Fashion over 50: Spring Casual for Mother’s Day

Can you believe this outfit on Sunday was the only day I really got dressed and out the door for the week?  Oh I dressed and went out other days, but it was yoga pants and workout gear, or just jeans and a casual shirt with sneakers the other days.  As I get further into Summer you may not see me getting that dressed up at all. I tend to be really casual during the summer months when the temps get hotter and hotter and they are already climbing this week to the lower 90’s which means we are in for a hot summer. This is the part I dread, I don’t do that well in heat and it completely wilts me and tires me out.

But, we did have a fantastic Mother’s Day as you saw yesterday.  I’ve shared this outfit before and it the top came from Thredup, that online consignment store I’ve shared a few times. It really is great for finding new brands that you might not have tried before.

We color coordinated our outfits so blue was the color of the day and I wore this checked aqua and white top that I got from Thredup.  The brand is Tasha Polizzi Collection and it has a tie in the back, making it a little bit baby doll style.  I’ve enjoyed it so far and wore it with my Kut from the Kloth (affiliate link) white jeans.

The shoes I got last summer at TJ Maxx (affiliate link) and you can shop online there now, did you know that?   This is a Vince Camuto pair (affiliate link) that is similar, so check it out if you like these wedges.

Holding baby Iris and enjoying the great outdoors in my sister’s backyard. It was a fun-filled family day and we loved it.

That’s it for this week!  As I’ve mentioned, I’m not constantly getting new clothes so you’ll just see me recycling all the old ones again and again.  Happy Wednesday!

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says:

    I am with you I HATE HEAT! Only place to be in the summer is in the POOL :).

    I love the aqua colors on you! Stay cool!

  2. precious pic of you and Iris.

  3. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    The picture of you and Iris is so special. True joy and love are all over the expression on your face. It’s definitely one to frame! All of your family Mother’s day pictures were just beautiful. And I did NOT know you could shop TJMaxx online. Headed there now!

  4. You look adorable in that outfit Rhoda!

  5. Not being able to constantly shop for new clothes is real life and is the reality for most of us. If you can show your wardrobe changed up with different accessories, etc that would be a real service to your readers! Since my retirement wardrobe IS mostly yoga pants and gym clothes, it’s hard to justify buying lots of new clothes. Yesterday I went to the gym and ran errands…just long enough for the car to get boiling hot inside at each stop. Ugh. Loved seeing you all color coordinated yesterday!

  6. The joy on your face in the picture with baby Iris is what speaks about you and your family! Love it!!!!

  7. Another keepsake picture! I am in AL and also really dislike the heat and humidity. I don’t do well in it either, but love being outside and enjoy gardening, so it is hard to stay inside. I never thought you looked wilted or worn out last awful summer (which lasted until NOV!) I kept wondering how your hair and makeup looked so good when you were at the outdoor concerts! Misery loves company, ?

  8. I love the outfit and the colors! I really love your necklace and earrings, too! Can you send us any close-up pictures of your earrings? They look very interesting. Thank you.

    • HI Sarah, those earrings I’ve had for a few years and they are just chunky turquoise pieces. The necklace I found at a yardsale years ago. I tend to hang on to my jewelry forever!

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