Fashion over 50: Cool Summer Dress

Staying cool is still the name of the game here in Atlanta at the moment! Since we live near the lake, we’re getting afternoon showers about every other day which is good for the plants. Not so good for being outside, but we’ve managed to have some gatherings this summer on our patio space and that’s been fun.

Today’s dress is courtesy of a sweet reader of mine. You all are the best readers ever! June sent this dress to me after I posted about my Ross dress finds earlier this spring. She found this one and bought two of them at the same time. Long story, but she ended up sending the 2nd one to me and I’m the happy recipient of a gracious gift! It’s a cute dress from Ross in navy and white with embossed roses on the pattern.

It’s just below the knee which works fine for me and it’s a knit fabric that should wash and wear very nicely.

I wore it with some Franco Sarto wedge shoes I’ve had for a few years and neutral always works.

My jewelry is neutral too.

Thank you June for thinking of me and sending this along. You are a sweetheart! I’ll wear it proudly.

It’s very comfy and casual too, perfect for summer heat. I could also see wearing this dress with my flat flip flop white sandals for an even more casual look. I’m all about flip flops in summer too.

Are you beating the heat this summer and what’s your favorite way to say cool? No doubt about it, it’s hard to stay cool these days and going outside most definitely means sweating will occur.

Here are a few things I found online and there are some good sales going on. Those shoes I linked are a pair I just bought and will share them next week with an outfit, but wanted to put them out there because they may sell out. The ones linked below are SO comfortable and I love them on. I got the Sand Nubuc color. The platform sole makes them so easy to walk in and they aren’t too high. Affiliate links below, which means I earn a small commission if you buy through my link, at no additional charge to you!

- Rhoda


  1. That dress is perfect on you!

  2. I do not see the links you mention in your post…. inquiring minds want to know.

    • Hi, Diane, it’s that row of clickable clothes links right at the bottom of my post. Those are links to clothes and shoes.

  3. Rhoda, I love this dress on you, it’s so cute! That was so sweet of June to send it to you!! It looks very cool and comfortable. It’s dark definitely July in the South with our afternoon storms and hairdo ruining humidity!

    • Judith Metheny says

      I live on Conroy Circle right behind your old house in Birmingham I follow you, especially on Fridays. I initially heard about your blog from Carol Farley of Classic Home Decor in Pelham.

      I have a suggestion for a post. I think you should show us how you organize your closet. Since you seem to be constantly getting new clothes, I’m wondering how you decide what goes and what stays. Just an idea!

    • HI, Judith, thank you for following! How about that, you live in my old neighborhood. I just cleaned out my closet, but it’s not that exciting. My closet is not huge and I organize it by color & by season. Long sleeves and short/sleeveless together. I do get a fair amount of new clothes during the seasons, but usually just a couple of times a year with a few here and there. I’m not sure I could come up with an interesting post on my closet. It’s just a matter of cleaning out things I’m not wearing anymore and making room for anything new. I try to clean it out once a year. I donate to Goodwill when I clean it out. I still have things in my closet that I’ve had for 5 or more years and if I still love them, they stay.

    • Thank you, Roxanne, it was very sweet of June and you’re so right about the weather right now. Just gotta roll with it.

  4. Great dress and it looks wonderful on you!

  5. Edie Walker says

    The dress is wonderful! You have such a great sense of style.

  6. I always wear 3/4 length sleeves on my outfits since I feel my upper arms are unsightly. Would love to see fashions in this category.

    • Hi, Pat, I try to mix things up and you’ll see more 3/4 sleeves and longer during fall and winter in what I share. It’s very hot here so I tend to wear sleeveless a lot during summer.

  7. diane in northern wis says

    Love this dress on you Rhoda! Looks great!

  8. I have lived in dresses up until this summer and I tried on some shorts at Loft and feel in love. I am leaving for a cruise tomorrow and I will be packing both dresses and shorts. So sweet of June to send you the dresses you look comfortable and cool.

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