Fashion over 50: Classic Black and White Dress

Well, I don’t know about you, but this August heat is about to do me in. As in complete melt down, it’s so hot! But this time of the summer, I’m way over the heat and ready for Fall. It happens every year so there is no surprise to it at all.

I have to think about what I’m going to wear during this time. It can be so cold in air conditioning, yet so hot outdoors, but dresses are generally cooler for me. I opted for this Chico’s dress for church last Sunday and didn’t even take a sweater with me and I was fine in the air conditioning.

This knee length Chico’s dress is not new fashion but from an older season, but I love the black and white print of it. It’s that comfortable knit fabric that can roll up and travel anywhere without wrinkles.

These black wedge shoes are from Sam Edelman and I got them at least 2 summers ago.

I’m wearing shell accessories, this necklace is from Chico’s when I worked with them recently and I love how delicate it is.

My shell accessories mix well with it.

This shell stretch bracelet I’ve had for a long time and got it in Destin one year.

It’s cool and casual and just right for a hot summer day. What are you wearing these days to beat the heat?

Deal Alert! I just saw that Chico’s is having a 40% of sale today online on your entire purchase. Use code 99308 to get it. That’s a great deal! 

Here are a few dresses and shoes I found below that you might be interested in (affiliate links used):

- Rhoda


  1. What a great outfit! Classic with a little edge to it. Love those shoes!

  2. Such a cute dress Rhoda, but you are always in fashion, always looking beautiful!

  3. That is a very timeless look, Rhoda, and looks cool but stylish! I can stand the heat, but this humidity is murder! We had a big storm about midnight where the rain was great for the grass, but the humidity this morning feels like 1000%.

    • I hear you Roxanne, that’s my feeling too. The humidity is killing my hair too, there’s no way to stay frizz free with that stuff. Ready for the cooler!

  4. Have you ever talked about how you store/display your jewelry so you know how to quickly find appropriate pieces for finishing off an outfit? Or do you plans and think before accessorizing? I have a minute to put together a outfit. Actually, I have all day but no patience. An example, last night Inwore a bright pink to a cocktail gathering. I put on my pearls and a diamond heart, now I am thinking….I would have looked more fun and youthful if I had accented with turquoise. Guess an out fit gene like you have is missing here😘. Love your dress and natural hair.

    • HI, Gayle, thank you! I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about accessories. I have a large hanging jewelry case in my closet where all my jewelry is stashed. Best thing ever since I have so many pieces. I really need to clean it out again because I don’t wear everything, but can’t seem to part with it. You’re right it’s great to mix colors and turquoise and pink is a nice look. I love my turquoise jewelry the best and wear it a lot. Think chunky necklaces and earrings, those are very much a statement maker. I tend to grab those pieces more than delicate items.

  5. great choice in shoes with that dress, Reminds me to play with shoes a little more than I do.

  6. Hot here in TN as well, but I love Spring and Summer! We have really been lucky as we had a few days in July 90s and have experienced it the last few days also. Thunderstorms last evening, so today it is back in the 80s. Supposed to stay that way until Sunday when 90 comes back but also rain. The nice thing is we have had alot of haze/overcast skies on those hottest days so it makes it bearable. Mornings and evenings have been nice. I cannot stand to stay inside all the time, so we get out during those times. We also have a pergola with a shade cover on our patio, so that helps. Great weather for the water activities!!

    I recently retired so I dress pretty casual unless going out and about. I’m not into dresses much but I love the ankle pants (both skinny and wider, flowy legs). Around the house it’s shorts and tees and longer length tanks. I rarely wear jeans this time of year, but when I do, it’s the cropped variety. Rayon, linen and cotton are my friends this time of year.

    • Hi, Tina, it’s hard not to sweat when we go outside these days! I’m very casual most of the time too these days.

  7. Brenda Smith says

    Rhoda, you look cool and comfortable. Love the look and accessories. Chico’s is very fortunate to have you working with them. Love their clothes.
    HOT here in North Alabama. In and out can’t stay in this heat. Was watering flowers in the dark last night and was still hot. Enjoy your Wednesday. God is so Good.

    • Hi, Brenda, thank you. This heat has been intense hasn’t it? This wasn’t sponsored by Chico’s, it’s a past season dress I happen to have. But I will be working with Chico’s again soon and I’m happy to do so!


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