Fashion over 50: Black and White Shirtdress & DermaBlading

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!  December is in full swing, tomorrow is my birthday and I’m excited for a month of celebration and holiday cheer.  Mark and I decided to go up to Franklin, TN for a little getaway next week, since the Viking cruise has been postponed until next year.  I know it will be fun up there this time of year and it should be all decorated and festive. We have a couple of live music shows to take in, so that will be fun.

I’m back today with another cute shirtdress that I recently bought from Old Navy. I seem to be on an Old Navy kick lately, but they really do have some cute, inexpensive casual clothes that really fit my lifestyle at this stage of life.  My sister was wearing this dress at Thanksgiving, so when I found out it was Old Navy, I was on the hunt for one myself.

Isn’t it cute?  It’s a dress above the knee, but works perfect with legging for those of us who don’t want dresses above the knee anymore. I love dresses like this that can work for Fall and Winter months.

Here’s the link to Old Navy (affiliate link) if you’re interested. I got it for $18 and they may have more discounts going now. It changes all the time. 

It’s plenty long enough and if you’re extra tall, they have it in Tall too, but I just ordered Regular Small.

It’s not form fitting, so fits a little loosely and forgiving, but it’s a swing style that’s really cute.

I paired it with some turquoise jewelry which looks nice, I think.

It will be a fun dress to wear with my long black sweater or a faux fur vest, so I think versatile for this coming season.

Now, let’s talk about dermablading or derma planing.  What, you ask is that?  Well, I didn’t know that much about it ether and am just getting clued in this year.  I have seen some younger fashion bloggers talking about this so I looked it up and then bought a set of these blades from Sally’s (above pic).

Here’s the definition:

Dermablading, which is also known as dermaplaning, is a highly-effective, physical exfoliation treatment. The procedure uses a medical-grade blade to very gently “shave” the surface of your skin, removing dead skin cells and fine, vellus hairs or “peach fuzz” in the process.

So, basically shaving your face!  Can you even? I’ve only been doing it a few months and have not been consistent with it, but I’m going to do it once a week from now on. I have peach fuzz all over my face, especially upper lip, chin and cheeks. This just skims the peach fuzz right off, leaving my face very soft and hair free, which I am loving.  It acts as an exfoliator with the blade removing dead skin too, so bonus for that! And contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t grow back in all bristly, it still feels peach fuzzy.

I’ve always plucked some pesky coarse hairs on my chin and I’m sure you all have them too.  I’ll continue to do that for those, but this gets the peach fuzz all off and it really does create a smoother surface for makeup!  Some of you mentioned that you do this too in the post on makeup over 60 I shared last week, so if you missed that, go back and read the comments. Lots of good stuff and some great product sharing too.  I ordered a couple of things based on those comments, including more of these blades from Amazon.

So, there you have it! Have you done this before and if so, please chime in with your comments too. This is something I wanted to share in case you haven’t thought about it before or just finding out about it like me. I think it’s going to be great for the face and this is something I can do weekly. I think those blades need to be replaced pretty often, but I’ve used the Sally’s one several times and it’s still doing fine.  I haven’t tried the Silk ones yet, but they were recommended by one of my readers in the other post, so I just got them in.

Here are those two products again, if you want to check them out (affiliate links). I threw that lined shower cap in my Amazon cart, since I was tired of the cheapos I’ve been using. It’s lined with terrycloth and I just tried it out last night and loved it! And it screams Roll Tide, doesn’t it?!

Thanks as always for stopping by today!

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says

    I love that dress!! Funny, I have seen my sister wear a dress, and like you, asked her where she got it, then go get one too…. Haha that funny!

    Happy early Birthday! See you soon???

  2. I absolutely have done dermaplaning. But at $35 to $45 plus tip I thought I would try to do it myself. I first purchased the ones like you have. Then last week I purchased #10 surgical blades which is what my Esthetician uses. When my Husband, saw the blade he said he didn’t mind spending the money. He was scared I would slice my face opened.

    • These little blades I got don’t seem too scary to me and so far I’m loving the results.

    • I will be interested to hear how the surgical blades work out. Dermaplaning is definitely something I want to learn more about and try.

  3. Love your outfit, but as always you always look great! I have been doing dermaplaning on my face for over a year, and love it. My skin always looks smooth, makeup application goes on smoother!

  4. Happy Birthday month! Was your Viking cruise on the Elbe River by chance? Our cruise was also cancelled.

    • HI, Kathy, it was on the Danube. I’m not sure why it got cancelled, but I got the feeling it wasn’t the whole cruise, just our group portion.

    • The river levels are very low over there now. I had a friend whose cruise wasn’t canceled, but they were bussed everywhere. They had to be on the bus at 6 AM and got back to the ship around 9 PM. It was exhausting and no fun, so be glad you didn’t go. That being said, when my sister and I did the Viking cruise of French wine country, it was FANTASTIC! We went in April. I’ve read since Spring is the best time for river cruising because the water levels are up from the snow melt.

    • Hey, Roxanne, just seeing this one, but I have heard so much about the water levels. It is probably for the best that we got postponed and spring will be so much warmer too.

  5. My daughter-in-law got me into dermablading – never heard of it but now I’m hooked! Really makes your face feel smooth and no more peach fuzz! Also love your top and love Old Navy – even for this 64 yr old! Have a super time in Franklin! Lovely place during the holidays.

  6. Lori McIlvain says

    I’m on an Old Navy kick too….some of their dresses, especially in the darker colors feel like jammies but if you add some accessories can be worn to work – THANK YOU Old Navy! Oh, and they are cheap! Love Dermablading. Definitely am hooked. So far have only had it done professionally.

  7. Adorable dress. Not sure if this kind of dermablading will be different than the little electric shaver device that is all the rage too. Loved it at first then got ingrown hairs from using it on my face. I’m going with my peach fuzz from now on. Ingrown acne hairs causing blemishes at 59 was not my cup of tea. 😬

    • Oh no, that’s not good. One of my friends told me about a battery operated one, so I haven’t seen that one yet.

  8. Lorraine Watkins says

    I have used these blades for peach fuzz, too. My girlfriend told me about them a few years ago. I love the nook by the garage, too.

  9. I’ve been dermaplaning my face (myself–not a pro) for over 10 years. I like the way my skin feels and looks by doing it. I read an article by a local dermatologist about this and decided to try it. It does exfoliate, so if you already are using chemical exfoliation (like retinoids or salicylic acids) , you would want to not do that on days you dermablade (or shave your face). I don’t have the fancy blade but am careful to dedicate a razor for this only, and use a very very very light touch.

  10. Love the plaid dress; just ordered one!

  11. Nothing wrong with Roll Tide. 😊 Love the dress! It’s also cute in the green/navy plaid.

  12. Hi,
    What tights are you wearing? I like how they look thick.


    • Hi, Marla, I’m not sure which ones I have on in this pic, maybe leggings from Glamour Farms. Thick ones are pretty easy to find now.

  13. Dena Shealy says

    I love the shirtdress and I am also an Old Navy shopper. I love that they carry tall sizes and the prices are great!

  14. Happy birthday! You are going to love Franklin, TN. My dermatologist, who has been retired for several years, has been having his female patients shave their faces and necks for many, many years. You are right, it doesn’t cause you to grow a beard, it just keeps the skin smooth and fuzz free. His partner, who is still in practice in Buckhead, still has his female patients to shave their faces. You use a good sharp razor, nothing fancy or expensive.

  15. Such a cute, cute dress! I can’t believe it was only $18. I’m not familiar with Dermablading but may have to check it out.

  16. Hi Rhoda,
    Love that dress and your style! Thanks for always giving us over 60’s such great ideas on clothes!! I was wondering what lipstick you have on? It’s so becoming on you and would also work for me. Thanks Rhoda!!

    • Thank you, Leslie! That lipstick is a lip crayon from Boots No. 7. Color is Statement, you’ll probably have to buy online. I don’t usually find those in the stores.

  17. Just found those blades on Amazon and ordered some.
    This is still on the Beauty Subject: I love manicures with gel/lacquer nail polish that uses a LED light. But I got tired of going to a nail salon and I am worry about catching some nail fungus. So I started doing my own! I love it, there is a learning curve but after a few attempts they look very good. There is lots of information online. I like it because I am not aggressive with the sanding my nails and it still stays on very well and my nails look fine without it.

    • Hi, Nancy, I do my own nails at home too and it’s been a learning process. My gels don’t stay on as long as I would like, but I just ordered OPI Gel for home use with a UV light and I’m going to switch to an LED, since I’ve had the UV for several years now and see if that makes a difference. I love the way the OPI gel goes on so much better than the Gelaze I was using, so that’s what I’ll stick with from now on. I got their top and base coats too. Hoping it gets to the point that they stay on for a couple of weeks, that would be nice! My nails are in terrible shape from wearing acrylics over 10 years ago and I’ll never do that again. Maybe I’ll do a post about gel nails at home too!

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