Fashion over 50: Off the Shoulder Top

Hi, friends!  I’m back with Fashion over 50 today with a repeat from  last year. This is a cute, cute cold shoulder top that I got from Glamour Farms last year when I was working with them regularly. We aren’t doing anything right now, so I don’t have any codes for you, but this is probably my most fave top I got from them.  It’s such a pretty color and how could I NOT pose in front of my gorgeous hydrangeas in this color?  I met one of my girlfriends out for dinner and it was fun to dress up a little.

It has tiny straps and elastic that holds things in place, but even with no straps it would be fine.  I do like these kinds of tops and may have to get another one this year.  I’ve really enjoyed this one with the lace detail and the color is exquisite.

Shoes I’ve shown before too and they came from TJ Maxx last year.  I’ve enjoyed them as well and they are a great mix with neutrals.

This pair looks almost just like mine:  Neiman Marcus Esmie (affiliate link), warning they are pricey, way more pricey than I paid. 

Here’s a similar pair of shoes:  Vince Camuto Leddy (affiliate link)

I wore some simple gold tone jewelry to finish it off.

So, have you tried off the shoulder tops yet?  I totally think they are fine for women over 50 and 60.  Why not show off your shoulders if they are still looking pretty good?  That’s one spot that seems to age more slowly, I think.

Here are a few off the shoulder tops (and 2 shoes again) I’ve spotted that might be a good fit for you!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow your hydrangeas are beautiful! That top is very pretty as well. I have a few off the shoulder tops and I’m in the 50-60 range as well. Do you have a favorite strapless bra you can recommend?

    • HI, Gina, I have a padded strapless that I think I bought from Kohls, it’s by Warners and it does stay up very well.

  2. Andrea G Corley says:

    You look great in that color. I like the top because it covers fat arms but shows off shoulders. Cute!!!!

  3. Love that top on you!! I would love to find an off the shoulder top or two with the straps like yours. So much more comfortable that way. 🙂

  4. I think they are fine as long as they are not pulled down too far. I see women wearing them and I do not like to see the “crack” (LOL) where the arm meets your body – if that makes sense – or their chest! I also think if you wear them you need to be aware of how your strapless bra looks (or makes your chest look). Too many times I have seen a drooping chest – which is not flattering at any age. I think a well fitting bra is one thing that helps us look better as we age.

  5. What a darling top. And, your hydrangeas are gorgeous!!

  6. That top is very pretty and looks great on you. And such a pretty shade of blue!

  7. Shirley Foulk says:

    BEAUTIFUL top Rhoda – and especially lovely pic of you in front of your hydrangeas.

  8. I think I’m getting the courage to do this this summe. I am almost 60 and since you’ve been showing them off this spring , it’s made me want one. So I am looking for just the right one to wear to the gulf. Everything is a go down there so I thought I would try one out there to check it out.

  9. Love, love, love!

  10. For me personally I am not a big fan of the off shoulder. However I did purchase a dress from Jcrew for an event but will not wear it bare shouldered, will let it sit on top of my shoulders. It might be going back if it doesn’t work out the way I see it in my head. I think on under 40s they look cute, but I think they have been done to death, IMHO. I have become frustrated when looking for tops at how many are off the shoulder, I just want a cute top nothing off the shoulder for me.

  11. gayle olson says:

    I think the black top you wore last week is so much more flattering to your chest area. Look at the difference in the level of your breasts in the 2 pics. You are so pretty and thin, you can carry it off, but……

  12. Rhoda, thanks to your suggestion, I have bought my first cold shoulder top. Thanks!

  13. I bought my first cold shoulder top thanks to Rhoda, too. It’s pink and cannot wait to wear it this summer. Also, I love your blue top pictured here–it’s stunning!

  14. Delana Qeseth says:

    I really like the look but I am concerned that men might confuse my naked shoulders for my bare breasts and become aroused by them. I guess that I could wear a sweater or a shrug over a blouse like that , but that would defeat the purpose. I’m not an exhibitionist like you ladies are. I am not one to entice with my bare body parts.

    • Exhibitionist, I don’t think so! That’s not exactly what these tops say at all, in my opinion, but if you don’t feel comfortable in them, then by all means don’t wear one.

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