Fashion over 50: Black on Black

Hope you’re all ready for a brand new year! It’s always kind of exciting to be sitting in the drivers seat to a clean slate new year ahead. I always have a little bit of excitement during this time of year, while at the same time, I’m lazier than ever. January is always my worst month for productivity it seems, but I’m trying to stay afloat and actually get some things done this year. I’ve got some organizing going on in the basement, so I’ll share that this month too.

In the meantime, I’m sharing an outfit I wore to a little get together we had at our house. I’m a big fan of black and have lots in my closet and I think it looks good on blondes so it just works for so many occasions.

I found this top recently at a little shop in Acworth, The Rustic Market. It was on the sale rack at 50% off, so I grabbed it and thought it would be cute for the holidays.

It has a lacy trim on the bottom, so adds a bit of a feminine touch with a little bit of lace on the sleeves too.

It’s hard to see that trim, but you can see it a bit in this picture. I wore gold jewelry for some blingy accent.

I wore the top with black Calvin Klein jeans that I’ve had for a long time, as well as these leopard Matisse booties that I bought about 3 years ago. I can’t wear them for hours, but they are fun shoes to wear. That link still has them if you’re interested.

I felt really cute in this outfit!

And it looks great topped with my camel coat from Old Navy. I see there are Large and XL still left in the coat. I’ve really enjoyed it this year!

That’s it for today! I hope you all enjoy a wonderful first week of the year. I’m trying to get my energy up to take down Christmas and work on the basement organization too. I’m determined this is the year I’m going to tackle the chaos down there and get things in better shape. I’ll do a blog post if y’all are interested, but it’s going to be simple organizing for sure. Just getting things out of boxes and up on shelves is my goal, along with continuing to purge.

Happy New Year my friends! It’s a brand new year, I’m looking forward to what the year holds.

- Rhoda


  1. Happy New Year, Rhonda! Camel, leopard and black are one of my favorite color combinations. Timeless and classic! You look beautiful.

  2. Happy New Year Rhoda! I just wanted to see how your camel coat was holding up? I purchased the same one because, it looked so cute on you, but I have only worn a few times and it’s getting those little burrs in the arm area. Not sure if I should dry clean and shave it or what.
    Looking forward to a wonderful 2019.

    • HI, Dana, I mentioned that in another post, but yes I love that camel coat and the only thing I don’t like is the pilling. I have one of those clothes shavers so I’ve tried that on it, but it’s all over the coat so will never get it all off, but it helped a bit. I still love the coat and will just wear it anyway. I will get it dry cleaned eventually but I doubt that will help it either. It’s just one of those things with lower priced coats. I’ll keep wearing it though, love the fit and feel.

  3. Angie Smith says






    • HI, Angie, thank you so much, I’m so glad that all of you enjoy coming by to see me, that’s what keeps me going, all of you long time readers that enjoy what I do!

  4. Happy 2019 Rhoda! You are rocking those booties!! I have gotten some great bargains on long necklaces at my local Chico’s in the last few weeks…$94 jewelry for $10.00. Yes please on your basement organization. I don’t have a basement but my garage is a disaster area!

    • HI, Roxanne, you found some great deals from Chico’s, wonderful discount! OK, I’ll share what I’m doing in the basement. It’s not rocket science but way overdue for me to get that space in order.

  5. Love the colors together with camel & leopard! Happy New Year!

  6. You always look fabulous Rhoda!….Happy New Year!

  7. Diane Taylor says

    Happy New Year Rhoda – here’s to a great year ahead for all of us. I love your blog 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you and Mark have up your sleeve for 2019 – ha ha! Thanks for a great 2018 and for all your inspiration!

    • Thank you, Diane, you all keep me going, so I do appreciate all my faithful readers. Here’s to 2019!

  8. Oh yes, please share your decluttering and organizing which are on so many peoples’ to do lists. I could sure use tips and motivation!
    Black clothing is predominant in my wardrobe. Your outfit is lovely.

    • Hi, Barbara, sure I’ll share what I’m doing in the basement. It’s nothing really special, but it’s making me feel better already and it was way overdue down there.

  9. Rhoda,
    Love the top is so pretty but girl them shoes are the bomb!! A little bit of leopard with black always makes the outfit.

  10. I love getting things out of boxes and onto shelves. Not only does it give you a chance to purge, but you will use those things more often if you can see what you have.😀
    I love reading your blog. I also love reading about your family. You are blessed to still have your parents and they can still participate in family activities. Mine were 94 and 96 when they went to be with the Lord, but their last years were very, very sad. My mom had dementia and my dad would not leave her side. He even chose to live with her in the nursing home.
    My dad was a minister too.

    • Hi, Nancy, thank you I am so grateful for all of you who come by and visit my blog. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I pray the Lord will give my parents a few more years with us too and keep them in good health too. It’s so hard watching them age.

  11. That is my all-time favorite outfit of yours. The color and style are perfect on you.

  12. yes please share how you get going on those projects – January and I feel the urge to purge….!!!! glad your family is well, love seeing the updates on your parents especially – special people all of them!

    • Thank you, Sandy,I’ll definitely do a post on the basement organizing. It’s not very exciting, but maybe it will spur someone else on too!

  13. Hello gorgeous! Happy New Year to you and Mark. Cheers, Ardith

  14. Rhoda:
    I love the black top with the lace bottom.
    You look great. What is the brand of the shirt?
    Thank you for a great blog and wonderful designing

    • Hi, Carmen, thanks so much! That top brand is POL, a brand I’ve never heard of. They do have a website, but you have to login to join so you can see the products. I’m not sure if it’s open to the public or just businesses.

  15. Happy New Year to you, Rhoda! Love your new top and all black really is stunning for evenings out or parties at home. Always in style! 🎉😊

    Your mom and sister/friend? looked cute cooking away in the video (I didn’t have any sound on my phone’s connection)!

    Happy organizing,
    Barb ☃️

  16. Very smart looking, love the detail of the top and the shoes are perfect.

  17. So pretty! Love the top and the shoes!

  18. You look awesome. Love your taste. Do you have a favorite shop or website to shop?

    • HI, Shirl, thank you for stopping by! I don’t have a real favorite place to shop, but tend to shop online these days or either TJ Maxx. Some of my fave online shops are The Loft, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack to name a few.

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