Fashion over 50: Fall Fashion Hues

Happy Wednesday and finally it’s October! The weather is just now about to catch on and we might be out of the 90’s by the weekend, whew!

It’s Fashion over 50 day, but I don’t have a new outfit to share and really I’ve been busy going out of town and working on a project around the house, that I didn’t have anything exciting to share out of my closet this week.

Some of you have mentioned in the past that you’d like more ideas for new things that you could buy now, so I thought it would be fun to mix things up and share some ideas for Fall clothing that is available now, many things on sale. Nothing I ever choose is really expensive, so these are ideas and outfits that I would wear myself and you might enjoy too. Let me know if this is helpful and if you like the idea of me sharing more mood boards like this with colors that could be worn together, along with shoe ideas too. There are so many fashion bloggers out there now and I don’t see how they keep up with sharing new outfits so often. That’s not that easy for me, especially since I don’t go out and buy new things all the time so I end up repeating things from season to season. This might be a good way to introduce current things that I can link to and give you ideas on how I would wear them together.

So please let me know if you like this idea and if it’s helpful to you all! These are a mix of brands, nothing too expensive.

Fall fashion over 50 inspiration

Rust Sweater // Tan Booties //


That rust sweater I shared last week would be a great mix with this mood board. I love wearing blue and rust together.

Target Rust Sweater

Here are a few things I spotted that are all neutral and would flow together. I also wear a lot of these colors in the Fall and Winter months.

Zebra cardigan // Python Cardigan // Herringbone Cardigan  // Tan Suede Booties // Black Booties // Black Suede Booties

I’ve just ordered these two pairs of shoes, great deals from Nordstrom Rack. Limited sizes, but their clearance racks are super sales! These will both be great for Fall looks. 

Jumpsuit from TJ Maxx

Sweater Dress/TJ Maxx

Let me know what you think about this and if you like this format, I can do more mood boards and if you have any specifics you’d like to see me scope out, let me know that too. I love shopping for sale things! Thanks as always for stopping by!

- Rhoda


  1. I like this concept as well as your regular Fashion Over 50 posts. Showing how you remix things you already have is great. I like to get ideas for ways I can use things I already have, and both types of posts do that.

    • THanks, Gayle, I’ll continue to do both, but sometimes if I don’t have an outfit to share I may find some sale things and share those like I’ve done here

  2. I think you do what a lot of us do, shop our closets for new combinations in what we already own. I really like “discovering” an old favorite and partnering it with something I bought at a later time. By guess and by golly fashionista, that’s me. Adding a little extra with new purchases and it’s gold. Perhaps this blog post is something you could do quarterly, either before or after the seasons change, just to give a heads up perspective on what’s current? I liked a lot of you you picked out and it gave me new ideas as well.

    • Hi, Jan,thanks for the feedback. I may do these more often as some weeks it’s hard to find something fresh to share in my closet. I have things that are 4 or 5 years old that I’m still wearing, especially shoes and staple pieces like jackets.

  3. Love the finds Rhoda! We got a bit of drizzle yesterday to welcome October here in Colorado.
    PS. Our rescue Bernese Mountain Dog is from outside Atlanta! His foster mama lived outside the city! laura

  4. I am finishing up a 200 mile hike ( religious pilgrimage) in Spain tomorrow. After wearing hiking clothes for two weeks, I can’t wait to start wearing cute fall clothes.

    • Bueno! I always wanted to do the Spain pilgrimage. Can you share the starting and ending city?

    • Me Too, we are “sortof” planning this after 2021 Easter. Lots of research required.

      And Rhoda, I also like the mood board, always up for new ideas.

  5. I would enjoy and think would be helpful to readers to see more of your friends with outfits for other heights and sizes. I remember you posted a few friends before and even a couple updating their home, have wondered if they are doing more with their house. Thanks.

    • Hi, Dee, I don’t have a lot of friends willing to be on here that I see on a regular basis, so that would be hard to do. So you’ll have to get me most of the time. There are a number of over 50 fashion bloggers out there now, so I’m sure you can find all different shapes and sizes. The friends updating their homes are on hold right now too, nothing new to share due to budgets or where they are in life at the moment.

    • Dee, I like this idea also!

  6. This was great – I actually took a screenshot of your rust sweater and blue striped top – thank you for the inspiration! I like how you mix things up – not all home or fashion or food, etc. I hope you receive more comfortable weather soon. Again, thank you!

    • Thank you, Cindy! I just can’t do all one thing, life is a mix and that’s how I like to share on here.

  7. I guess I like how you remix your own clothing, but I can imagine that might get hard to do over time. So this mood board is a nice idea to mix it up as well. But, please keep posting your own ideas from your own closet as well. I really appreciate your down to earthiness and I don’t mind repeats of your own ideas from your closet.

    • Thanks Lynn, I’ll keep doing my own fashion too. I might do the mood boards once a month or so as I find great sale items out there to share.

  8. Diane Taylor says

    I love this idea and this format – helps someone like me who always needs a lot of help putting a new look together! I ended up buying that rust cardigan from Target but I bought too big a size, I was drowning in it (and I am a plus size!). I am going to return it for a smaller size, I just love the color! Perfect for fall.

    I vote to do this format whenever you want Rhoda :):)

    • Thank you, Diane, I will definitely do it more often as it gets challenging for me to come up with outfit ideas all the time without repeating over and over. I’m glad you got the sweater, it’s a winner!

  9. Rhoda, I like this idea! I like your clothes choices and price points. I do read other bloggers but the stores/prices are not for me. I would rather shop my closet, sales and resale. Thanks for the inspiration.

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