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Wow, do you all know how to make a girl feel so very special!!  You all amaze me in the best possible way.  I know you are out there day after day, but sometimes I forget just how many of you are out there who stop by here and faithfully read and support my blog, day after day, week after week.  I am so very grateful that you all have such heartfelt thoughts of me and my blog and my life that you take the time to share your beautiful sentiments on my happy news.  Thank you so much!!  I want you to know that I read every single comment that comes in here and I don’t miss a one!  Every one of them means so much to me that you care and express that so well. Thank you a million times over for your sweet hearts, all of you!

It’s overwhelming to me at times how much love and support comes pouring into my blog from my readers, y’all are the best, do you know that?  I can’t even express enough how much it means to me personally that you are so happy for Mark and me and our exciting news.  And the heartfelt prayers for my dad right now mean to much to my family.  It makes me cry to think about it.  You all have poured out your hearts and your prayers over my daddy right now and we can’t thank you enough. It’s been a bittersweet time for me. I’m so happy for Mark and my future plans, but it also hurts my heart that my Daddy is not doing well.  We are so hopeful that he will turn the corner towards wellness and getting his strength back again. I’ll do an update post on him tomorrow and I wish I had more encouraging news, but it just hasn’t been a fast recovery at all. Many of you have warned me that it’s slow going and it certainly is that!

For Fashion over 50 today, it’s just sharing some that I’ve shared before.  I’m not dressing up much these days with all that’s going on. I’ve been at the new house getting contractors working on floors and we have paint contractors getting started this month too, so it’s just a busy time for me and I’m barely getting out of yoga pants and workout clothes to look very decent these days.  But I did manage to get sort of presentable a couple of times recently.

This is a turquoise top from Glamour Farms that I got last year and shared. Their styles change often, so it won’t be around this year.  I do like these bell sleeves that are popular now and those type tops are plentiful to find.

White jeans are old Target jeans that I’ve had forever. They just keep going.  White flats are by Guess and they style is Juliann, but I can’t find them out there anymore, since I bought them last year.

Casual and comfy, although longer sleeves are a bit hot this time of year, this one is good in the A/C.

I’ve shared this jewelry before too, it came from the Mart a couple of years ago and I’ve really enjoyed these pieces.

Mark and I had a new house celebratory dinner in downtown Acworth last Friday night (ate at Fusco’s by the way) and I wore this casual shorts outfit with the black and white off the shoulder top I’ve shared before from Rosegal (affiliate link). This top is sold out, I think but you can check out the website. Warning, it’s not really great quality stuff, but this little top is fine for a summer.

I got those white denim shorts last year too online, brand is Liverpool jeans company.  Here’s a page from Amazon (affiliate link) with a lot of this brand’s Bermuda denim shorts.

Jana Sandals from Target (affiliate link). I’ve so enjoyed these pewter metallic sandals and get a lot of wear out of them. They still have these in several colors this season too.  You can see I’m sporting my new ring too!  No more keeping secrets from you!

I recently picked up this bangle set at, of all places, the hospital Women’s Center shop when we were at the hospital with dad for a few days.  They have clothing, jewelry, purses and more right there in the Women’s Center. My sis bought a purse and I got these bangles for a whopping $6 (1/2 price sale!).  Great addition to my black and white obsession!

That’s it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on Daddy.  It’s been up and down this week and we are hoping for more UP days soon!



- Rhoda


  1. I am so glad that longer tops are in! I hated having to constantly pull down on the hem. The clothes you pick out are so stylish and cute but ladylike. Yay for that!! I am happy for you and Mark — can’t wait to see how you decorate the house. I’m keeping your daddy in my prayers.

  2. Susan Hughes says:

    I am so happy for you and Mark. I met my husband when I was 54 and he was 57. We’ve been married for 8 years now. Love can happen at any age! Before we married, he told me a day would come when I wouldn’t be able to remember my life before him. I thought he was crazy. But guess what — I have trouble remembering my life before I met him. (Don’t you just hate when ‘men’ are right?) Get ready, this will happen to you as well.

    I pray for your dad every day. I have experience with C-Diff, and it takes a lot of time to recover. God has this and he will take care of your dad and your family.
    Your friend in Nashville,

  3. Rhoda, do you have an address for your daddy at rehab where we could send him a card of encouragement? We all just love him without even really knowing him! I would like to send a card to him and your sweet mama.

  4. Roxanne says:

    Prayers of rejoicing for you and Mark and for complete healing for your daddy. I saw the picture of him on FB standing UP in therapy…Rhoda, that is a huge leap in his recovery.

    For anyone with a Costco membership, they had Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans for $14! (Saw same jeans for $34 at Kohls). Scooped up a pale turquoise and an apricot.. Rhoda’s dad changed my life with her post about his Costco hearing aids…inspired me to march down there and get some. My family and friends are thrilled!

    • Thanks, Roxanne, I love buying clothes at Costco. Still so happy that you went there for your hearing aids with much success too!

  5. You look darling, so happy for you and Mark. You deserve all the good things that God has given you! Love your house, what a beauty. Also praying for your daddy’s recovery.

  6. Always love your fashion posts, Rhoda. You never know where you’ll find cute fashion or accessories. We’ve spent lots of time at the hospital with my father in law this past year, the gift shop always has great things.

    Continued prayers for your daddy and your family.

  7. Rachelle says:

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I wish him a speedy recovery. Congratulations on your engagement & new house. I did notice more rings on your fingers in your fashion over 50 posts awhile back but didn’t comment as I don’t comment on many blogs.

    I am 40, live in Adelaide Australia with my husband & 3 little kids.

  8. Bonnie E says:

    Love your tops and jewelry! My daughter works at a Rehab Center here that has the jewelry sales too and I try to go each time they have them, I bought $40 worth of $5 stuff – LOL! So fun to pick up colorful earrings & pendants. Talking about quality of summer stuff , sometimes I buy half before the 4th and then go back when the sales go on and pick up more since the cotton is beginning to fade somewhat with washing a lot even washing in cold water in lingerie bags on delicate since I tend to wear my favorites over & over. I went in Francesca in Foley, AL and got the cutest tops on sale. Seems like sales are everywhere right now. I too love the bell sleeve and gravitate to that style and the lace up at the front neckline. Turquoise is your color- So pretty on you! Please post pics of your house from the realty site …..we are dying to see….LOL!

  9. Bonnie E says:

    Look forward to the update on your Dad. Hope he is doing better today!

  10. Congratulations on your happy news with Mark and the new house! I look forward to seeing all the projects as you make the house a home.
    I have been praying for your Daddy as he recovers . C-diff is a nasty illness and is hard on the patient as well as the family. I hope your sweet Mama is resting when she can. Rhoda, you have so much going on, so please take care of yourself as well!

  11. I know exactly how you feel about your Dad. My Dad is 91 and also just had a hospital and rehab stay. Such a hard thing to see the “giant” men our lives become frail.
    I do love the outfits. Turquoise/white combo is one of my favorites too. Although black and white is my very favorite–every time shop I tell my self I am not buying black “this time”, but apparently I don’t listen to myself very well.
    And, I have bought several of my favorite things at hospital gift shops–earrings, necklaces, a purse and I think a top. Most of them have great jewelry and good sales and what else are you going to do when you need to spend a good amount of time there.

  12. Beautiful! Love the bangles. Continued prayers for your dad.

  13. Continued prayers for your Dad, your Mom and your family. It is a family affair, when one is down you all are involved.

  14. Hope you find your dad a little stronger today. It is definitely a long recovery especially for older people. What probiotic are you using? Sure wish you all great happiness and that your dad is back to his gardening very soon.

  15. If your dad is at Kstone, I know why they have great stuff in their shops…A friend of mine is the manager and she has great taste! Congratulations on all your news and hope your dad keeps improving everyday.

  16. I’m new to your blog and enjoy your writing. Prayers for your daddy and all.

  17. Love that turquoise top! Such a great color!

  18. I know this a hectic and in some ways, worrisome, time for you and appreciate all the effort you make to keep something on the blog. You know us faithful followers understand that you have so much going on in your life right now, and I’m praying for you and your family, and Mark! Lots of changes for him, too! We want to embrace and love him just as much as we do you! So don’t stress too much about the blog….we understand. Quick fashion question for you…..A woman I actually went to high school with has a popular blog that’s mainly about fashion and beauty after 60. She touts that us older ladies shouldn’t wear prints, or if we do, only in a subtle pattern such as a jacket, scarf, etc. She says they make us look older and heavier and break up the “line” of our body. I have tons of prints in my closet, as I guess I’ve always been drawn to them. Now I’m thinking I should avoid them and do a little “print purging”. What’s your thoughts on this? Note: I’m a plus size.

  19. You look great in all of the clothes for fashion over 50! You are so authentic and share so much of your life and family with us and that’s why we love you! Please tell your daddy that he has so many folks thinking about him and praying for him. This must be terribly difficult for your mom. Keeping her in our prayers too! So happy for you and Mark! It will be exciting how you both meld your styles in creating a new home for both of you.

  20. You always look so cute and I know you are enjoying the changes you are making at your new house. I will be sure to read your post tomorrow about your Daddy & pray that he will start making some wonderful improvement.

  21. So will be get to see a “Bridal Fashion Over 50” post? I’m sure you’ll both look fabulous in what ever you decide to wear on your big day! My husband and I eloped too (at 48 and 67!) and it was wonderful and romantic with just the two of us. We’re celebrating our 6th anniversary next month. God Bless you both and I’m still praying for your sweet Daddy!

    • Hi,Julia, yes I will share what I’m wearing for our wedding day. I bought a dress from Nordstrom and it’s perfect for what I wanted. I’ll do a post before the day and share it with y’all and of course, when I get the wedding pics back, I’ll share those too. Good for you too on your marriage! Never too old for love to strike!

  22. Hi Rhoda, sending prayers and good thoughts to your entire family. I don’t remember if your readers know how you and Mark met. Can you tell us more about that handsome man?

    • Sue, we met on E-harmony and I have mentioned that once before when I talked about dating in older years in a post awhile back. I will definitely be sharing more about Mark and will get the OK with how much he wants me to share. He’s such a sweetheart and I am thrilled that we found each other, we are a good match!

  23. Lorraine says:

    I worked in a hospital for 22 years in a doctor’s office. I loved all the beautiful things in there and bought some wonderful items. I also tried to remember some people were in there with heavy hearts and I tried tried to be pleasant when shopping and offer a smile. Love your blog and your outfits look nice!

  24. Karen Hamilton says:

    If you only knew how often I tried to focus and enlarge the pics that showed your left hand. ?
    I do hope that makes you laugh.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about the flooring for your basement; I’ve had water in mine a couple of times and now it’s concrete waiting for me to decide.
    Still praying for all of you.

    • Karen, yes you gave me a good chuckle today! I’m glad the secret is out and I don’t have to hide that hand anymore, I’m a proud wearer of the ring. I’ll give you an update soon on the basement flooring, it’s actually going to be the same one I put in my current den space on concrete, Shaw Floors Floorte. It’s waterproof so should be the perfect thing in a basement that might have water sometime. Stay tuned!

  25. I am not surprised that Mark fell madly in love with you and wanted to marry you! I knew it from the first photo of you two! I love that turquoise top and the longer sleeves would not bother me as I do not have great arms like you. Sending both congratulations and prayers your way.

  26. As always Rhoda you look beautiful! You could wear a gunny sack and make it look good with your accessories. Dad’s birthday card is in the mail. Still praying for your Dad and your Mom. I know this has been especially hard on her. Looking forward to your update. I told your Dad that as a senior, we just don’t heal as fast as the young folks but we get there. Sending you all (((((hugs)))).

  27. So happy to hear your wonderful love life news and hoping that your Dad is on the mend.

  28. Beth Burleson says:

    I have followed you on Instgram for some time and just yesterday signed up to receive your emails. I read your bio and just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration. Wishing you all the best with your engagement and new home. i’m looking forward to following along . congratulations !

    • HI, Beth, oh thank you so much! I’m so happy to be where I am now and so excited for this next chapter in life.

  29. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Rhoda, you look so lovely in your outfits! Keeping you all in our prayers!

  30. Glad your dad is better! I don’t think I realized how long recovery takes as we age. I had not went through it first hand until May of this year. We had gone to Indiana for the weekend, and two days after getting home I got one of those nasty intestinal bugs! Previously I would bounce back by the end of the next day, but boy not this time!! It was FIVE days later.. I was starting to get worried, I’m not 60 yet!! But good to know.. ( for next time) lol

  31. Linda Vansweden says:

    Hi congratulations on your new home and your marriage I have followed you for a while when I have the time , but you are in such good health and shape I was wondering if you could share your diet and exercise routine ? Thank you , prayers to your dad too

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