Fashion over 50: Black and White Cape Combo

Hey friends! You all were so great with your comments and feedback on my laundry room renovation. It’s so fun to come up with ideas and then get validation of it all and that’s just what you all provided. I was so excited to share that space with y’all and still love that feeling of sharing and inspiring even after 12 years of blogging! I love seeing what everyone out there is doing in their homes too and enjoy the inspiration that blogs bring to all of us.

Today’s Fashion over 50 is another repeat. I’ve shared this black and white houndstooth cape before, but it’s fun to share again.

I’ve had this one for at least 3 years now and it’s a great layering piece on those chilly but not freezing days we get this time of year. I’m wearing it over a Spense black sweater dress that I got from thredUP (affiliate link).

I added silver jewelry and my black leggings and boots and I always love the combo of black and white.

Our downtown Acworth is a great backdrop for fashion photos.

I got this necklace years ago at the Mart here in Atlanta and recently changed out the necklace part for a new one, since the old one was turning after several years. I just moved over the charms to the new necklace.

It’s a comfy and cozy outfit that I wore to church last Sunday.

This sweater dress is comfy too, with a bit of a draped neckline. Plus this cape is a great way to pull for AL football. Roll Tide!

It was fun to pose in downtown Acworth and get a few good shots. Mark is my always my wonderful photographer!

One more thing I’ve been meaning to share with y’all is this Conair Steamer that I got after Christmas. I really hate ironing and had heard good things about these steamers so I picked this one up at Target, Conair Extreme Steam. It works so well and I love it!

Here’s the affiliate link if you’re interested. I’ve been so pleased with it, be sure to use distilled water as the instructions say, I’m sure to keep it clean. I steamed a cotton blouse in about 3 minutes, so easy. I think my ironing days are over! And it will come in handy for pillows, drapes and more.

Here are a few clothing items I found you might be interested in (affiliate links). Remember with tights/leggings and boots, dresses can be a little shorter!


Black dress

Black and white cape Poshmark

Black and White Cape Poshmark

Leopard print


Black wrap dress

Taylor Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress

These Ralph Lauren riding boots are almost just like mine (also Ralph Lauren) and on deep clearance if they have your size! 

Ralph Lauren boots

Tommy Hilfiger boots


- Rhoda


  1. Even this Clemson girl loves your black and white cape! It looks smashing with your curly hair!! The little glimpses of Acworth are lovely, especially those blue doors. I’ve gone back and admired your new laundry room several times now. 💕

  2. Very cute, Rhoda! I love your hair today too! What products are using in your hair today, if you don’t mind saying? Not long ago you were using Kinky custard I think so just wondered if you are still using that one & if you find it easy to style (said no curly girl ever -LOL!) Love that black & white and boots. That steamer is something I need too. I usually spray stuff with that wrinkle remover and hang in the bathroom till the wrinkles are gone. I hate ironing also.

    • Hey, Bonnie, thanks so much! I’m using all 3 of those products I shared in the curly hair post. I’ll stick with them for now since they are working well for my hair. I am finding that these products make my hair softer with less frizz and all I’m doing in the morning is spritzing the sides and top and fluffing and scrunching that again.

  3. Sue Davis says

    I am loving your hair. It is really cute! And. …..I love your black and white cape. I have a winter scarf I wear with my black leather coat.By the way……your laundry room turned out AWESOME! I get the white cabinet. I can see why you kept it. I would have too!!

  4. Rhode…..I really like your hair that way. It looks really cute! Your cape is pretty. I have a winter scarf I wear with my black leather coat.
    By the way. …I think your laundry room turned out awesome. Your old cabinet just made the room. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This is a great look! I’ll need to look for a black and white cape

  6. Lynne Beattie says

    Love the cape! About the steamer – do you remember how much it cost? I have been online and have found several Conair steamers that look like yours, all different prices! Also, do you have a product name/number? Reviews I read were not very positive so I wanted to check with you before I purchased one. Thanks!

    • HI, Lynne, I fixed the link for the steamer, so that is the exact steamer I got. It was the same price in the store from what I remember. IF you click that link again, it will take you directly to the steamer at Target and you can read all about it there. I am very happy with it!

    • Lynne Beattie says

      Thanks! When I clicked on link earlier it took me to some strange website. It worked this time. I had gone on Amazon to check it out. Much cheaper at Target. Was just concerned about the mixed reviews. Glad to hear you like it and haven’t had any problems. Rather get a review from someone “I know” than trust random reviews.

  7. Linda Bright says

    Hi Rhoda
    Your hair looks awesome!

  8. I have that cape also. Enjoy it when it isn’t soo very cold. I have a crimson tunic I wear with it. Roll Tide.

  9. You look so nice in today’s pictures. Black & White houndstooth check is always a good look. I have never used a steamer like you mentioned & wondering if it leaves clothes damp? With it heating up fast I can see where it would be nice to have.

    • HI, Linda, I’ve used it twice and it didn’t leave my clothing damp. I used it on the linen sheets and a cotton blouse. It was very fast! I hope you all like it too, it’s definitely all I would need for my steaming needs.

  10. I love your curly hair! You look so young! The steamer, I need to try that. I have every steamer out there, the only one I like is the floor model they use in stores and that is huge. I wil order one now. I use wrinkle release Downey spray and love that. But I go through so much every month, the steamer would be cheaper.

  11. Rhoda, that cape looks fabulous on you!

  12. Marcella Hilgartner says

    Love that look with the cape. I also love, love, love your hair curly. It looks great. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. Your stories about your family and your home are so wonderful. I read your blog every day.

  13. What a good look that is. Black is an easy way to dress up or down, isn’t it? Agree that your hair looks reeeally good curly. I like it when you style it straightened, too. Good hair is one of nature’s gifts!

  14. That second picture of you is just gorgeous!! You look amazing! And Mark is a great photographer 🙂

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