Fashion over 50: Loft Sale!

Before I get started on this fashion post, let me just tell you what I’ve been bingeing on this weekend.  We had some snow/ice so it was the perfect time to start a new show. I had heard a lot about This Is Us on Facebook and so I checked it out and as soon as I watched the first episode, I was hooked. Have you seen this new show?  I have finished the entire 1st season (could hardly wait til the next episode) and will be ready to start the 2nd one, which just began again last night.  It’s SO GOOD!  I don’t usually go on and on about new TV shows, but this one…it’s worth a look.  The characters are just so developed and interesting.  What do you think if you’ve watched it?

I’ll be honest, it’s been a real slow start to the New Year for me.  I caught a cold/crud thing around January 1st  and have been dealing with that for a week or so. I’m slowly getting my energy back and starting to feel back to normal, but combine that with the end of the year doldrums that always seem to happen for me after Christmas is over and it’s a pretty slow time.  We had snow over the weekend and I just haven’t even been out that much lately, so today I’m sharing a few finds I bought online recently.  I seem to shop online more and more these days and love having them ship to my house to try on.  See what happens when you are home shopping in your pjs?!  This is a major deal alert!

Do you get emails that entice you to click them? All the time, right?  This one from Loft about their 60% off sale got me and when I clicked over to their Sale items, I got caught up in the moment and thought, yes self, you need a few more tops to add to the winter wardrobe. I had some Christmas money to spend anyway.  I love sweaters and cozy tops and these are going to be really nice for the next couple of months and they were really marked down, so how could I resist?  When I find good deals, I like to share them with all of YOU!

I’m sharing the 3 things I bought and at the bottom, there are a few more things on the Sale page that caught my eye.  They are majorly marked down this time of year!  I’ve always liked the quality of Loft clothing.


This seamed turtleneck (affiliate link) long sleeve top in this luscious berry color made me want to buy it, so I did.  Hard to resist this color for me!  It will make me feel like spring is right around the corner.  I’ll wear this with black or white pants.  At $22, it was a no brainer!


I seem to have a thing for gray lately too and this Paisley Embroidered knit top (affiliate link) called my name and at $18, was a great deal. It will be nice with black pants or my dark gray High Rise Rockstar (affiliate link) jeans from Old Navy I shared with you. I love these in between seasons tops that can be worn most anytime.


It probably won’t come as a surprise that I added more dark and white to my wardrobe. This is actually dark navy instead of black, I seem to gravitate to this combo every single time.  This is the Petite Plaid Peasant Blouse (affiliate link).  I think this will be fun for spring, summer or fall with my white pants and can be dressed up or down and at $11.95, was such a great deal.

I’ve had good luck with Loft clothing over the years and they have some great sales going on now, so it might be a good time to browse. Just wanted to share these with  you and let you know the deals I got! Just note that a lot of sizes are sold out, so you may find something or not. I ordered Smalls in all of mine.

I’ll be sure and share these when I get them in and let you know how they worked out. Take a look at these sale items and see if there’s anything you can’t live without, like me!

- Rhoda


  1. Jessica Wilson says:

    This is the first show in the past 10 years that I will watch regularly. It is written and presented with real family life dynamics of ups and downs, forgiveness and grace and so far they have done it in a classy way. And boy do they know how to keep your interest at all times. Wish there were at least a few more shows like this to give us some hope that the direction TV has gone in the past several years might change for the better.

    • I agree, Jessica! I haven’t been this excited about a show in forever. Seems like nothing good is on anymore and I had about given up on prime time TV.

  2. Just did the This Is Us binge watch over the weekend in our blizzard. Absolutely love it, and so upset with myself that I fell asleep before it came on last night. Hopefully it will be up on the NBC app so I can see it before I hear about Toby. My sister started telling me about it after the first episode in September, but said I couldn’t start in the middle, had to start at episode 1. So glad I finally listened to her! And I love your Loft picks, can’t wait to see how you style them.

    • HI, Mary Ann, yes you definitely have to watch from the first show. I was hooked after that first one and had seen so many people talking about it. Our snow/ice weekend was the perfect time to catch up and I watched last night’s episode already too. Such a good show!

  3. I binged watched that same show! I love it! I actually cried during a few episodes!

  4. Rhoda, I thought of you when I popped into Dollar Tree yesterday for storage containers (my project at the moment is sorting through hundreds of slides my dad took of us in the 50s and 60s to convert to DVD). Anyhow, DT had beautiful stemmed glassware in your favorite shade of green! For $1.00! They also had fabric napkins in an April Cornell-ish pattern of green, red, orange, and blue. I have room to store more napkins so I got 8, but alas had to leave those glasses behind. We’ve been binging watching Foyles War on Netflix. British detective drama set in a charming English village during WWII. Great scripts and beautiful scenery. Nine seasons and each show is 90 minutes. Did get distracted Monday watching my Clemson Tigers win the National Championship!!

    • Hey, Roxanne, thanks for the alert. I have no more room for glasses either! I don’t have Netflix yet, but that sounds like a great show. Congrats to your Tigers, I was rooting for my Bama team, but they didn’t pull it off this year.

  5. Hi Rhoda…I watched the first return show on cable last night from “This is Us”. My daughter alerted me it was coming back on. She watches it the next night on Hulu or Netflix. When we were at the lake, we had no cable after awhile & just lived off Netflix, Hulu, & local channels and I didn’t miss cable at all. I have to watch “Nashville” on Hulu the next day as we don’t have CMT channel cable. We do have Roku on both TV’s. On Hulu & Netflix the shows are added the next day if you like to watch weekly. Loft is a great petite shopping store I love I bought 2 real cute tops for really nothing at their sale. Love that! Love what you picked out too. Hope you are feeling better! Enjoy your shows!

  6. Rhoda……. Just for your Info: The Roku are for sale at Wal-Mart now & low as 29.99. We added one on the back bedroom tv during the snow as we lost the other one in the move here. Easy to set up , then just you can watch all your shows anytime you want after signing up for Netflix or Hulu or both. I do house work with Pandora on to listen to music. ha! 🙂

    • Thanks, Bonnie, maybe I’ll get Netflix one day. I have Direct TV so a bunch of channels I don’t watch all the time, but I got a pretty reasonable deal.

  7. I have heard so much about that show. I will start watching and try to catch up. Your fashion post is great-if you are a tiny person like you-but I am not. I would love it if you could do a fashion post that would work for some of us girls with a little more “fluff”, if you get my drift. Meanwhile, count your lucky genes that you are able to wear and look great in so many styles!!

  8. Melesa Garrison says:

    Rhoda, I *LOVE* This is us! I watched the first episode by accident and then last weekend was the This is us marathon. I watched about 8 hrs throughout the day, doing laundry and a few other inside jobs. Last night I watched the new one…It’s my new favorite show!
    You will look so great in the coral turtleneck sweater. I’m not a turtleneck person, but I love coral.
    Have a great HUMP Day!

  9. Crystal Tingle says:

    I am so excited about This Is Us, I am asking strangers if they have watched this show.LOL I could not wait until last night to for the mid-season to start. I love these characters and feel like they are in my life now. lol
    I love your blog and enjoy visiting with you each day. Praying you have a great year.

  10. I just finished catching up on “This is Us” such an amazing show!!!….I ordered that plaid blouse….it was cute, but must say you have to order a couple of sizes down as it is very full cut … Love Loft!

  11. Harriet McMillan says:

    I love This Is Us. I started watching it this fall. Great show!

  12. How do you watch This Is US back episodes? I have Netflix, or do you download the NBC app? I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon.

    • HI, Lauren, I watched the first 4 episodes on NBC online and then I had to sign in through my TV network, Direct to watch the rest. I also have On Demand through my provider and you can watch it there too. They are all On Demand. It’s so good!

    • This Is Us is on hulu!

  13. hope you are feeling better. i love this is us.

  14. I recently started shopping at Loft again. I caught a bunch of sales over the holiday and purchased several of their Lou and Grey (usually too expensive for me) clothing. Even my teenage daughters love their clothes. I’ve heard a lot about This Is Us and I think I’ll start watching.

  15. I am normally not a watch of ‘network’ television. However, I binged watched Parenthood after it had it’s run on TV and heard This is Us is the new Parenthood. Am not disappointed! This is Us is some of the best TV around. Love it!!!

  16. Rhoda, I love the show “This is us”. Just got my husband hooked so we’re all caugh-up with the episodes! Love watching them marathon style! Great story, excellent acting and yes, the characters are very well-developed. I haven’t been this excited about a show in a long time! Great cloths picks! I’ve never shopped at the Loft. The weather has been crazy here in Michigan. One day it’s 8 degrees and then several days laters it’s in the 50’s with thunderstorms!

    • Sandy, our weather has been crazy too. Snow and ice last weekend and around 70 this weekend. No wonder we are all sick-ish.

  17. Diane Taylor says:

    Hands down, This is US is one of the best shows on TV. I have cried during every episode! It’s like the new “Parenthood” for me! I also love the new show Designated Survivor (hello Kiefer Sutherland!)

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