Fashion over 50: Casual Sneakers & Sweaters

This first week of the New Year has me feeling very unproductive, how about you?  I don’t know why it hits me like this every year, but it does.  I waited until after New Year’s to take down the Christmas decorations, so that’s the main thing I’ll be focusing on this week.  Putting all those decorations away and get some semblance of order around here.

It’s also been cold and dreary here in Atlanta lately, so that’s not helping either, but I know I’ll snap out of it and get focused on what I want to accomplish this year.  It’s a fresh new page and I’m very excited about what the year holds.  So, today I’m back with a little fashion post.  It’s been a casual few weeks of Christmas.

fashion over 50 Casual Sneakers & Sweaters

Lauren was here with her family for over a week and it was so nice to spend time with them and see those girls almost every day.  We went to Avalon their last night here and enjoyed getting out and seeing the tree and ice skating rink

Casual Sneakers & Sweaters

Can you spot one of my Christmas presents?  I had my eye on these black Adidas sneakers (affiliate link)  when my friend, Traci, had them at Haven last year and I thought they would be a good addition to my closet.  I love a good pair of walking shoes and these have gel soles that are very comfy.

fashion over 50

The sweater is also new and from Old Navy and their end of year sales have been really good.  It’s a lightweight longer top, good with jeans or even yoga pants.

Casual Sneakers & Sweaters

These jeans are Rock & Republic which I’ve had for several years from Kohls and here’s a close-up of the sneakers.

Casual Sneakers & Sweaters

Paired with a houndstooth coat I got from Chadwick’s last year, it was warm and cozy.  The only thing I don’t like about this coat is it has no pockets!  What coat doesn’t have pockets?

Casual Sneakers & Sweaters fashion

We were out walking around braving the chill and it wasn’t too bad out there.

Casual Sweaters at home

Here’s a look at another sweater I got from Old Navy too and I really like this one. It’s a cable knit in a soft gray mix and works well with my charcoal jeans and gray shoes.  I think this one is sold out, it’s not coming up anymore on the website except in a creme color, which would be good too.  I’ll link them below the post.

casual sweater fashion

Very cozy feeling sweater.  These are Tom’s booties that I’ve shared before too and I’ll link again below.

casual jeans boots

I’ve really enjoyed these jeans from Old Navy and those suede booties too.  They go with so any things I wear.

Here are links to the same or similar things to what I’m wearing!  The gray sweater linked is not the same one I’m wearing, but has a similar look.  Thank you all for stopping by today.  I’m working this week on getting my Christmas decor all down and packed away, hope you’re having a good week.

- Rhoda


  1. Hi, I find it difficult coming off of Christmas too. I have to motivate myself to take down the Christmas decorations.

  2. Rhoda, you always look so cute and put-together! January can be a long and dreary month and couple that with coming after Christmas with all the fun and festivities, it seems to dampen the enthusiasm for resolutions and goals. Your accomplishments are the fuel that get me going! Hope you have recovered from the dreaded shingles and they don’t ever come back. Happy New Year to you and Mark!

    • Hi, Donna, thank you so much! I am completely over the shingles, thank goodness. The rash went away within 3 weeks and the tingling & burning lasted another 3 weeks, but now I’m doing good. I’m so glad you get inspiration from coming by to see me!

  3. Cute outfits! I love dressing in one color but different textures. Petite trick to look taller. Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. Where is Avalon? Not familiar with that shopping area.

  5. Cute sweaters. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of gray booties. I love my Toms.

  6. Tiffany Yodeler says

    Being almost 50 myself, I just can’t see wearing those black addidas sneakers. I think they look too much like an older person trying to look young and hip, but just not accomplishing that goal. Sorry. Everything else you wear always looks great, but these shoes need to stay on the young people, I think. Just my opinion.

    • HI, Tiffany, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, as we all are. I don’t find these sneakers particulary youthful, especially with gel inserts. They are sporty but not overly so, in my opinion. They are definitely comfortable and I’ll be wearing them with yoga pants and jeans for a very casual look.

    • I’m still laughing at Tiffany’s comment. Sometimes comfort is more important than anything else.😂. I’m 62, and wear sneakers when I’m going to be out and about for any length of time. Hopefully people are so dazzled by the rest of me they’re not condemning my footwear !! So funny, Rhoda! Actually, Grace should be your first name! Love your blog…….and you!

    • HI, Rebecca, oh I love your comment too! Thanks for laughing along with me. I’ve learned that everyone has opinions and don’t mind sharing!

    • Candy Meyer says

      Yes, I thought that reply was kind of strange, as everybody I know wears sneakers (we are all about 70) and I never had any thoughts that they looked too young! Oh well, I guess differences in opinion make the world go ‘round haha! Rhoda, they look darling on you and do not make you look like somebody who is trying to look young and hip. You look like a lady who is well put together and very fashionable! 😍 My opinion, of course 😀

    • THank you, Candy!

  7. Hi Rhoda: I think you look stylish and fantastic in all of your looks! You have impeccable taste and I always enjoy your fashion posts. Your new home is also decorated beautifully. Hope you and Mark have a wonderful 2018!

  8. Toni Samples says

    Hi Rhoda,

    You have great style! Love your coat! Why don’t you take it to alterations and have pockets added? You would probably enjoy it!

  9. I’ve been feeling the same, so I guess it is just the after holiday time, plus the extreme cold has us housebound! Wish I could wear sweaters like your pretty grey one, but I have to be able to whip them off when I get hot, so no pullovers for me. Sigh. Years of this is no fun, but thankful for good health! Your outfits are both very cute and you are so slim!

  10. Rhoda, Rhoda, Rhoda…..probably the reason you are feeling a little spent is because, since your wedding ,in JULY for heavens sake, you have married, honeymooned, adjusted to a man’s ways, adjusted to living with someone after so many years of being independent, moved both your homes, decorated your home and all the micro and macro decisions that involves. Cared for your Father and Mother and their health., Welcomed hubby’s family, adjusted to all the politics that involves, Bought a new car., traveled for business, written your blog, decorated your home for Christmas, been a wife to your husband, preparing meals, shopping for Christmas, organizing closets drawers storage, prepared to have a fence built and all the details you haven’t even shared with us. Now you have to put away holiday decorations. You are like the EverReady Bunny. I’m tired just writing it all down. Girlfriend, go sit in the bathtub. Add bubbles. have some tea. Play some beautiful music. Read a book. Sleep. Cuddle. Sit on the sofa and watch some mindless Hallmark movies. Relax. Should cure the winter blahs. Love you. Happy New Year!

    • HI, Cynthia, wow when you put it like that, I am tired! Haha! It has definitely been a busy year for me and I’m already slowing things down. I remember that most Januarys I feel this way and then as the year picks up, then my creativity comes back and I’m ready to tackle more projects. We did relax a lot during the Christmas break and watched a ton of Christmas movies together and it was truly restful. Happy New year and thank you for stopping by!

  11. Your outfit was great. I am short–5’2″ so I can’t always wear the things that look so great on you, but like your style. I rock Superga tenni’s and would totally wear the Adidas and I’m 58….in my mind I am 40 lol. Plenty of time for me to look old later, ha! You home is looking great! Blessings for 2018!

    • THank you Debra! I visited Italy years ago and still remember those Supergas on all the Italian girls.

  12. I have loved January for a long time. And, it has become my favorite month of the year. I began feeling this way when my kids were young. It seemed we were so busy with sports, school, and the holiday push that January was a welcome relief. There were no parties at school, it was between sport seasons, and spring activities hadn’t begun. My kids are grown, but the rhythm of the year has stayed the same. I have continued leaving January to be a month of rest. And, I look forward to it. I plan for it with several books lined up to read, pen and paper nearby for jotting down ideas and thoughts, and a general slowdown of daily activity. It keeps me focused.

    • Nancy, I love that you have chosen January as rest month and reflection month. That’s a great idea! I tend to just slow down anyway in January just because it feels like it’s normal to do that after the busy Christmas season.

  13. I noticed the Ikat chair cover with a black accent pillow. I have pillows and an accent cahir in that same pattern and have black and white patterned balls in a large jar in the same room. . Somehow I think the black goes with the pattern. I was in a funk with jet lag after going home to Va. from England for a three week visit. I think the thought of putting away the Christmas things was dragging me down, once the decorations were put away and I made a winter wreath I felt better. I like the idea of a restful January, too. Time to reflect, too. Regarding the tennis shoes, not a fan for me as I feel short and dumpy unless I am going to the gym in them. Here in the UK there are so many comfy, stylish walking shoes . Most woman don’t wear tennis shoes when out. You are so tall and slim that wouldn’t be an issue for you.

    • HI, Lorraine, hope you had a wonderful Christmas visit to VA. And yeah, this time of year is just extra blah for many of us, I think. I’m starting to get some mojo back and have a few things I want to tackle around here. My hubby and I are both trying to gear up for more projects and getting things done in our house, but there’s no rush, we can pace ourselves.

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