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Hello my friends!

I’m still recovering from shingles this week and trying to get back to normal.  I think I have a mild case and glad it’s not worse.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Christmas decorating has to happen, but I’m taking it day by day to get things done and I’m almost finished with it all. I can’t wait to share our Christmas with you.  Mark has his own collections of Christmas things, so it’s been fun to incorporate those with my own to make our house special and festive.  I’ll be sharing it all soon!  And I plan to thoroughly enjoy the month of December, which includes my birthday and Christmas.

Fashion over 50 outfit today is not new things, although I only briefly shared this sweater with you.  It was in my last Stitch Fix.  I love a good neutral/cream sweater and have several in my closet. They are great for layering with so many things.

This one is extra long in the back which I like a lot.

I added some simple jewelry and it was a casual outfit for a lunch outing.  The jeans are Old Navy Rockstar (affiliate link) and I am really enjoying them. They are high rise and very stretchy.

The scarf I found on ThredUp and it’s from Ann Taylor. I just noticed the tag is facing out on the scarf, so need to be sure and tuck those away.

Shoes are Tom’s Desert Wedge (affiliate link) in Gray Suede and I’ve really enjoyed these too. They are very comfortable for a few hours and are not too high.

I’m still enjoying these bootie socks from Amazon that I tried out the last couple of seasons. They are very comfortable with non slip heels and wash and wear very well.

That’s it for today, hope you’re all having a great week!




- Rhoda


  1. Carol-Anne Powell says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I wouldn’t wish shingles on my worst enemy! Take care.

  2. Hi! You look beautiful, as always. Can you share your house exterior paint colors? Trim and front door? Thanks

    • HI, Carla, we painted the exterior of our house Backdrop by Sherwin Williams with Simple White as the trim. The black front door was already painted so we didn’t redo it.

  3. Rhoda, I am so sorry you have been sick with shingles. Glad you are feeling better & wish you a speedy full recovery. Your outfit is great!

  4. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Love the sweater! It looks great with the jeans & booties, especially on your slender form.
    I’m so sorry to hear you have shingles. I’ve had two mild cases- one on my cheek below the eye, (one type of which can damage eyesight and hearing, I was fortunate to have the other). I have since been vaccinated and so has my husband as he also had chicken pox as a child. I urge you to speak with your physician about getting the vaccine once you’re well over this case but I think there is a waiting period after an active episode. The shot is available from a doctor’s office and from most major chain drug stores. Because it can and often does recur please encourage your readers to talk to their physicians about the vaccine as well.

    • Hey, you’re right I definitely will encourage friends and readers to get the vaccine. I would hope I won’t get it again, but you never know.

  5. So glad you are feeling better! Now is definitely not the time to be under the weather. I always enjoy your fashion posts.

  6. Bev Tippett says:

    Looks great. If only I was your size.
    I had shingles too….I don’t think I was ever so sick. Glad you are on the mend.
    Don’t push yourself. Christmas will happen anyway.

  7. I completely sympathize with you having shingles. I had shingles in October after having the vaccine two years prior. I’m told it’s not unusual to still get shingles even if you’ve had the vaccine. Thankfully (and probably due to having had the vaccine) it was a mild case but it was still very painful! I can’t imagine what the pain would have been like had it not been a “mild” case. I heard there is a new vaccine that recently came out that is more effective. Feel better!

    • Thank you, Sandy, I’m getting better every day! I plan to make December a good one, resting and relaxing and enjoying the season.

  8. Rhoda,
    You look super cute as always…and love those wedge shoes! This must be the month for shingles as my sister in law who turned 60 this year phoned last week to say she woke up with a bad pain in her back and a rash. Thankfully, hers has been a mild case and she is responding to the meds well.

    Her annual physical was scheduled for December and was going to get the vaccine then. Please note that many insurance companies use to have a policy that you couldn’t get the vaccine until age 60 but that has changed for most insurance companies. I got mine 3 years ago at age 55 and if you have other health issues such as cancer or anything that can comprise your immune system your doctor might highly recommend it earlier. While it doesn’t guarantee you will never get the shingles, it will be milder if you do. Take care and feel better soon!

    • Hi, Teresa, thanks for sharing that, I didn’t know it had changed and that’s good to share with others. I wasn’t planning to get the shot, but now I’ll probably go ahead and get one.

  9. Hi Rhoda,

    I had a mild case about 9 years ago…I didn’t even know what it was..I was at doctor for something totally unrelated and mention to him the sores around my bra line..he took one look and told me it was shingles. I have gotten the vaccine since then and have had no more outbreaks. Get well soon and I always love your outfits on weds. 🙂

  10. Poor thing, I had shingles during chemotherapy. I still have residual pain. Hope you got the shingles shot. My neurologist told me that you could get the shingles again easier if you don’t get the shot. Talk to your doctor though. Love everything you are wearing.

  11. Hi Rhoda,
    I, too, am sorry to read about you having shingles and hope it is very mild and will soon go away. Your outfit is so pretty on you! I am looking everywhere I can think of for longer white and cream tops or blouses for leggings and slim pants. I am too hot for sweaters unless they are layered, but yours is so cute I wish I could wear that kind. Take care and give yourself plenty of slack until this is over! You have had a lot on your plate this past year!

    • THank you, Martha, I really am going to rest the month of December and not overdo things. I’m finished with Christmas decorating and have been hibernating at home this week, so that’s been nice.

  12. This outfit looks great. I love it. How tall are you? Just trying to gauge how I might look in some of these type outfits. Love your blog!
    Thanks, Sarah

  13. Shoes!

  14. Hi Rhoda, I am also glad that the shingles are better. I’ve had them twice, a lot of pain. I am asking about your day of fashion. Why is it that we need to see many different angles of the same outfit?
    I am enjoying how you and your husband have made your new home your own. I especially like the extensive woodworking projects your husband has added.

    • HI, Janet, thank you, I’m slowly getting better, not quite there, but better than it was. I just thought it’s good to show the outfits from different angles, so you can see the back and side and length of tops and that more is better when you’re seeing an outfit. Do you think it’s too many?

    • janet scuka says:

      I obviously do see your point Rhoda. I just don’t seem to remember so many repeat photo’s. Thanks for letting me get this of my chest, so to speak. Years, yes it’s been years that I have read about your work and family life and have been part of everything right there with you. Thanks for letting me and others enjoy your experiences.

    • Thank you, Janet, I’ve always posted about 5 pics on any fashion post so it’s not new. Thanks for reading along all these years, I truly appreciate it!

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