sank. But in defense of the Dr, he or she might have thought well he’s almost 90 and wouldn’t it be terrible if this developed into pneumonia, so…. And there you go. It’s not malicious. And as common as c Diff and antibiotics and probiotics are, you would think Drs and pharmacists would all prescribe all wonderfully like we would want but they don’t. It’s higher cost, insurance, patients arguing with them, the Press Ganey Scores, the low percentage of people that have problems, it’s complicated. Anyway, back to basics, c Diff requires lots of soap and water handwashing, the alcohol hand cleanser is not effective with c Diff. It could go on a long time so everyone has to be careful. There is a common antibiotic that is related to Achilles’ tendon rupture. Another that is very sedating and actually causes falls and accidents. For every day in the hospital there is a certain number of days recommended in rehab. Maybe 1:3? I’m not sure, but there is the high chance of contracting MRSA in the hospital and rehab, there is no end to the complications. It’s bettter to avoid Drs and hospitals and any medications. I do hope and pray your Dad gets well fast and be careful with your Mom and the baby girls.

    • HI, Nancy, the more information I hear about all of this, the scarier it is. We did not sign up for any of this, so I’m still frustrated with his doctor for being lax about the warnings of what could happen. Now it’s affecting all of us so that we can get dad better and home where he belongs. So not what we wanted for the summer of 2017. Thanks though for adding your comments to all of these. I’ve heard horrors about MRSA too,so hoping all of that stays at bay for us.

  36. Why do doctors not tell us about side effects or possible problems when they prescribe medications? And sometimes if we ask they’re either reluctant to tell us or, incredibly, don’t know. I’m keeping your precious dad, you and your family in my prayers and you’ve all been added to the prayer line at my Church.

  37. As a registered nurse of 25 plus years, I wish you would stop laying the blame on the doctor. Your father had clostridium difficele latent in his system and the use of the antibiotics “woke” up the the infection. No one signs up for illness. I have lost 80 percent of my vision and am now on disability due to an occipital lobe stroke. I certainly didn’t sign up for that, nor did I have any of the risk factors. Sometimes, things just happen. Your parents are elderly and as we age, generally our health declines. You are not a medical professional and encouraging people to not take antibiotics or to take probiotics without speaking with their physician is a slippery slope. I pray to God, that everyone caring for your father is gowning and gloving up prior to entering your father’s hospital room and washing their hands well with soap and water before leaving the room. in my opinion, the worst thing that could happen would be for your mom or your nieces to become infected. I would be shocked if the hospital allowed those little girls to even enter the room. C. diff is not uncommon. When I was nursing (six months ago), I generally had at least one to two patients a week with it.

    • HI, Laura, thank you for sharing your situation. My beef with the doctors in this is that they don’t always warn of the dangerous side effects of taking antibiotics. No, I’m not a health care professional, this is my observation from watching this unfold in my own family. I will definitely still tell people to take probiotics as my family is going to do from now on. I still think this could have been avoided with better information given to my dad, so that is what upsets me the most. This could change the future of his health for the rest of his life and I totally think it could have been avoided. Now from what I’m reading and hearing from people this is rampant across our country, this c diff infection and I just find that appalling. We have all been exposed at this point and Lauren will be here tomorrow, but those baby girls will not be visiting my dad at all. I hope and pray that none of us get it either.

  38. stacey avelar says:

    So many folks think antibiotics are a magic bullet. When I was teaching, parents would be mad about not getting prescriptions for colds. So many parents can’t afford to have sick kids because of work. I have seen less antibiotic prescribing due to all the side effects and the increase in antibiotic resistance. At 90, your body is not going to metabolize medications like you could at 20, 30 or 40. In my experience, older folks suffer more side effects. This is why it is so important to ask lots of questions and to have a family member at doctor visits. Also ask the pharmacist about interactions and side effects. Probiotics, yogurt, kefir, or kombucha are all good, and antibiotics are a god send, but we have to remember to be proactive and informed.
    PS I call kombucha hippie moonshine.

  39. As a nurse let me chime in about one more thing to worry about where your dad is concerned. Please make sure the nurses are checking his bottom at least twice a day. The constant diarrhea could cause his peri area to breakdown. In his weakened condition this could quickly create a wound which could continue to cause another set of problems. A cream with zinc would help to protect his bottom and of course keeping him very clean. As his daughter this is not something you are going to look at and check and therefore it must be his nurses who keep a check on this. Don’t be shy about asking the nurse if he has breakdown on his peri area, and if so make sure he sees a wound care nurse (a nurse who specializes in wound care). Also the hand sanitizers we all carry in our purses will not kill the c-diff only soap and water will do the trick. I will keep your daddy in my prayers.

  40. My thoughts and prayers for your precious Dad and your family. My Mother had C Diff and it was virulent. It also spreads very easily so please take all precautions for your family, especially your dear Mom and grand nieces. I agree with the comments on being aware of a UTI developing. If either of your parents begins to talk or act strangely, have them checked for a UTI. Sometimes you have to beg the doctor to order a urine culture. I don’t understand why because this is a common problem in the elderly. My Mother was admitted to geriatric psychiatric wards twice because I couldn’t get a doctor to order a culture. Once diagnosed with and treated for a UTI, she improved immediately.
    I was the caregiver for both of my parents. If I can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  41. Praying for your sweet dad. Lord we lift this dear dear man before you. We know you are the great physician and we also have the faith as we ask for his miraculous healing. We ask for the angels to encamp around him. God cause the good bacteria to multiply so quickly so he has no more suffering. Lord we ask for your hand and healing to restore his health to him and everything the enemy has tried to rob, steak and destroy. Be with his wife and cause her to have perfect peace and may she sense your presence. We ask for this miracle and we know you are the God of miracles. Jesus we praise your holy name and we give you all glory as this man gets to go home early. Thank you for wisdom for the doctors who are taking care of him. Thank you Jesus.

  42. KittyLuvr says:

    Praying for your dad’s health to continue to improve with no traces of C Diff in your dad or other family members. Also, I wanted to let you know that I learned that C Wonder clothing and accessories are now being sold on QVC! I had no idea and am not a QVC shopper; but a co-worker lives near the QVC headquarters in PA and she just told me this! She continues to buy the cutest items but now from QVC..prices are comparable to what we paid in the store…just no sale prices…sadly.

  43. I’m so sorry that your dad is in poor health and am praying he is well and home from hospital soon. Such a very difficult time for your family but I’m sure all the support and love will help you all.

    [Love the top and pants as well!]

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