Fashion over 50: Black Lace Top


Hey there and Happy Wednesday!

We are finally enjoying some great weather here in Atlanta and I’ve been outside a whole lot lately.  We just finished getting the stairs installed in our backyard and I’ll be sharing that soon.  In the meantime, here’s a fashion post for you.  I have a new black lace top to share, so hope you enjoy!

Fashion Over 50 Black Lace Top

fashion over 50 black lace top

I wore this to church on Sunday and loved it.  The pants are the ones I’ve shared before from Soft Surroundings.  I like that they are slim but not skin tight and work with lots of different tops.  I found this black lace top recently at Banana Republic and it was a bargain!

fashion over 50 black lace top

Holly decided to help me out with a fashion post.  I had a few minutes to spare when I was in Vinings recently and popped into the local Banana Republic and lucked into a great sale. They had a whole section  marked at extra 50% off, which brought this top to $19!

I know, what a deal!  I looked online and found the black lace top (affiliate link), but it’s not marked down that low online.

fashion over 50 black lace top

I thought it was so pretty and would be a great mix for white pants.  I paired the top and pants with my leopard print low heeled shoes by Sam Edelman. I’ve had these awhile, so can’t find them stocked anymore, but I’ll link some options below.

fashion over 50 black lace top

I think I’m going to enjoy this top for going out, it’s a little dressy but could easily be worn with jeans too.

fashion over 50 black lace top

I love adding a little punch to an outfit with these shoes.  Leopard is such a fun pattern to mix in your wardrobe and I have 3 pair of leopard shoes, one sporty sneaker style, a flat, and these low heels.  Low heels are the only way I wear them these days, but a little heel can make an outfit special.

Thanks for stopping by as always, you all make my day! Affilate links used below:

fashion oer 50 black lace top

- Rhoda


  1. Angie Smith says:


    This is a lovely combination and appreciate your sharing with us.

    Your deck looks great and will be interested to see you array of plants. How many hours of sun do you get?

    Have a nice day.

    • THank you, Angie, I’m still working on the deck and will be sharing it soon. Heading out today to get a few more plants, but really we get a lot of shade on the deck. The entire morning is shady until about 11:30 when the sun starts creeping over and then from about 3:30 on, it gets shady again, so only about 4 hours of direct sun. It will be a nice place this summer to hang out.

  2. Another pretty fashion post. Holly looks just like my 11yo German Shepherd. They are the sweetest!

  3. Angie Smith says:


    There are 15 different herbs that will survive the shade. It is worth your consideration to mix with your annuals. Impatiens will flourish. There are so many color combos.

    Are you familiar with 3PorchFarms? They sell gorgeous cut flowers at 3 different markets not far from you. If not, it would be a fun outing for you to share with your followers.

    Take care,


    • Hi, Angie, I don’t know 3 Porch Farms, I’ll have to look it up. I do think I’ll plant some herbs in a container out on the deck, I usually always plant basil, but will have to add a couple more in and keep them close to the kitchen. I love impatiens, always have loved them!

  4. Lorraine Watkins says:

    I love the way wearing black, white and leopard look together. One of my favorite combos. Looks like you have gained a friend in your husband’s dog. Don’t you love how the know when you are taking a photo! We had a three day weekend with plebty of sunshine for a change. I even spent one night down in Wales. Missing my Virginia Spring weather and clothes.

  5. Carrie says:

    I have that same top in navy. Love it! It’s almost too short for me…I’m 5’9 and could probably have used an extra inch on it, but I find I can get away with it. We have family pictures this weekend and I had forgotten I could wear this top with my white jeans….I think that’s just what I’ll do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Brenda Lynch says:

    I have a black lace top that I enjoy so so much and have work it really “dressy” and then not so dressy. I think I loved it so much that I bought another one, but they were so much alike that I gave the second one to my daughter–she wore it this past weekend and looked beautiful in it. Thanks for always sharing everything with us!! Looking forward to the update on the deck.

  7. Angie Smith says:


    I sent you a link to 3 Porch Farms on your Instagram account. They are collecting flowers for Mother’s Day.

    They are in Comer, GA, but sell at 3 markets. Athens, Freedom Farmers Market at Carter Center and Marietta Square Farmer’s Market.

    Got to go.


  8. Edie Walker says:

    Stunning! You look great in black! It really looks elegant with your white pants, gold jewelry, and leopard shoes. Lovely combination.

  9. Nice outfit. Good to see Holly. I’ve wondered where she was and nice to see she is included.

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