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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I’ve shared a lot of my Winter sweater dresses with you and this one has been shared before, but I thought worth sharing again, since I do tend to mix things up and add different scarves and boots with my dresses.  Mark bought me this pretty Winter white sweater dress when we were dating and it’s so cozy and soft. I love Winter white, do you?  It definitely has a place in the wardrobe this time of year, when outside our windows it’s so dreary and cold.

We went out for dinner on New Year’s Eve so I decided to get a little dressed up since I have been inside so much this Winter and not getting out.

I got the black and white infinity scarf a couple years ago and it’s so nice for these cold months.  Black boots are Ralph Lauren that I’ve shared many times and I wore gray tights instead of black.

It was really cold that night so we didn’t tarry outside much, so I wore my black leather jacket that I’ve had for years too, along with black leather gloves.  I need something on my hands when it’s this cold, as I’m sure those of you who live in colder climates can agree with.  Hands get cold!

I love sweater dresses this time of year and they are not only warm, but look great with boots and tights too.  These type dresses are some of my favorite combos for Winter.  Layering on a scarf is easy and adds some texture and even color if you want to go that direction. You know my love of black and white!

I found a few similar items below so take a look if you like this look!

Also, Loft online has a great sale going right now. 60% off a lot of items and I’ve just bought a few more things to add to my closet, which I’ll share when I get them in.  I’ll add a few of my faves below too and some of these I’ve ordered.  I love to shop Loft when they have big sales like this, as I do like the quality of their clothing. Affiliate links used below:




- Rhoda


  1. You look great! I love sweater dresses! Will check out the Loft…..thanks for posting sale!

  2. You always look so cute and confident in your clothes! I have a question for you if you don’t mind. I have a cute navy blue skirt that I normally wear in the summer months, but I’m trying to figure out a way to wear it in the winter. I have navy blue tights, but what shoes would you wear with it? It kind of has me stumped.


    • HI, Angie, I think it’s great to wear things in different seasons than you normally do. How about brown boots? Do you have those? I think navy and brown looks good together and you could tie it together with a scarf or jewelry. I see some girls wearing booties with tights and skirts, but that’s not something I’ve tried yet. My legs are so skinny that I don’t think it would look good on me. Thank you for the compliment!

  3. Adore the sweater dress! Where did you buy it? I’ve been shopping JJill. And Soft Surroundings for some wonderful pieces for women our age. I love their longer shirts and leggings and now that I achieved my goal weight ( actually 3 LB below!!!) I’m looking good and feeling fantastic!
    I’ll check out Loft too.

  4. I just love this look! So casual chic and perfect for winter.

  5. donna a zoltanski says:

    You are rockin it! Pretty dress!

  6. Love the look, but how do you keep the sweater dress from clinging to the tights?

    • You know, there’s an old trick of putting lotion on your hands and then rubbing your hands on fabric to keep it from clinging, so that’s what I did. I rubbed my tights up and down after applying lotion and it seems to take out the static.

    • I am going to try the old trick. It is new to me and static cling is a BIG problem. Love your sweater dress.

  7. Im a few days late, but love this look on you! And double nice that your sweet hubby bought it. 🧡 I agree, winter white is just beautiful this time of year and nice how you put the pretty scarf and boots with it. I would never have thought about grey tights, but they go great, you give us good ideas!
    Stay warm in this southern arctic blast!

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