Fashion over 50: Comfortable Athletic Wear

There are so many clothing options out there and sometimes we just want to be comfortable, don’t we? I know I sure do, but I like to look decent too. Today I’m sharing an outfit I would wear if I was flying or traveling somewhere during the Fall months. It is no secret that I love yoga pants and I wear them often to the gym as well as out and about running errands. But I really like to feel a little better than just yoga pants, so this outfit is inspired by workout clothes, but with a little more polish.

I picked up this Talbots vest at a local consignment shop recently and knew it would be a good layering piece for Fall. The striped gray top underneath is from Loft and the yoga pants are Adrienne Vittadini from TJ Maxx and they are slightly flared, which is my fave. I’ve bought most of my yoga pants from there and they usually have a good selection at reasonable prices. These are stretchy and thick with lots of lycra.

I’ve also had good luck finding comfortable fleece type long sleeve tops at Goodwill for wearing to the gym during the colder months. I just can’t see spending a lot of money on these items when I can find like new at a consignment store or thriftstore.

The Adidas shoes I’ve had for at least 2 years now and they are gel soles and very comfortable. I wear them to the gym and on our bike rides around town.

Did you notice the handband? This is a new to me online shop that I saw on Instagram, Sea Marie Designs (affiliate link) and this is one of the headbands they sent me. With my curly hair, these chunky headbands are a fun addition.

Downtown Acworth was a perfect backdrop for this photoshoot. This outfit is comfortable, casual and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to wear out in public.

With Fall just around the corner, I can see wearing things like this on a Fall weekend running errands, going to the mountains, or definitely if I’m traveling on a plane. It has a hood too which might come in handy.

I’d also wear this vest with a solid white shirt or long sleeve top or a black and white top.

It’s a very comfy outfit and I’m glad I found this vest. I’ve picked up another coral long sleeve athletic jacket too that will also be a nice addition to my workout wardrobe and I will be layering it as well. I don’t have any puffer vests, but I’m sure those are nice too. this one is a thick cotton blend.

And that’s a peek of how I dress down or get casual and comfortable for a day outing, plane/road trip or Fall errands around town.

Here are a few things that are similar to what I’m wearing, same shoes (affiliate links used):

- Rhoda


  1. You made some great finds, Rhoda! And that headband is definitely a keeper, you look adorable!! Since I retired, yoga pants are my go to for fall and winter errand running. If anyone has a hint on how to keep black ones from not fading, I would love a suggestion. The hardware on that wooden door is incredible!!

    • Thanks Roxanne! I love finding great pieces out there at consignment & thriftstores. And the more yoga pants, the better. I haven’t had too much of a problem with mine fading terribly. I wear them a lot to the gym and running errands and they are a staple for me during winter months too. Check out TJ Maxx, they usually have a great selection. I love these I have on, they are spandex-y and should hold up well.

    • I use Woolite laundry soap for Dark clothing…it seems to work well for blacks and other deep colors

    • I use Woolite Laundry Detergent for Dark clothing….it works well for black and other deep colors

  2. This is a very cute outfit and it looks neat and trim. Like you, I want to be comfortable too, but I still want to look pulled together even if i am only running around doing errands. The way I dress colors my attitude too. If I make an effort, I feel better. By the way, I just love the lunches you film with your parents. They are truly adorable and you are blessed to still have them.

    Susan and Bentley

    • HI, Susan, thanks so much! It does make a difference if we try to do something each day. And I’m glad you all enjoy the videos with my parents. They are fun to share!

  3. Rhoda – it bears saying again – you could be a model ! You always look so stylish and I love your hair when you leave it naturally curly – it makes you look so young ! Thanks for a great blog.

    • Thank you, Patricia, that makes my day! I would love to do more clothing things for brands and hope that might expand in the future. I think everyone is looking at our older group of Baby Boomers in a new way now & I’m seeing so many gorgeous women on Instagram doing fashion blogs now. So there’s definitely a need for this in our age group, I think. Hopefully brands will start seeing the value of us modeling their clothing more & more.

  4. Love your beautiful, natural hair, Rhoda. The headband looks great with this style!

    • Thank you, Janet, I wore my hair curly in the 80’s with headbands, so it’s fun to do it all over again. My curly hair has been with me my whole life so it’s nice to have the option of going back and forth. Especially summer months, I have to just go with the flow, humidity is killer on my hair, but I try to manage it and just go curly.

  5. Rhoda, I love this outfit! Now that I’m retired, I would love to put together more outfits like this one. As always, you look simply beautiful and you bring together an outfit that doesn’t break the bank. You are, indeed, one of my very favorite blogs to follow. You are true to heart, down to earth, and an inspiration to all that follow you! Blessings!

    • Thank you, Cathy, I’m so glad to hear that. I really don’t have to shop consignment or thriftstores, but I just love finding bargains and love that you can find good deals everywhere. I’ve always had that mentality and always will.

  6. Edie Walker says

    Thank you for the idea that consignment and thrift shops are places to buy new or nearly-new tops. Some of the thrift stores in my area do not have clean clothing, so I only donate (dry-cleaned) clothing to them, but never think of them as a resource for myself. I’ll have to look harder!

    • HI, Edie, we have some good consignment stores in my area and thriftstores can be great too. It does take time to look, but it’s fun to find those bargains. Maybe give it another try.

  7. That’s my kind of outfit for laid back errand days. It’s stylish enough that it doesn’t look like we’re running around in gym clothes. And I LOVE the headband. It looks super good with that ton of gorgeous hair you have!

    • Thank you, Jane, I’m all for comfort, but it’s nice to add a little something to kick it up and the vest and headband do that, I think.

  8. Your outfit is exactly what I like! Speaking of traveling, I always wear a jacket with hood when flying to lay my head on when leaning back in the seat! My TJMaxx is, unfortunately, not a good resource for athleisure wear. I agree with others, your hair is darling!

  9. We drive back and forth from GA to FL all the time and I always, no matter what season, wear yoga pants to make the trip. In the summer, when I have the a/c on in the car, I get too cold in shorts. And any other season, they just work. I like to be comfy when traveling.

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