Fashion over 50: Fall Layering

Happy Wednesday and Fashion over 50 day!  I’m back this week trying to get caught up from being on vacation for a week and getting myself together.  I have to tell you a funny story when we went on vacation last week.  We packed our suitcases, taking 2 roll on cases, along with our carry on bags and checked one bag.  I travel a lot more than Mark does, so it’s second nature to me to get myself packed and out the door.  I took a big canvas bag for my carry on and had lots of stuff in there, including my laptop and toiletry bag.  I put on my makeup as we were leaving bright and early that morning and since Mark was taking a flannel backpack with his iPad and not much else, I stuck my makeup bag in there.

As we parked our car in the off site parking lot, getting on the shuttle to the airport, Mark mentioned his backpack and the fact that it wasn’t in our car.  I immediately jumped to my makeup bag and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  You have NO makeup for the week!  I sat there in the early morning chill taking all that in and shaking my head trying to decide how I was going to handle that. NO makeup for the week!  He felt bad about it, but there was nothing to be done then.

Well, when we arrived and got our rental car, as we headed to lunch, we stopped at a CVS and I picked up a few things to get me by, some undereye cover, what I thought was foundation but was actually a Loreal tinted primer, eye shadow and liner. I happened to have a mascara in my purse as well as lipsticks, so at least I had a few things, but it certainly wasn’t my full arsenal of face paint!  But, after the first day, I realized that it wasn’t that important. I put on moisturizer, did my eyes and added lipstick and mascara and I was presentable and didn’t really worry about it the rest of the week.  It’s not a fancy place up there and everyone was casual and layered for rain and clouds, so it was fine after all. Just goes to show that we don’t have to rely on our makeup to get by, although I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen on our next trip! I do like my makeup and definitely feel better with it on!

We didn’t dress up at all and I wore my black sneakers most of the time for walking around and being comfortable.  I wore sweaters and jeans with jackets and vests and scarves. It was in the high 50’s most days and so that was very comfortable most of the time.  We were lucky to get good weather and not a lot of rain.

So when I got back, I wore this outfit over the weekend and it felt good to get my full face back on and wearing something layered and stylish.

Some of these I’ve shared before and one of them I haven’t. That striped clay/coral top is from Old Navy and I’m really liking it.  This shows how I layered it all depending on how cold it is outside, take off a layer.  This is a long sleeve knit top, with a sweater/fur vest over it and the camel coat on the outside with a scarf and booties.

Here’s a look at the striped top from Old Navy and a furry Winter white sweater vest I’ve had for a few years. I wish I could link this piece, it’s a staple in my Fall/Winter wardrobe and I’ve enjoyed it so much.

So this is a complete outfit by itself and then add a heavier coat on top as needed. I’ve had this scarf for years too, I think I got it at TJ Maxx.

The top is scalloped in front and back.

And I’m really loving the new jeans from Kut from the Cloth I picked up recently from Nordstrom. These are a little more expensive than the cheaper brands, but I love the stretch they have and the fact that they aren’t super tight. Form fitting, but not tight.  Stretchy fabric makes them very comfortable and they are higher waisted too, so I can tuck in a top if I want.

These are the kinds of outfits I love in the Fall. And it’s nice to add color with a scarf too.

These are some of my best colors and it really perks up my face.

So, that’s what I wore over the weekend, a comfy cozy Fall outfit of layers.  I enjoy pulling things from my closet and adding a scarf for color and texture since Fall and Winter clothing can be so neutral.

I do love that camel coat that I got from Old Navy, but the only thing I’m not liking is that it’s pilling all over now that I’ve worn it continually for a week.  I’m still going to keep it and wear it, but I wish the fabric was a little more substantial and would hold up better. I may try to get one of those shavers to get the fuzzies off, but I’ll still wear it. It’s a great weight jacket.

Here’s a look at what I’m wearing and a few things that are similar.

Here’s the striped top link (affiliate link) from Old Navy.  I haven’t had much luck finding a lot of creamy sweater vests like mine.

- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful as always! I told my daughter I wanted a pink fluffy vest (like this)and was on the hunt for one. I’m picky about my vests because I do not care for high collars on my vests. I was visiting with both my daughters in Iowa City this past weekend and wanted to make a quick trip into Forever 21 for a peek at their jewelry (I’ve found some cute, inexpensive jewelry in this store!). As we walked into the mall, my daughter pointed to Forever 21’s window and said “Mom, there’s your vest!” It was a perfect fit! I can’t wait to coordinate it with several pieces in my wardrobe. Funny story, a few years ago we were wandering around this same store and I spotty an adorable mustard cardigan. My daughter said “ugh, no mom! That is ugly!” I went with my gut and bought it. I still wear it a lot and I get lots of compliments. Oh, and guess who borrows it quite frequently 😉. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Marianne A. says

    I was at Old Navy and tried on that coat, based on your blog post about it recently. It looks WAY cuter on you than it did on me, so it was a no-go. Oh well. And FYI, Nordstrom has some really nice sweaters on line, TONS of them, at all price points. You may want to do some browsing. I spent a chunk of time browsing and was able to get a little Christmas shopping done!

    • Well, I guess everything doesn’t work for everyone. I really have enjoyed that coat! I’ll have to check out Nordstrom, although my closet is so full, I sure don’t need must else!

  3. Perfect fall outfits, Rhoda! 🙂

  4. I really love the colors in this outfit and the way you layered it. It looks so pretty on you!

  5. Brenda Lynch says

    I love the colors–so Fall!! I don’t always “do” scarves very well, but my daughter does and I love seeing how she can create an entirely new outfit with a scarf! I read almost everyday, but I love Wednesdays the very best–always great ideas!

  6. You really do look beautiful in the colors you select. I’ve got the same top in navy and white, it’s holding up great, even when I forget and put it in the dryer.
    Amazon has an electric sweater shaver, I bought it for a beautiful expensive sweater that pilled horribly. I use that thing lots more than I ever realized I would. Even my husband’s white socks got shaved. It’s not for sale now but I’m sure there are more like it.

    Hey, maybe you could do a makeup series for us! Thank you for all your hard blog work you do, not trying to pile on more.

    • Thank you, Nancy, I will do something new on makeup. I’ve shared a bit before, but I can do something current and it gives me a break from the clothes. Some weeks I hardly dress up in anything at all. I will get one of those shavers!

  7. Brenda Swindall says

    You look so beautiful in this look. The scarf with the top, love love. I had a ha ha moment when I read about your mishap. We travel by car often to the beach or mountains. Living in Alabama it is great getaways north or south. I pack what I call the bathroom bag. All of our toiletries, hair product, at my age that is 6 🤣 bottles..Last year one of our trips I go to use potty and there it sits bathroom suitcase , thought we were loaded up….NOT 😯 Now Steven asks. Do we have THAT bag🤣 At my age it’s all about moisturizing..
    Thank you for sharing Cape Cod, love love.

    • Thank you, Brenda! I’m using more moisturizer these days too, I used to be so oily when I was younger. Yep, those toiletries and makeup are important to pack for sure. Glad you enjoyed Cape Cod pic, there are LOTS more too come!

  8. Sherry Mullis says

    I had to giggle at your makeup story. We used to go to a family reunion at Myrtle Beach every year. One year I forgot my foundation and told my husband I had to run to the drug store to pick some up as I just COULD NOT do without it for a whole weekend. When I got back he asked me if I had found any “platform” – being in a construction related field he knew it had something to do with construction but could not remember “foundation”. We joked about my “platform” for years.

  9. Rhoda, I am admiring your whole outfit and love the booties. Any info on those would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi, Kim, those are a couple of years old. I’ll have to check the brand and see what they are, but these will no longer be out there.

  10. Rhoda, How nice that you really enjoyed your trip to New England. I can top your makeup bag fiasco – many years ago my husband and I were traveling by plane. I had everything ready to go so that he could pack the car and be ready to go when I got home from work. We got to the airport. he opened the trunk and there was only his suitcase! We always had separate bags and I had to travel to New York with no clothes. I ended up buying a couple of pairs of underpants, a sweater and a top. I fumed (silently but he knew what the look meant) for whole plane ride. I love to shop but was not about to waste time trying to find clothes because I I am petite and find it hard to find a fit or length. I had my carry on with all my essentials so I made do and we had a wonderful time. No fancy eating out. When I tell the story my husband wants to know if I will ever let him off the hook and I tell him no. We do laugh about it now but I have never traveled since without mixing our clothes in the suitcases.

    • OH, Iris,that’s so bad! I forgot my hanging clothes one time at the beach and bought a few things to get me by, but never the whole suitcase! I was sitting on that shuttle bus shaking my head after we discovered Mark had left that bag. I kept shaking my head over and over and finally Mark said, quit shaking your head! I just looked at him and laughed!

  11. Yvonne Bradley says

    Sorry but no just no. Not a fan of this outfit. I am not sure why anybody would consult you about fashion. That scarf looks ridiculous hanging down your chest and the fake fur is not a good look. I don’t think the colors perk up your face.

    • HI, Yvonne, you certainly don’t have to follow me for fashion advice, but not everyone agrees with you, so I would suggest you just move on if you don’t like my fashion sense. There are plenty of other bloggers to follow. I find your comments very rude. Just because you don’t like my style or blog, you don’t have to say those things.

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