Fashion over 50: Summer Looks

Hi, y’all!  First, I want to wish my sweet mama a very Happy Birthday!  She turns 88 today and that is something to celebrate.

I’m back today with a couple more outfits for Fashion over 50. You’ve seen one of these before, the wrap dress I shared last year, but I thought it was worth another look.  I love summer and all the clothing that goes with it.  My wardrobe is pretty colorful for summer and coral, pink, turquoise  and green are my favorite colors to wear.

fashion over 50002

Sporting my curly summer hair, I wore this coral and white wrap dress from C Wonder to church a couple of weeks ago.  These are new espadrilles for summer, found at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite go to stores for fashion.  They were on clearance for $32 and the brand is Picon, made in Spain.  The style is Vaqueta Mandarina, but I couldn’t find them online for purchase.  I found them on the Picon site.  Too bad, because they are really comfortable shoes and I love the neutral tan leather for summer.

fashion over 50001

The wrap dress is fun to wear and these are casual for summer outings.  C Wonder went out of business and I got this dress at that sale for really cheap.  You can see the shoes really well here. They are very comfy and will be great with a lot of summer outfits.

fashion over 50004

Another new top I got recently is from Soft Surroundings. I’ve been working with them some this year and they sent me this top to try out.  It’s a beautiful shade of red!  I can’t remember which white jeans I had on, but they are probably the Kut from the Kloth Diana jeans that I’ve linked before.

Suzanna Jersey Top (affiliate link) from Soft Surroundings. 

White Jeans: Kut from the Kloth Diana (affiliate link)

Similar wedge shoes, these come in a tan/natural canvas color. (affiliate link)

Similar Vince Camuto wedge in tan (affiliate link)

fashion over 50005

This top is Suzanna Jersey Tee from Soft Surroundings.  It’s very soft and drapey and asymmetrical on either side.  Unfortunately, I can’t link to it online, it’s not on their website at the moment.

Jewelry is my standard gold jewelry that I wear a lot.

Thanks for stopping by Fashion over 50, hope you got some ideas this week!

- Rhoda


  1. Melanie says:

    Happy birthday, Iris!
    Concerning the last pic. I love that necklace. I have seen that style necklace worn with plain, solid tops, and it works! It looks great with your outfit, and I recently saw someone with an oversize or long navy blue solid tee and white pants and a necklace like that. I made a note to self that that is a good look.

    • Thank you, Melanie! That gold tassel necklace is from Premier Jewelry and is well over 20 years old. It’s definitely a classic. I see tassel necklaces are popular all over again.

      • Melanie says:

        Cool! Did not realize it was not new!!

      • Red/coral are really your color, you look vibrant.
        I just got a gold tassel necklace from Penny’s in their jewelry sale section. They were handing out surprise discounts at the door. I got a $10 off $10 coupon and I ended up paying about 70 cents for it!

  2. Love the dress and the red top…..real winners !

  3. You look lovely, as usual.

    I’d like to discuss pantyhose and am hoping others will chime in! I know it’s pretty much been a fashion don’t for 20 or so years now, but I haaaate my bare legs. And frankly I hate most others’, too, when they are dressed up. A casual summer dress with bare legs is fine, but for dressier occasions I prefer pantyhose and am hoping this trend will finally come back. Apparently Princess Kate wears them so they have become popular over in England, but America is still resisting.

    I know they run easily and are expensive, but they look SO much better IMO. Legs are LONG and it’s LOT of bare skin to show. And most people do not have flawless legs with nary a freckle or vein or visible hair follicles (the dotted leg look, no matter how hairless). Stockings are cover up or foundation for legs and I am truly baffled as to why women eschew them. They are a great beauty tool!

    So, opinions???

    • HI, Kate, I know….I don’t love my bare legs either and usually wear longer dresses during summer. But, I hate pantyhose too. I guess I wore them so much back in the late 70’s and 80’s when I was working and had to get dressed up to go to work. Pantyhose everyday! Once the trend in ATL to go business casual and we didn’t wear dresses much anymore, the pantyhose came off and I didn’t look back. We don’t even get dressed up for church anymore, so the casual clothes thing is definitely the norm now. I’m not saying I would never wear pantyhose again. I think nude or black that are really sheer are pretty and still look good. But, for most occasions, I just don’t even think about pantyhose, especially in the summer months here in ATL. I didn’t even wear pantyhose for New Years Eve and I was in a long black dress. I definitely hear you though, I don’t love my bare legs all that much either, but I guess I deal with it. I do not like panty hose with open toed shoes at all!

    • On the subject of stockings and bare legs. I contacted a stylist that is well known for advice when my daughter received her grad for masters in December. I had red dress She said to buy nude in very ultra sheer. They r called nude something nowadays , can’t remember. Get really sheer ones and u can’t even see them. They look like your legs. I loved them.

      • Nude tights is the name nowadays. I uSe self tanner for summer on legs but in winter for special occasions the nude tights work. If you get a below 10 denier they r really ultra sheer and no spanx needed if u get control top.

        • I have 2 daughters, 27 and 29 and they do pull out the very sheer pantyhose for special occasions in the winter and will also wear black with black dresses (not opaque tights, but black pantyhose). I tend to wear tights and boots in the winter so I don’t have bare legs, but I did buy a very sheer pair for a wedding and they were barely noticeable. In summer, I tend to wear sandals or flip flops, so they’re a no. We do dress up at our church, but I don’t see them too often once Easter rolls around (they must go with the white shoes and seersucker suit rule!)

    • Kate, I know what you mean and tights (we call them tights here in Ireland) do really dress up an outfit and bring it from casual to formal but just not my favourite item of clothes. I used to ‘have’ to wear them when I worked hundreds of years ago but left them off for decades when I was home with kiddies etc. I had to don them again though for a wedding recently and have to admit they are much improved and they did look great and feel way better than they used to. Plus they hide a multitude. I suppose they will always and forever more remain a love/hate thing. Oh and I hated how they itched too. But that was then. Still, I probably won’t wear them ’til the next wedding:-)

    • I should add that I prefer thigh highs. They are wonderful! They really stay up, and they are SO much easier to put on, you can easily go to the bathroom, and if you get a run you can still keep the good leg and have a spare! Hanes Silk Reflections has worked for me. My Kohls sells them.

    • Darlene says:

      I wear them whether others do or not. I like panty hose! Feel half naked with a dress, heels, etc. on and legs bare. As a southern girl would say – THAT DOG DON’T HUNT!!

    • Barbara says:

      Kate, I agree with you totally about the panty hose. I’ve been retired 14 years so don’t have much use to wear them anymore but there is one thing I do remember: getting the legs twisted when putting them on. Oh, so uncomfortable, take them off, try again but now it’s hard to tell what is front and what is back. That part I don’t miss at all!!! Thigh hi’s really stay up? I’ve seen them but was afraid they would slide down my leg they way knee hi’s do sometimes. Rhoda, loved the dress and red top and Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama.

      • They really stay up, yes. They have a rubbery material on the top that doesn’t slide down your leg. LOVE!

  4. Jan Siar says:

    Oh, my gosh, Kate. I can’t tell you how much I hate wearing panty hose. They are hot in the summer, constricting and itchy all the time. That being said, I hear you on the bare skin look too. It’s lovely for young, lightly tanned legs. But for women of a certain age, covered up is usually better. I’m in slacks myself for the most part. Formal or dress-up occasions are rare and I do have a couple of pairs of panty hose tucked away just in case.

    • Agree Jan Siar, they are Itchy and constricting things but I guess we have to wear them to formal occasions if we was to look good in a dress. I’ll wear them for weddings etc. but that’s it. Don’t be asking me to wear them everyday:-)

  5. I love that coral dress Rhoda…and your pretty natural hair is perfect with that style. As I get older I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts in the summer. They cover you up and keep you cool. So glad dresses are making a come back. And Happy Birthday to Miss Iris…she is an inspiration!!

  6. I love your blog and especially your fashion segments. Just wanted to let you know that C Wonder is selling their clothing line on QVC.

    • HI, Wendy, I did hear that and checked out the website. They have a few things on there.

    • Brad Goretski, “stylist to the stars,” and member of the “Fashion Police” is creative director for C Wonder now. They have some really cute pieces, including jewelry. I love the enamel initial bracelets.

  7. Carol-Anne says:

    Love all the fashion you’ve shown this time! That wrap dress is wonderful!

    Do those sandals have that “rope” on the soles? I’m thinking that would really bother my feet if they do, but I love those sandals! I have a close friend in Spain, who’s here next month, so if they’re comfy, I would be tempted!

    • Carol-Anne, they do have rope/sisal on the sides of the wedge and the top where your foot sits is also that material, plus leather. They are very comfortable!

  8. Wow Rhoda that red top is beautiful. I love that shade of red. Not any red will do for me it has to be just right. I love that coral wrap dress too but my eye is so drawn to that red top. Maybe you mention where to get it I will go back up the blog and look. I’m more of a ‘look at all the lovely pictures first and then read’ so I may have missed it. Great blog. Your talents amaze me.. Always

  9. Barbara Thompson says:

    You look especially beautiful in that dress, and in this set of pictures, Rhoda. I know you are happy, and no one deserves it more.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mom. I love seeing the foods she prepares. Thanks for your blog it is amazing although I am older than you I love the fashions and I love to decorate so thanks for all the great ideas.

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love your hair! Looking awesome!!!! I love everything in the pictures, that color of red is stunning on you. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Rhoda, you may have mentioned this in a past post but just curious…do you get a spray tan? I have a friend who is doing that at PlanetBeach and looks terrific. I have a foam from Paula’s Choice I have been using but after seeing my friend I am tempted to try the spray tan AGAIN. The one I got over 10 years ago I was more orange so I’ve been weary of it since. Love to hear from you and your readers too their experiences and what brands to use.

    • Teresa, I haven’t done the spray tan, where you go in and get it done. I’ve seen it done and it looks good, I’ve just never tried it. I have blogged before that I love Loreal Sublime towels. They do a pretty good job for me to keep some color and it’s easy to apply. I usually get a little color from being outside anyway and the towels help extend my tan. I try not to get too much sun, but I love being outside.

    • Thanks, I will check out the Loreal Sublime Towels.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Hoping her day if filled with happiness! As always, you look fantastic!

  14. I saw an add on either QVC or HSN that they were going to sell C Wonder clothes, so the company must be starting back in business again.

  15. Jane H. says:

    QVC is now carrying C Wonder. I don’t know if it’s the same merchandise; probably newer items I would guess.

  16. Melesa Garrison says:

    Please tell your mother Happy Birthday from Oklahoma. I love that her great granddaughter is named after her…Iris, how cute is that?

  17. Hi Rhoda, first, I want to wish your mother a beautiful birthday. So nice that you include your family in the blog.
    The coral color is a winner with your skin tone. Each time I see you in sleeveless /
    short sleeves , I could kick myself. Used to have nice arms, gained weight, didn’t exercise, you get the picture. Can you please share how you stay slim and keep your arms looking so good.

  18. A belated happy birthday to your sweet mama! (I was out of town yesterday and didn’t get to read your blog.)

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