Fashion over 50: Fall Staples

Hey there friends!  Today’s Fashion post is a little different than most. I don’t have new outfits to share with you.  We were at the beach last week in 90 degree weather and I was in shorts and bathing suits almost the whole time, so nothing much to share from that.  Fall is elusive right now in Georgia, but we have hopes of her showing up soon.  So that means I’m still not wearing my booties and jeans and sweaters at all yet.  It’s that in between time of crazy Fall weather here in the South. You never know what you’re gonna get!

So, today, I’m sharing a little compilation of the types of clothing I like to wear in Fall months from previous Fashion over 50’s.  When Fall and Winter arrive, it’s nice to add those layers and be comfy in booties and sweaters.

And I’ve rounded up a few sale items of things I like that I think you would like too.  This is a good time to add a few things to the wardrobe if you haven’t already and the sales are good right now.

Sweaters and scarves with flare jeans and booties.

Sweater and skinny gray jeans with gray booties.

Long sweater with knit skinny pants and scarf with knee boots.

Leopard vest with tunic, leggings and knee boots.

Long sweater with scarf, skinny jeans and booties.

Skinny jeans with cotton striped top, military jacket and booties.

Long sweater with jeans and booties, with layered scarf.

Are you seeing a pattern here? These are the types of outfits I tend to put together in the Fall and Winter months, so hopefully you’ll get some ideas too.  I like to go back and see what I’ve worn in the last couple of years. I don’t get rid of my clothes every season, but bring them out again and again until I’m tired of them or they start getting worn out.  But so many things will last several seasons and we can mix them up with new things for a fresh look.

I just bought this eye shadow palette for myself, it’s a great price from Urban Decay and these eye shadow palettes are the best deal for trying out several colors of eye shadows. I tend to like more expensive eye shadows and love Urban Decay.  This one has so many great colors for my color tone and they are all matte shades, which are better for us older gals.

Here are a few things I’m loving right now!  TJ Maxx has some great cross body bags from Italy that I thought were really good deals and there are shoes and cardigans that would be great for Fall layering (all affiliate links).  


- Rhoda


  1. Love that black, red and white scarf! Source for that?

    • HI, Linda, I got that a couple of years ago from an online shop that sent me a couple of scarves. Now I can’t remember the name.

  2. Diane Taylor says

    I bought that eye shadow palette when you posted about it before (on sale) – I love it, perfect size, not too big and the colors are so nice, rich and pigmented :):)

  3. I especially love the leopard vest and military jacket but all the outfits look great! I am sure you have done a post on how to tie scarfs in the past but perhaps you could do another if possible since I am scarf tie challenged! Prayers for all of the Florida Panhandle as Hurricane Michael approaches. Thankfully, your trip wasn’t this week.

    • hi, Teresa, yes so glad we weren’t leaving today instead of last Wednesday! Oh what a difference a week makes! I have a scarf tying video on my sidebar, so check it out. It’s my fave way to tie a scarf!

  4. Carolee Fairbanks says

    I love, love, love the animal print booties in the first picture. Are they comfy and where did you get them? Love your posts, Rhoda!

    • HI, Carolee, I got those 3 years ago or longer and have shared them before, they are by Matisse. I’ll add them to my links, but here’s one I found still out there. They are not super comfortable, but are good for 2 or 3 hours. I saw them on someone and had to have them!

  5. Elizabeth Logan says

    Rhoda, I really like your style in both your decor and wardrobe. Thanks to your inspiration from this post I just spent a wad of cash with Old Navy! LOL I purchased some mix and match tops and sweaters for myself to add to my capsule wardrobe for the office. Also two items for my daugher-in-law, one for her birthday next month and one for Christmas. (First Christmas gift of 2018!)

    Keep your inspirational post coming!

    • HI, Elizabeth, thank you so much, that’s great! Old Navy has some good things to fill in our wardrobes at great prices.

    • Elizabeth Logan says

      I do know how to spell it. In my haste I hit the post button before I could make the correction. 🙂

  6. I wonder if anyone else has had a terrible experience with TJ Maxx online? Every order I’ve placed takes up to two weeks to be mailed and then if anything is missing or a wrong item is sent, customer service does not do anything about it. I’ve continued to lose money because items are received too late or not at all and their return policy is thirty days from date of order not date sent. My last order was missing a dress I needed for a wedding and it’s been three months with no response from TJ Maxx. I am only sharing my personal experience to help anyone else and would really like to hear how it’s gone for other customers. In store is fine. I too love shopping at Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap because their customer service and mailing is always top notch. Loft online has changed policy to only thirty day returns from date of order and they are always late to ship, but I always love their clothing, so maybe I’ll keep my purchases to in store only. Always love your posts Rhoda! You are gorgeous as always. Hope this helps in your shopping!

    • HI, Melissa, I haven’t had any problems so far with TJ Maxx, but I don’t think I’ve had to send anything back. So sorry you had to deal with that, they need to step up their customer service for sure.

  7. You have such a great fashion taste. I love your picks.

  8. Please add me to your e-mail list. Thank you!

    • Hi, Charlotte, I have a subscribe box on here, can you see that? If you’re on mobile, you may not see it, but it shows up on a laptop. You’ll need to sign up and it will confirm to your email address. Thanks!

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