Fashion over 50: Black & White Dress/Jumpsuit

Hey there friends! We are back from New Orleans and had a wonderful weekend with Lauren and her family. We brought Parker back home with us and Lauren will be here this weekend with Iris for Easter celebrations. We love it when they are here. I took a lot of pics from Iris’s birthday party and I’m sure we will have some Easter pics too, so I will do a family post soon on both events, so you all can see how much these girls are growing up.

Today’s Fashion over 50 is more black and white. I just seem to be drawn to that and end up with a lot in my closet, but it really is a great combo and so easy to wear.

This black and white striped midi dress is one I got from Ross. It’s very comfortable, the brand is Emma and Michele. That tie is supposed to be in the middle but it got moved a bit.

It has slits on either side so shows a little leg without being bare at all. I did start my sunless tanning routine already and want to get a spray tan before we leave on our cruise in just over a week. It helps to have some color on my legs.

This dress has a tie at the waist so defines the waistline. I paired it with black espadrilles, but I think I could also wear it with flat sandals too.

I really like this one and the knit fabric will wash and wear so nicely. I love wearing dresses more and more during summer months since they are cooler than pants.

Next is that black and white jumpsuit I shared with you all recently from Nordstrom Rack. I really love this piece too, it’s so comfy. I wore this to Iris’s outdoor birthday party and it was perfect.

It’s like wearing a dress, very flowy with the wide legs. I would also wear this with wedge shoes or espadrilles, but like it very much with flat sandals too since it’s ankle length. It was chilly and windy that day so I added my black long cardigan over it and it was a cozy outfit.

Here it is without the cardigan, very cool and casual. The drawstring tie at the waist allows you to pull it in on either side depending on how tight you want it. The fabric is knit and very stretchy too, so it’s not hard to pull down for…you know, bathroom breaks. Not hard at all, which is what many of you mentioned about jumpsuits when I shared the last one. Yeah, that might be the only drawback is the one piece thing and going to the bathroom. I didn’t find this one problematic at all. If you have a zipper one, that would be a little more challenging.

I love how casual it is, yet a bit more dressy than pants would be. The comfort is really nice, it’s like wearing pajamas all day!

Here’s the back of it, just a nice scooped back and I can wear a regular bra with it.

I’ve got my exact jumpsuit linked below (from Nordstrom Rack), so you can check it out (several fabric patterns available), as well as a few more I thought you might like down at the bottom links (affiliate links). I have the coral one too that’s linked from Old Navy so I’ll share that as soon as I can.

Who’s ready to give a jumpsuit another try?

Here’s a top I got recently from Old Navy and it’s linked below too, as well as those very comfy shoes from Blow Fish that I linked last week. I have been wearing them a lot lately! So comfy and casual. There are several Emma and Michele jumpsuits in the links below too, so the same brand as my striped dress. This is at Lauren’s house in New Orleans.

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says

    I love the black and white striped dress. I saw the pictures of Parker and Iris on FB and I cannot believe how fast they are growing. I hope you and Mark have a blessed Easter!

  2. I love black and white. I had just ordered a linen jumpsuit from Nordstrom Rack, so was very excited to see this blog entry. I have some wedge sandals to wear with mine.

  3. That dress is stunning on you, Rhoda! Wowza!! What brand of tan-in-a-bottle do you like?

    • HI, Roxanne, I’m still using the Loreal bronze towelettes most of the time. And I have some Jergens self tan lotion that goes on gradually and doesn’t get streaky. That works well for keeping color going after you get started.

  4. Becky in 'Bama says

    Funny: I was recently with my daughter at one of the grand’s music classes – and I noticed a lady wearing a very pretty jumpsuit. Later I was in the restroom, and she came in at the same time. While we were both in our stalls doing ‘our business’, unfortunately, as she was trying to get out of her jumpsuit, part of it fell into the toilet. She was quite distraught (as I would have been) – I could not help but giggle. Sorry. #funnynotfunny #hazardouswear

    Rhoda: you look very lovely in both outfits. I wish I could ‘do’ a jumpsuit – but I’d rather all my ‘rolls’ not be on display with anything body hugging. 🙂

    • Thank you, Becky! I have to say that’s a funny story too, I think I would have been chuckling too. I guess that is the hazards & I’m going to be really careful and hope that doesn’t happen.

  5. Brenda Smith says

    Looking lovely in all your outfits.

  6. Rhoda , You look very cute in your jumpsuits and I love the outfit with the Old Navy top. Did you get your hair cut or is it just because you are wearing it in a straight style? Whichever it looks cute.

    • Hi, Iris, thanks so much! I had just had a fresh cut & color and she really straightens it when she flat irons, but it wasn’t cut much at all. I went curly again right after, so still doing it both ways.

  7. ~Rhoda~
    You look wonderful , and all your outfits are very classy thanks for sharing!

    Happy Easter!

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