Fashion over 50: Leopard Vest on Repeat

Hi, friends!  I hope you don’t mind a repeat.  In fact, most of my fashion shares are repeats, because I’m not a fashion blogger who always gets new clothes, so you get to see how I style things in different ways with my clothes through the seasons.  I hardly ever wear them the same way twice and love to mix things up. So, today I’m sharing that leopard vest I posted recently (that SO many of you already bought, thank you!) and I’m styling it differently today.

I’m so glad I bought this vest, because it’s so versatile for the Winter months and I know I’ll have fun with it this year.  Darn, I just checked and it’s all sold out now, so if you didn’t get it, it’s gone I’m afraid. Sometimes they restock things, so I’ll keep the link up just in case.  It was a great price, so I’m not surprised it sold out.

I paired it with some ivory Hue “denim” leggings which are not denim but heavy cotton/spandex but are thicker and not thin like tights.  Notice I cover these up and only a small part of these show, because I would never wear these with anything really short. They are very tight and form fitting and I treat them as such and only show a small part of them. But I love how leggings look with long tunics and boots and they tuck in boots so nicely.

I’m pretty sure these are the same ivory Hue leggings  (affiliate link) I have. I also found white at Nordstrom, but I like winter white better for Winter, of course.  There are a couple of legging options below in an ivory shade too.

This tunic top I’ve had for several seasons and it’s from a really good sale I found at C Wonder. I think they are back in business now, but only limited items. I’ve really enjoyed this tunic, which is probably really a dress.  Shorter dresses are perfect as tunics on us girls who want to wear leggings and boots with them.

It mixes well with the vest since it’s a small print houndstooth in gray and white. I love this vest because the faux fur collar comes off if you don’t want to wear it and I feel really stylish and chic in it!

These boots I’ve had for several seasons now too and they are by Volatile. Wish they were still around, because they have been great boots and I’ve so enjoyed them. They are a gray/taupe color and look good with so many things. I’ve linked a few similar pair below.

Mark and I had a fun weekend out.  Since I’ve been recuperating from shingles, I haven’t really done all that much the last couple of weeks. I’ve been a major home body.  Finally getting better and feeling better every day.  So, it was fun to get dressed up and go out on a date.

Mark took me to the Marietta Pilgrimage tour of homes which we have done for the last 2 Christmas seasons (that was our first “real” date, going to the candlelight tour of homes in Marietta), so it’s definitely something we look forward to.

This was to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of when we met, 4 months married, and my birthday which is TODAY!  It was a very fun night out and we both enjoyed it.  Mark is under the weather too, with cold symptoms so neither of us were at our peak, but we ate out at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in West Cobb, Vincent’s and it was delicious once again. We always enjoy meals there!

Here’s a peek at the jewelry I had on.  I layered these 2 necklaces and bracelets which most all came from the Atlanta Mart. I love those stretchy beaded bracelets to stack.  Those earrings were a find in High Point earlier this year.

Here are some similar options I found for boots, jewelry, leggings and the the vest I’m wearing. Thanks as always for stopping by!  I share similar things and if you buy through my link, I get a small commission so thanks for those who do shop with me, I appreciate it. And I know that many of you enjoy seeing what I’m wearing and what I have in my house and like to have links for the same or similar items.  I try to find things that are affordable since that’s how I shop myself!






- Rhoda


  1. Andrea Corley says:

    I am bummed that the vest is sold out 🙁 but you look great in it. Happy belated birthday. Also so sorry to hear about you having shingles. I hope that has not kept you from being with you dad….. how is he by the way! Let’s plan a day while I am on vac.

  2. Happy Birthday and anniversary. I love any animal print, I think it is so timeless when worn right. Blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday, Rhoda!
    What a special occasion to celebrate your first date too! I remember when you first started hinting in your blog at meeting someone very special. So, so happy for you and Mark!

  4. Great ensemble! I wear short dresses as tunics with leggings, too, and have even had some dresses in my closet shortened sand now wear them as tunics! For long-legged and long-waisted chicks like me, it’s a great way to get more wear out of dresses that fell out of rotation but that I had not yet let go to friends or otherwise donated. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Rhoda! You look great wearing that vest. Really like that look. Glad you are feeling better with the shingles.

  6. Happy birthday Rhoda. You both look so happy in that picture.

  7. Happy Birthday and congrats on meeting the love of your life. Love reading your blog and reading about your family. I know you and your husband love dogs and me too. IAM a big animal lover. Just a note ….you can read on line that some of the fake fur that they put on clothes is from dogs fur. Shocking but true. So sad. Just thought you and your readers might like to know.

  8. Lynn Rodgers says:

    Happy Birthday! You and my 92 year old daddy share a birthday. Hope your day is special, because you are!

  9. Happy birthday to you! I hope it’s a fun and blessed day!

  10. Debra Schramm says:

    Happy happy birthday! I ate at Vincent’s several years ago and it was very good. Have you tried West Cobb Diner? It’s my favorite now. We go when we come up to visit our granddaughters.

    • HI, Debra, yes I love West Cobb Diner too. Now we are further away from that area so don’t get over there as often.

  11. Happy birthday. You are just glowing with happiness! Two of my favorite bloggers (you and Susan from Between Naps on the Porch) went on the house tour and I didn’t see either one of you. So sad, but it was a wonderful tour.

  12. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Happy Birthday Rhoda and Happy Anniversary to you both. I’m so glad you had a wonderful dinner and evening out and so hope you’ll both be back to healthy soon so that you can enjoy the holidays!

  13. Tommie Arbeau says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your blogs so much and I love the outfit!

  14. Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Your blog is one of my favorites!

  15. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Happy Birthday Rhoda! Very nice outfit! Glad that you are starting to feel better!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy birthday!!!
    You look happy and beautiful

  18. Betty Lawrence says:

    Happy Birthday! 🎂

  19. Happy birthday and anniversary. Hope you and Mark get to feeling better real soon. l love your ensemble, thanks for showing different ways to style a garment.

  20. Angela Coffey says:

    Rhoda, good seeing you at the Pilgrimage at Pat’s house. You looked so cute in your outfit. Hope you’re on the mend and over the worst of your shingles.

    • Hey, Angela, it was so nice to see you too! Always great to catch up and thank you so much! I’m doing so much better now.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Im glad to read you are getting better from the shingles. No fun at anytime, but especially this busy time of year. I hope it goes away soon. That outfit looks great on you! Oh, and you share my daughter in law’s bday today! Special ppl born today 💗

  22. Happy birthday to youuu!

  23. You are not only beautiful and talented, but very classy in your style! Love your blog! And you! Happy belated Birthday!

  24. Probably one of my most favorite outfits ever. Soooo bummed that the vest is sold out. So stylish! Love your posts. You have a great, classic style that is fresh and modern. Thank you for sharing!

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