Fashion over 50: Casual White Jeans and Sneakers

Hey there! It’s not that exciting of a Fashion over 50 today, but this is what I actually wore out to dinner last weekend to our local fave restaurant, Henry’s. I don’t follow the rule to not wear white after Labor Day, so white it is. I mean, when the weather is in the 90’s the entire month of September into October, I say what rules?

These white jeans I’ve had forever, Kut from the Cloth and they have served me well. That top is an Old Navy find that I got earlier this summer. They have some great tees and I love the color of this one.

The Gap jeans jacket I’ve had forever too and those white Sperry tennis shoes are a summer buy.

Our little town of Acworth is all decorated for Fall so it was fun to be out and about on a Friday night.

Plenty of good photo spots on Main Street.

Every October, the local businesses put up scarecrows on the fence down Main Street and it’s so cute. This one is of Henry outside his namesake restaurant where we ate, Henry’s. It was too funny so I had to pose with him. If you haven’t seen Henry, he has to the shoulders salt and pepper hair and is quite the character.

So that’s it for this week. I’ll share the shoes I’m wearing below and I’m also going to add in some fashion finds that I like for the week. I’ll start doing more of this too as I see sales and good deals along the way that I think you might be interested in too. If you see a blank picture, it’s from TJ Maxx. For some reason their photos do not translate on the app, but you can click over to see the item.

There are always sales going on and I love a good deal, as I know you all do too (affiliate links used):

- Rhoda


  1. I love this outfit. It’s my favorite of all the ones you’ve shown. I have to add that you look very young and carefree in it.

  2. Phyllis Warwick says

    That outfit looks really cute and young and stylish on you and love your hair curly.

  3. Barbara Moore says

    I adore your fashion over 50 (60?!) posts. But they should be called ‘ fashion over 50 for women that look 35’. You’re stunningly beautiful, my friend.

  4. You look cute and stylish, Rhoda! I’m with you on the white jeans rule…if it is 100 degrees like last week, I’m wearing them. And I’m also seeing them in a lot of fall catalogs, paired with autumn colored tops. If anybody tells me I’m inappropriate, I will give them an icy stare and reply “it is Winter White, my dear”.

    • Thanks, Roxanne! I agree, that old white after Labor Day rule is a little archaic now. I like your response!

  5. What a darling outfit! I need to find a jeans jacket-it is so versatile! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Okay, you cute thing. You know I’m coming to get you for wearing those white shoes! Run! Run!hahaha! Come to Fairhope sometime soon and we’ll discuss it over a glass of wine.

    • Hey Leslie Anne! I wish I could just pop down there at will, would love to catch up with you.

  7. I’m wearing whitish jeans today. My grandma is probably rolling in her grave but it’s just so hot here in Florida that this Midwestern girl is making her own rules! That’s a cute outfit on you! I also wanted to tell you I like your idea of the other kind of fashion post too. You can do the legwork for me and show me all the options and I will probably end up buying something. (For some reason my comments aren’t showing up on anyone’s blogs lately.)

    • HI Jane, thanks for the feedback! I’ll continue to do some posts like that too along the way. Sometimes I just don’t have a great outfit to share that’s not already been shown to death.

  8. Rhoda, Hi,
    I’ve been watching some of your video blogs.
    I especially love how you have included your mom and dad in them. I have just watched your dad showing off his garden. You were asking him to give tips on how to plant one.
    I have a question about your parents and their garden. Did they tiller plant, hoe and pick the produce on their own? I know my parents alway did, up until prob 8 yrs ago. My mom was born in 1940 and dad in 1936. My sister lives next door to them and now plants the garden and they love to be in the middle of it when they can, especially my momma… but as time does they have wore down their bodies and aren’t capable of handling the whole of it.
    I just wanted to praise the looks of your dads garden and hope he and your mom had a great harvest!
    Oh yeah one more thing , the way we try okra is buttermilk with egg, pour that over the okra then have the corn meal salted and ready. Then dish the okra out and into the corn meal . Make sure your corn meal is in a deep bowl so that when you get your okra in there put a lid on and shake until all okra is cover. Lastly dish out into hot grease we use canola oil or high heat olive oil, that is of course in a skillet.
    Thanks for reading
    P.S. I just discover southern hospitality about when you started video blogging your new tile floor , which looks awesome!!

    • HI, Teresa, thanks for stopping by, so glad you found me. That video with my dad in the garden was done 3 years ago. He’s 92 now and his garden this year was much smaller, but he did plant a few things. He did till the garden this year but he is definitely getting weaker and not able to do what he did 3 years ago, so next year’s garden will probably be very small. I think my brother in law is going to plant in the garden next year. I’m almost finished with that patio project, so glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be sharing it soon.

  9. Hi Rhoda!!

    And who says we have to follow all those rules, not me!!😂 I absolutely love your outfit.

    The one thing I dislike about the fashions of Fall and Winter is that women tend to go for dark browns, beige, grey and black. I have a few and I mean a few pieces of those colours but I want to follow the colours around me. The yellows, reds, oranges and the faded greens.

    Life is so much better with nice bright colours, even in winter.

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. so cute – I just can’t do white after Labor Day in front of my Mom LOL who still abides by the “Rule” but agree when it was 98 here go for it I say!

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