Fashion over 50: Boho Top and Cropped Jeans

Hi there friends! It’s time for another Fashion over 50. I love it when you all stop by my blog and I’m happy to come up with ideas on what I’m wearing to hopefully give you inspiration for your own closet. As I’ve mentioned often, I don’t get new clothes all the time, but do add a few pieces here and there during spring and fall seasons.

Before I get started today, I want to introduce you to a new friend, Tania, with 50 is Not Old. She’s doing a great job on her blog sharing fashion tips and styling clothes. She lives in Virginia with her husband, is a mom and grandmother to 5 grandchildren. Her style in her words is “classic meets trendy” and she loves mixing high-low fashion. She’s also a Christmas nut and is known to leave her Christmas tree up all year long! Now that’s a good way to save time! Tania has been blogging since 2015, so I hope you’ll go over and check out her blog and Instagram. She’s doing a great job sharing her fashion sense!

Today’s outfit is an oldie and I’ve probably shared both pieces before, but this is a standard look for summer that I would wear for a casual day out. August is hot as you all know if you’re in the South too. It’s a month that we sometimes wish would go fast, but it’s part of summer so we have to take it as it comes.

This boho top I’ve had for several years now and I think I picked this up from the mart a long time ago. It’s still going strong and I love a good boho top.

This one washes and wears nicely and has my fave color of turquoise woven through it as well as brown.

I added it to these cropped jeans that I bought from Kohls several years ago. They have an embroidered flower on the leg and the brand is Elle.

Sliding on simple flip flops is an easy summer look. These are from Guess and I bought them at least 2 years ago. They have a gold metal detail on them to sort of dress them up a bit with a cork foot pad.

Simple jewelry completes this look, pieces I have had for a few years as well. I’m all about wearing what I have and mixing and matching pieces in my closet for a new look. I often don’t wear things the same way twice. Adding my straw hat gives a fun look as well!

And that’s a look at cropped jeans and a white boho top. Nothing over the top special, but just a nice casual summer look. Sometimes we want to wear sleeves if we are going to be inside in the air conditioning. Otherwise, you’ll find me in sleeveless if I’m going to be outside for an extended time.

This month is especially hot so I’m always looking at ways to beat the heat in what I wear, how about you?

Don’t forget to stop by Tania’s blog at 50 is Not Old and check out her fashion ideas too! I think you’ll enjoy her blog! 

There are some great end of summer sales going on, so I’ve rounded up a few things that are similar (affiliate links used):

- Rhoda


  1. sharon Favre says

    I love most of the clothes you share but esp like the boatneck top you have on in your welcome photo. I love the look of boatneck style tops but find wearing is sometimes difficult esp if you find yourself raising your arms or such cause the top slips off your shoulders and back up towards your neck but nonetheless i enjoy the look.

    • HI, Sharon, some of those off the shoulder tops are hard to keep in place, but they are fine for a night out. But you’re right they can slip around.

  2. Love that you do the fashion for us “mature” ladies, the clothes are cute, but can you put together outfits that we can purchase now at stores? I find that you have some darling outfits but you have had them awhile or bought at a thrift store (which is fine) but I am looking to be able to buy something that I see you wear that I might like.

    • Hi, Cheri, I link in most all my posts some similar items. Did you see what I linked at the bottom of the post today? I can’t always share brand new clothes that I can link to. I don’t get new clothes all the time.

  3. I love seeing relaxed styles…..this is so My look!

  4. Linda Bright says

    You are so cute in your hat, it is so you!
    The outfit is perfect. Have a great and blessed day!

  5. Absolutely adorable! I always get inspiration from your posts, your necklace just makes your beautiful eyes sparkle! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Marianne A. says

    How about a link to your hat? I love it! Looks adorable in you.

    • HI, Marianne, I bought this hat several years ago and I don’t have a link! I’m going to start scouting more products to share with you all.


    Such a cute outfit, Rhoda! You always look so pretty! Thanks, too, for always giving us the info as to where we can purchase the items.

  8. Really cute, as always!

  9. Cindy in Oklahoma says

    I’m becoming a hat lover in my old age and this one is so cute. I’m not a blogger so I receive nothing for my recommendation but a few weeks ago I bought the “Malibu” from the Wallaroo hat site. It’s about $60, which was a little more than I wanted to pay, but it fit perfectly and looks and feels like it was custom made for me…. Almost every hat is shown on a model for scale on their site. I have no complaints, only a great experience. Delivery was swift. Quality terrific. I know it will likely last me a long, long time.

    • Hi, Cindy, thanks for sharing. I haven’t looked up any hats to share yet, so I’ll have to check it out.

  10. Hi Rhoda,
    I have been following your blog for the past 3 years from Australia. Love all your fashion posts, and enjoy your commentary. Love your hat, it looks fabulous😃

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