Fashion over 50: Cute Tops

I’m back today with another fun and new top from Covered Perfectly (affiliate link).  I’ve enjoyed working with this women’s clothing line (made in the USA) out of beautiful fabrics in longer length for women who want to be a bit more covered up.  They really do have a great selection of tops and I have loved every piece I’ve gotten from them.

fashion over 50001

This top is called the TwoFer and it’s all one piece, not a jacket and top like it appears. It is soft and drapes well, made out of MicroModal fabric which is soft and washes well too.  This is the Black and Snow Leopard, which of course I love, because a little animal print is just fun.

fashion over 50002

I wanted to get a good shot of the back so you can see how it dips down in back and covers the posterior.

fashion over 50003

As always, I love black and white and it just always looks fresh and classic.  I paired this with my Vince Camuto wedge suede heels and love this combo.

Jeans – Kut from the Kloth (affiliate link)

fashion over 50004

You can see how the neckline drapes softly and makes a great looking outfit, with this combo top that looks like 2 pieces.

fashion over 50005

I’ve shared the Fit and Flare before too, in the same Snow Leopard fabric and love how it looks with white jeans.

fashion over 50006

These longer lengths are great on women over 50.  Check out Covered Perfectly (affiliate link) for lots of fun tops for the more mature woman.

fashion over 50040_20150728

Their cascading vest  (affiliate link) is still one of my faves too, along with the Simple Fit top which comes in several colors.

This is not a sponsored post, but I do receive commissions on anything sold through my affiliate link, so thank you for that!

Southern Hospitality subscribers receive a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code SH20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from and the discount will apply on up to two items, or, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special! Only one discount per order. Start Shopping!


Here are my jewelry selections for those top 2 outfits. Necklace and Black/gold fancy bracelet from Wrist Soiree.  Black bangle from C Wonder.  Watch from the Atlanta Mart.  Earrings from Country Living Fair.

Hope you enjoyed this Fashion over 50!  Being stylish is fun and I’m going to grow older doing all I can to keep looking good, no matter the age.

- Rhoda


  1. I love the tops, especially the first one and the cascading top. Why is it that I have a difficult time finding tops that look classy and covers decently!! I am over 60 and still like to look good and stylish. Also, I like having something with sleeves especially when we go out to eat. Invariably I am either near a fan or air-conditioning blowing me away. I can’t enjoy my food wit my teeth chattering. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Very cute outfit. Off topic question — do you wear any sort of sock with your ankle wedge booties? It appears you are bare legged. I just bought a pair of ankle booties and am trying to figure out how to wear them in the cold weather. Are trouser socks, crew socks, etc. acceptable in your opinion? I am afraid they feel uncomfortable around my ankles when bare legged. I may have to take them back if wearing with socks/hosiery of some sort is a fashion faux pas!

    • Lynn, I think it’s fine to wear some black socks or whatever color goes with your booties. I like the no sock look with these but you could wear socklets that are hidden too. Experiment with socks & find some you like. I don’t mind the thicker winter socks sort of scrunched below pants as well. I see them worn both ways. My tan booties I usually wear some tan scrunched socks. With white pants I would not have liked socks.

  3. Love all of these and you were so smart to put the tops with white jeans! Your jewelry really works too. I’m going to check out the tops. 🙂

  4. You always look so stylish Rhoda and manage to find the perfect pieces to put together an outfit. Sadly I am not so savvy and live in my jeans but seeing your outfits makes me want to make more effort. I think the secret is to buy outfits or something that will work with several items, that’s where I fail.

  5. Love your style.
    You are in inspiration for those of us over 50, 60, even 70.
    We want to look stylish too.

  6. Laura Williams says

    Dear Rhoda,
    I am trying to get a perspective of how Covered Perfectly tops may look on me! I’m 5’2″ medium in a top.
    Do you mind me asking your height and weight? You look beautiful in these tops and i love the longer length. Just hoping I get a better picture of where the length may be on me.

    • Hi, Laura, I am 5’8″ and a size small (I weigh about 128). I have had some shorter women chime in and say they love the tops too, so hopefully they would work for you as well.

    • Laura Williams says

      Thank you for your quick response! I will be putting in my order!

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