Fashion Over 50 for the Full Figured Woman

My friend, Vicki, is back today with another fashion guest post so I’m letting her chime in and do her thing. You all enjoyed her last post so much that I want to get her back at least once a month.  I know that many of you relate to Vicki and her weight loss journey.

Take it away Vicki…….

When Rhoda posted pics of me last time, many of you responded with such sweet comments that just really blessed me! Thank you!

vicki coral

Today’s Fashion Over 50 post features me in a pair of white cropped pants. I probably wouldn’t go out shopping for a pair of “cropped” pants but these are Rafaella brand I bought at Goodwill and were practically new and a great price so I bought them. For me as a full figured woman (for now) and over 50, I prefer full length pants to capris. Now I know in my mind this is totally crazy, but I don’t like my legs! I have knocked knees! Really! I get them from my grandmother! And I have freckles that have miraculously morphed into age spots! Imagine that! And I have really dry, extremely white skin, well, except for the age spots. Did I mention varicose veins! So…even when I reach a healthy weight you probably won’t find me in a pair of Bermuda shorts or a just-above-the-knee sundress or even capris. This goes back to my first article where I suggest we focus on our best features. I prefer to focus on my face and bring color up to highlight my hair and eyes.


Rhoda and I have similar coloring and both love to wear coral. She has mentioned how aqua and turquoise compliment coral so while there is no aqua in my coral tunic, I tried it and think it works. Seriously, every single time I wear the aqua necklace, I receive complimentary comments on it. Thrift store!!!

purple top

The royal purple tunic is Lauren brand I bought at Belk and I love to wear it but it wrinkles terribly. Just riding in the car to church wrinkled it for these pics. I did not buy the colorful beaded necklace at the thrift store! But it was definitely worth the splurge as I wear it with a lot.


Funny, the grocery store courtesy clerk, a teenage boy, commented on my “awesome” necklace just last night! That’s the beauty of thrift store shopping! We save so much money purchasing wardrobe basics like black, white or khaki pants, white blouses and jeans that we can occasionally splurge on accessories…or pedicures! The necklace makes a statement and matches a lot in my wardrobe so I will enjoy it for years to come.

wood jewelry

Wooden bangles from the thriftstore. 


Please know I am very comfortable sharing my weight loss struggles and successes with you and really appreciate Rhoda giving me this forum to share my heart. As a writer, I am called to use my writing to encourage others and if I can say one simple thing that might encourage someone in their life struggles, then I’m a happy girl. Earlier this year I began a weight loss journey and experienced rapid success. I lost 15 pounds in a little less than a month. Naturally I was thrilled and perhaps became over confident which can be detrimental to my best efforts.

Short story…I haven’t gained all the weight back. I’ve lost 5 more pounds for a total of 20 pounds lost, but have gone up and down about 4 pounds from my lowest weight. Meanwhile, a wonderful lady in my weight loss circle has lost twice as much weight working the same program! She has truly “worked” the program and has reaped the rewards of her commitment to a plan. While I applaud her, I must admit it has been intimidating. So what am I to do? Do I watch her losing weight and think “woe is me” and wallow around in self pity and self-defeatism? If I allow myself to become discouraged I will just give up and gain back the 20 pounds! Or do I watch her, learn from her, and do my best, start over today, and love myself enough to get healthy? I choose love! I’m starting over! Again! Today!

Yes, I’ve lost 20 pounds! Let me tell you, 20 pounds is a lot of weight! Last weekend I enjoyed dancing with our son at my niece’s wedding! I could’ve danced all night! I truly felt much lighter on my feet having lost 20 pounds! Do you want to lose a few extra pounds? Now is the time! It’s never too late to do the right thing, like get healthy! Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Find a plan that you can work consistently. Do it for you, for your loved ones, for God!


Thanks for listening!

You can find Vicki at her blog, Mother Mom’s Musings. 


I’d love for you to check out my guide on adding color without painting, with fabric and textiles.  

Adding Color







- Rhoda


  1. Congratulations Vicki! That is a lot of weight to lose and don’t worry about how others progress — just keep thinking about how great you feel and look. Now, I’m over 60 and my legs aren’t anything to brag about but I do use body lotion with a tint. My legs don’t have that deathly pale look and it covers some of the imperfections. I use the tinting lotion of my lower body and Trader Joe Coconut Body Butter on my upper half. Love the feel and smell of that lotion. Keep up the good work — I’ve got a few pounds to lose myself and I ordered a Fitbit. I’m anxious to try it out. As a food blogger it is sometimes hard not to eat what you make so I thought I needed added activity. Love your jewelry and you look fantastic.

    • Hi Marissa and thank you for sharing the info on our skin care. I’ve heard good things about Fitbit and am considering one myself. I’m not very handy with gadgets. A food blooger! Wow! I will check it out! Thank you for posting, Marissa! Bless you!

  2. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    I love this girls so much. She has an inner light that has shined through her actions since the day I met her 45 years ago. She’s kind, smart, strong AND beautiful. And the chick can dance. I saw her win a dance contest or two back in the 70s. Shhhhh – don’t tell her mom!!! It doesn’t surprise me at all that she is inspiring others here on Rhoda’s blog. She’s been doing it all of her life. I am so so grateful God blessed me with her friendship.

    • Wow Tiny! Your comments have brought me to tear! Yes, we used to dance didn’t we? I have to say both my boys got some moves!! And you are definitely “tiny” now! We are both so blessed at this stage of our lives with husbands, children and GRANDchildren! Thank you and I hope to see you soon!

  3. Carol Higdon says:

    I like both outfits, the coral is my favorite. Congratulations on the 20 lbs lost!

    • Thank you, Carol! I feel pretty when wearing the coral and I do get a lot of compliments. That’s how I know my best colors. Thanks for your encouraging comments!

      • Hi, Vicki. You talked about how the purple tunic gets so wrinkled. Don’t worry about it. Linen, cotton and a few other fabrics are so natural and breathe so well when it gets warm outside that they are totally worth it in my opinion. Anyone who knows you will realize it’s just the fabric and not you being lazy. lol. I absolutely love the colors you’re wearing as they are some of my good colors as well. I’m a redhead with pale skin and have to pay close attention to how much sun I get. I want to encourage all of you reading this to please don’t forget the sunscreen no matter your age. I am 59 and have had 5 cancerous and precancerous spots removed so far.

  4. I, too, am embarking on a weight loss journey of sorts…having just given up soda and trying to make better food choices. I love finding fashion over 50 for the plus size gal – your outfits are cute and I love the necklace! Can’t wait to find you here again!

    • Yes, Cheryl,
      Baby steps like giving up soda is a great beginning to your journey toward health! Good luck to you as you begin. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. Rhoda features me about once a month now. Blessings to you and yours!

  5. savannah kay says:

    Hi Vicki,
    You are lovely and I enjoy seeing your clothing choices. I’m challenged in that department. ahem
    I thought I’d pass along a comment, not advice, that my nutritionist told me. She said if I gain two pounds in one day, I’m probably eating something I’m sensitive to. I do have sensitivities, which I used to call allergies, to gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and sugar. yep, beet and cane sugar. Since my weight fluctuates a lot,
    I can tell when I’ve eaten food containing an allergen. Like Marisa, I love the coconut oil because it’s chemical free. All the best to you.

    • Hi Savannah Kay,
      Thanks for the information! My body is sensitive to carbs and I feel it in my joints when I’ve over indulged in high carb junk. Great that you’ve consulted a nutritionist! Sounds like you’re on the right track. As for fashion, Rhoda brings lots of great ideas to her readers and I’ll be featured again soon so stay in touch! Thanks for posting! Bless you!

  6. Marcella says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss, Vicki. Losing weight is an everyday commitment for me. I take it one day at a time. You look fabulous. Keep up the good work. I love these Fashion over Fifty posts.

    • Hi Marcella,
      Thank you for your encouraging comments! Yes, losing weight is a minute by minute battle for me but become easier as I persevere. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Rhoda’s Fashion Over Fifty feature on Wednesdays! She’s quite the style maven and I’ve learned a lot from her over our many years together!

  7. Vicki,
    You are doing well…I would love to lose 20+ pounds
    I love that multi-colored necklace; I bought it myself…just haven’t worn it yet.
    You inspire me in so many ways; and Rhoda has so many wonderful ideas that gives me courage to try . Well, think about trying

    For some reason the blog posts are now going to my trash folder.
    This just started a week ago and I don’t know why. Help?!

    • Karen, I’m not sure either, but maybe it’s a setting on your email.

      • Do I have to add something to my mailbox like the email address for the blog?

        • Karen, I wonder if you can mark it “Not Spam” when it goes to the spam folder. My email allows me to do that, so I think if you do that it will no longer send to spam.

    • Hi Karen,
      Why of course you should wear the necklace! You will be glad you stepped out of your box and tried something new! I believe that as we age, we must try some new things to keep us feeling and looking younger. Did you see me in that print dress with the brown boots Rhoda posted? Well, let me tell you I was living on the edge when I wore it to church. BUT…I received so many positive comments that I couldn’t wait to wear it again! That was a big step for me. And…I’ve lost 20+ pounds since then and am ready to try more new and different fashion styles. Thank you for posting your thoughts, Karen. I encourage you to try something new. Summer is a great time for a new color in a scarf or lip color! Go for it, girl!

  8. Congratulations Vicki! I know how difficult it is to lose weight since I have to watch mine closely. I feel so good when I lose weight and exercise. I try to walk on the treadmill 6 days a week. This helps loosen up my joints and I can tell the difference when I don’t walk. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I get so sore and stiff if I miss a day. The coral is so pretty on you. I enjoy the pics that Rhonda posts that show the different styles of clothing for us over 50 gals (I’m 66).

    • Wow, Tricia! That’s dedication to walk on the treadmill 6 days a week. You’re setting a great example for the rest of us over 50 gals! I don’t suffer from RA, but when I’m not active due to an illness or something, my joints also get stiff and uncomfortable. Glad you like the coral! Thank you for posting what works for you and your encouraging comments. Bless you!

  9. You are beautiful at any weight! I’m enjoying your posts as not all of us are thin like Rhoda!

    • Hello Judy,
      Hi Judy,
      You’re right, we’re not all thin like Rhoda. But let me tell you about Rhoda. Yes, I believe she has some “thin” genes from her father but Rhoda has lived a very healthy life style. As we have mentioned, we’ve been friends since we were juniors in high school and met when we were just 15. Rhoda has always lived a balanced life and as an adult she began a strength training routine with free weights that she continues today as well as elliptical and walking for cardio. So while she’s been blessed with great genes and parents who have always been active and eaten very healthily, she has practiced a healthy life style and therefore reaps the benefits with a strong and lean physique. She loves fudge, but limits her indulgences! She is a great example of a healthy woman for her age and she maintains her trim figure by eating healthy tasty food and exercising. We can all learn a lot from her! Thanks for posting, Judy! I really appreciate your encouraging comment about me. I struggle with seeing my beauty but Rhoda’s readers have been extremely uplifting! Please look for future posts from me here on Southern Hospitality! Blessings to you and yours!

  10. Could you please share the weight loss program you are using?

    • Hi Becky,
      I apologize to all of Rhoda’s readers. I was gone all day yesterday and just didn’t make time to write on my blog. Many of you have dropped by to check it out but I just now posted the info on my program. So please drop by again Leave me a message and I’ll e-mail or call you! I’m eager to share the details.
      Thank you, Becky.

  11. You are beautiful Vicki, I love your style. Sometimes I wonder what my style will be when I’m in my 50’s and beyond (I’m in my 30’s now) and you have shown me women can have fun with fashion at any age. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Kelly,
      So good to hear from you! In your thirties! You have so much to look forward to! Learn from my mistakes and take care of yourself in your thirties! I was homeschooling and running to and fro to ball games and co-op days, neglecting myself but doing what I thought I was supposed to do at the time. I just would not prioritize myself into the day and suffered from it. Of course hind sight is 20/20, right? Thank you for taking time to share a comment. Enjoy your life journey as it only gets more interesting with every decade!

  12. Vicki you are beautiful!! I love your great attitude and that you are sharing your journey. Focusing on basics and adding accessories is so smart. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, Stacey! My attitude does, shall we say, fluctuate! Glad you like the fashion post. Adding accessories is easy when you don’t spend much on them and find great pieces at the thrift stores. I’ll be back in a month or so so please stay in touch. I really enjoy sharing on Rhoda’s blog and appreciate her featuring me and allowing me to share with her readers.

  13. Vicki, i love the colors. I too would like to know the weight loss plan you are doings. Thank You. Blessings

    • Hi Rachel,
      I’ve posted information on my blog but after many of Rhoda’s readers dropped by. Please check out my blog for info on my plan. Leave me a message and I’ll contact you by e-mail or phone. Thank you!

  14. You look beautiful (especially in that coral) and congratulations on your weight loss! I truly believe the weight loss journey is made more difficult simply because our society does everything around food and temptations abound. We live to eat instead of eating to live. All the best on your journey and we will all be here cheering you on! You are doing great!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes, you are so right about our lives being centered around food. I address the amount of time I’ve personally spent on food on my blog today. Many of Rhoda’s readers dropped by but my post wasn’t up yet. Please check it out.
      Thanks for your kind words! I’m blessed by the encouragement!

  15. Anne Marie says:

    Congrats Vicki! You are doing fabulous! Keep up the good work. I know it is a challenge but you can do it. I also have weight issues and have been working on it for 11 months now. I am determined to reach my goal and I can tell that you are too.
    Best of everything and I love your outfits and accessories.

    • Hi Anne Marie,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. Congratulations on your own weight loss efforts! May you continue to persevere toward your goal of a healthy weight and begin to reap the benefits of your efforts, like dancing! Why don’t you celebrate some milestones with some fun jewelry or mani/pedi? That always helps me to stay focused! Blessings to you as you reach your own personal goals of health.

  16. Donna Kay says:

    Congratulations Vickie!! 20 lbs is a lot of weight…good for you, I know if it not easy! I struggle with my weight and so far it has taken me to the mat!!!! But, I will continue to fight it and I KNOW that one day I will win!!! I love the necklace – I think I like accessories more than clothes!! You can make anything look good with cute earrings!!! 🙂 BTW, I love the light in your face…you are truly beautiful!

    • Hello Donna Kay,
      What sweet comments! If you only knew how often I find myself wallowing around in a pit of self loathing! My nature is more happy-go-lucky but it has been a struggle recently. I’m glad you found my “light”! So you need to get up off that mat and do something different toward your health goals! A different exercise or take away a food or try some new foods! You’ve got this! Blessings to you as you seek optimal health!

  17. Thank you again for the wonderful article. You are a beautiful inspiration to me. Would you mind sharing what weight loss program you are doing? Again thanks for the fashion tips and another great article, please keep them coming.

    • Hi Sandy,
      I posted information about my plan on my blog today, but after many of Rhoda’s readers dropped by. Please drop by and read my post, leave me your contact info and I’ll be in touch! Thanks for your encouraging comments! They are a blessing to me.

  18. You look wonderful & are so pretty! Congratulations on your weight loss…..once you start losing I have heard, you just keep on losing! My niece & friends in college use to put bikini models on their refrigerator to remind them to not eat, LOL!

    • Hey Bonnie,
      Well that’s a great idea! I say whatever works! One little thing I do is hang clothing that is too small out where I can see it in my closet every time I enter as a reminder of what’s to come once I can fit into them. I enjoyed pulling some clothes for summer out that I bought at the thrift store last year but never wore because they were too small and fitting into them! Yes! Happy dance, yes!!!

  19. I can relate to you and the weight loss journey. I love your blog also .

    • Thanks Becky! I’m so glad you’re checking out my blog. I hope to add some pics to it soon and my published writing. I’m so happy for Rhoda’s blog success! She works very hard and loves her followers! She’s a great example to me of doing what you love and enjoying success!
      Please leave me a comment sometime!
      Blessings to you!

  20. Dinelle H says:

    Congrats to Vicki – It is hard losing weight, don’t give up and learn from your friend. 🙂

    • Thank you, Dinelle. Yes, it is difficult to lose weight. I’m very close to a weight that will put me at the “overweight” label and not the “obese” label so I’m encouraged today to try even harder.
      Thanks for your encouraging post!
      Blessings to you!

  21. I am so happy Vickie is being included in the fashion posts. Rhoda, you are blessed to be so trim, but many of us, not so much! It is good to see these outfits and give us ideas. You both are such beautiful women and I wish I lived in your area to be friends! I lost 20 pounds last year-took the whole year. Now, in the last 2 months, I have already gained almost half of it back. So, back to the basics for me! Thanks to both of you for sharing your fashion ways with us!

    • shar y,
      You temporary gain is just a rabbit trail on your journey to optimal health! Learn from what caused it and hop back on the path to better health. Every mistake or shortfall in life is just a stepping stone to our best. Be encouraged! Do not be dismayed! You’ve got this! Check out my blog on more about my efforts.

  22. Cheryl Davis says:

    I have fought my weight all my life. 4 years ago I found the best weight loss program. I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for 4 years. Check it out for free at or for much more info the same program with a small price is Hundreds have lost 90 pounds in 90 days. I wish everyone that needed to lose weight knew about this wonderful program. You look beautiful!

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I’m familiar with this program and had some success with it in the past. Thank you for posting. I’m so glad you’ve had success and are enjoying better health. Drop by my blog and say hello!
      Blessings to you,

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for posting. I’m so glad you’ve had success and are enjoying better health. Drop by my blog and say hello!
      Blessings to you,

  23. Paula B. says:

    You look amazing, congrats on the twenty pound weight loss. I think you should try some of the capris, there are different lengths out there and some are only a little shorter than regular pants. And, they give a young look to an outfit on us women over fifty. I love Talbots outlet stores for their plus size clothing line – great sales and always wardrobe staples that can be paired with things you already own. I have found the Rafaella brand pants at Marshall’s and like the fit very much. Coral is a great color on most of us, it is very becoming on you. Here’s to continuing to feel good about yourself and wherever the weight loss program takes you – we are all rooting for you!

    • Thanks for the tips, Paula. I love Talbots too, and I need to see if there’s an outlet nearby to check out. I really appreciate the encouraging words! Support is important to my success! Bless you!

  24. Carmen P says:

    Vicki, you are beautiful lady! Congrats on the weight loss so far! I think you look great and when I first pulled up your pic, I thought, she’s not a full-figured woman! 🙂

    • Well, that’s because I’m wearing a tunic! As I noted to another poster, I’m wearing a 16W and 1X. But I did feel great in the outfit and received a lot of compliments. Again, the color enhances my hair and eyes! Hmmmm, maybe I should invest in more coral tunics! Thanks so much! You’ve made my day with your thoughtful comments.

  25. You look beautiful, Vicki! You give me hope since I’ve been struggling with weight issues my whole life! Thank you for being so brave and generous with your story.

    • Hi Dionne,
      Yes, have hope! By writing the article and sharing my heart on this subject, I am encouraged and inspired to try harder to live healthy. With each word typed I am emphasizing to myself how badly I want this! And then to receive so much encouraging comments…I’m just blessed! So you decide now, for yourself, why you want to lose weight and be healthy! And take a step toward it. Just one step. I know you have it in you because you wrote a comment! God bless you as you choose health!

  26. Vicki, thanks for sharing outfits and information on weight loss. Congrats on your 20 lb weight loss, so encouraging reading about your progress. Love the outfits, especially the coral, looks great on you. Special thanks to you and Rhoda sharing clothing fashions with us.

    • Hi Theresa! It has been so much fun to share on Rhoda’s blog! She’s the fashion maven! I have always turned to her for advice since we were young. Only her idea of going out dressing casual was quite different from mine back in the day! I still laugh about how I’d show up in jeans with sneakers and she’d wear jeans with stylish boots or platforms, belt, jewelry, all glammed out! Love her!
      Thank you for posting!

  27. mary kellogg says:

    I’ve lost 65 in the last year. One hour on the treadmill six days a week without fail. I’m now running at 5.0 most of the hour. Eat clean-chicken breast, poached fish, salad, yogurt. No bread products, sweets, or empty calories. One day one meal a week-eat what you want within reason. Foe this meal I usually go to Taco Bell with my husband who also follows this diet plan. Not exciting but it works.

    • Mary, bless your heart! You’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight and I applaud you! Double WOW!
      Thanks for sharing what you eat. You’ve found what works and what is sustainable for you and that is half the battle! Having your husband at your side following the same plan I know is a blessing. I really appreciate you taking time to comment. May you be blessed by ongoing strength to maintain your amazing loss!

  28. Dear Vicki I have been in your weight loss shoes too many times to count. It is so easy to compare your journey with someone else that is seemingly making the same choices as you. I too have compared myself to those people. I suspect you are a part of the same “weight loss” circle as I. Comparison is not our friend. Your words here are encouraging to me. I need a boost. My weight loss should be for me and my health only. You look fabulous in these outfits and I thank you for being a part of Rhoda’s Fashion Over 50 posts.

    • Thank you, Mellyb! I think all women, especially younger women, deal with the comparison issue. I must say, growing older has helped me with the comparison thing, except maybe when it comes to my weight. I appreciate your comments on your own struggles. I, however, did not make the same choices as the lady I referenced. She actually adhered to the program with a strong commitment, whereas I did in the beginning but not after the first month so much. She definitely has reaped the rewards of her choice to work the program. I’m maintaining and am mustering up the where-with-all to press toward my mark! The encouragement I’ve received from Rhoda’s readers has been a huge blessing to me. Thanks for taking time to comment and sharing your thoughts.

  29. What a beauty you are, Vicki – and it’s obvious that it’s not just outer loveliness that you have. Christ’s love shines out of you! Thanks for sharing.

    • Wow, Lori,
      Your comment really touches my heart and brought tears to my eyes! I feel my light has been dimmed recently. Thank you for the encouragement as I do strive to be a blessing to others. I’m feeling very blessed by your comment and others here on Rhoda’s blog. Thank you!

  30. That face! That beautiful face! Vicki, you are one hot mama, no matter what your scale says! I am sure that your son was proud to be seen with you on that dance floor!
    As women, we beat ourselves up about our physical appearance, especially our weight. But you my dear are helping to empower all of us chubbies out here to accentuate the positive . I, for one, am sick and tired of feeling like others dictate my self worth based on my weight. Because of your appearance on this blog, I bought some jewelry, some bright coral and aqua tops, and am shedding my extra mommy pounds. (My last baby is 19, but I won’t tell if you won’t!)

    • LOL, Julie! My baby is 26! Mum’s the word! I’m so glad you’ve been inspired and are enjoying some new garments and jewelry. Thank you for your extremely complimentary comments! Yep, we must accentuate the positive. You sound like a really fun lady! Do you blog? If not, you probably should think about it. You’ve got a great wit about you and have really rung my bell! Blessings to you, sweet lady. You definitely brought a smile to my heart!

  31. Karen Ely says:

    I’m a Plus-size over 50 too, Vicki and have lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. I am already worried about regaining but I think my time has come to get serious!! I just get up each morning and say to myself…..just dedicate today to this challenge and hopefully each day will get better. Going backwards must not be an option. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just take it one day at a time and realize that everyone’s metabolism is different. Blessings……..yeah, that linen stuff is pretty but a real pain to wear.

    • Wow, Karen,
      Congratulations on the 9 pounds and in just 2 weeks! Yes, if we are looking back over our shoulder, we cannot see our destination, our goal ahead! There is no place for comparing yourself to any one else and their weight loss in your journey to health! You are you and they are , um, them? That’s awkward! Anyway, be you, your best you! Enjoy your journey!
      Thanks for sharing! V

  32. Patricia says:

    Vicki, you’ve inspired me to look at clothes in thrift stores. I’m mostly a discount store shopper but now I’m eager to look. Also, that twenty lb you lost, it turned up here in my house. I’m guessing you don’t want it back.

    • Ha ha! Nope, don’t send it back my way! Glad you’ve been inspired to try thrift stores. I prefer Goodwill even though they are more expensive than others. They group the plus sizes together and they colorize their clothes which really helps me. I shop by color first. I also look under the rack of blouses and see which ones are the longest. That helps me zip right through without picking item by item. There are certain colors I just do not wear like olive green and yellow so I skip them. I hope this helps.
      Good luck to you as you shop. Thanks for posting!

  33. Patty Lucas says:

    Vicki that coral shirt makes your whole face pop. That color is really beautiful on you. The purple is nice but the coral is just the best! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Patty! I also love the coral and receive compliments every time I wear the color. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  34. what a beautiful post – very encouraging, thx for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandy! Glad you were encouraged and I so appreciate Rhoda inviting me to share.
      Bless you and thank you for your thoughtful comments!

  35. Rhoda I’ve followed your blog for a long time & love it! I usually skip your Fashion over 50 posts though because 1 – I’m not a beanpole 🙂 2 – I really hate thinking about fashion 3- I’m 49. I decided to read today’s post though because it said full-figured & I can’t wait to check out Vicki’s blog. I still don’t enjoy fashion & my style is much more subdued than what you & Vicki wear but I look forward to reading her post more. I’m also trying to be healthier (I’ve lost 15 pds in the past 6 wks) – it’s a never ending journey.

    Anyway, I really loved this post!

    PS – I’ve loved following your dad’s garden too. THAT is my passion. give me some jeans & hoe & I am a happy woman. 😉

    • Hi Jen! I LOL on your comments about why you skip the fashion posts. Wow on you weight loss! That’s awesome! I know you’re feeling much better. It’s amazing to me how just 20 pounds gone has made me feel so much better mentally and physically. Twenty seems so little when I need to lose 35 more to be in a healthy range but hey, it’s progress and I’m thankful for the loss. I’m so appreciative of Rhoda asking me to be featured on her blog and allowing me to share my thoughts. I’ll be posting in about a month so drop back by and say hello. And as far as being 50+, it’s not so bad! I remember at my 40th birthday feeling so much wiser than I was in my twenties and thirties and imagining how wise I’d feel at 60! Ha ha! I’m less than 2 years from 60 now! How did that happen! Blessing to you and thank you so much for posting.

  36. Vicki, you look just fabulous. Your weight loss is a major accomplishment not only in terms of appearance/confidence, but in terms of maintaining your health. There’s something about hitting 50 that makes the body mutiny. I need to lose 10# in order to get back to my historical weight, and absolutely cannot make them budge. Those pounds are right around my middle, and are enough put me out of my clothes. I can’t eat any less than I already do, and I eat only whole, organic foods (nothing “processed”), take zero meds, and get plenty of physical activity. It’s a mystery to me, and total aggro!

    • I’m 62 now, I had developed thinner thighs and thick waist in my 50s. After being on bioidentical topical hormones I got my waist back and yes, my chubby thighs returned. The horrible hot flashes are much better also.

      • Nancy, good for you, that’s great! Well, except the chubby thighs. Amazing how things shift around in our 50’s. Me too!

      • Hi Nancy,
        I’ve not tried hormones of any sort due to some other health concerns I’ve dealt with. I’m so glad you’ve had some success. And don’t you just hate those hot flashes! And at what point do they cease? A friend of mine in her 80’s says she still has them. GRRRR!!! But by losing weight and improving my nutrition hopefully some of my “symptoms” will dissipate.
        Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.
        Bless you as you continue your healthy life style.

    • Thank you, Jane! Rhoda’s readers have been so encouraging! As for your own struggles at 50, I so agree! My weight stayed within a 5 pound range but my belly grew. Such is life and menopause! Sounds like you’ve found a nutritious and healthy diet and congrats on being med free and active! A great example of lifestyle=good health. Thank you so much for sharing!

  37. I also do not consider you full figured. Imagine if the titles were fashion for skinny women, short women, women with big feet, women almost 60, women in their 70s.
    Labels make it harder to break through and just focus on being our best. I was called shy as a child and that label stuck with me for so long. Inner beauty is what counts.
    I know you say that this does not bother you. But then, you say how often you are down on yourself. You are beautiful. Period.

    • Hi Terry,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on labels. I’ve not really considered how some might perceive such labels and your comments help me to think differently. When shopping at a major department store, the women’s apparel is divided into sections with plus sizes in one department, regular sizes in another, and petites in another. That is the basis for the labels when referencing fashion. I agree it is our inner beauty that counts and as women we must allow it to shine through our exterior. No, I am not bothered at all by talking about my weight and body image struggles and am eager to open up about my own in hopes I can encourage others and give a voice to someone who may not be comfortable talking about her own issues. Yep, I do get down on myself but I believe many women do and by being transparent I just hope to help one person. Sorry if I’m putting out mixed signals. I’m blessed that you see me as beautiful. I was labeled as a girl as over weight and called names in school like fatty four eyes and big mama. While I have overcome those labels, I may be more sensitive because of those experiences, and also more aware of how others may struggle. I’m just thankful for the opportunity Rhoda has given me to share my heart and her readers have been very responsive and encouraging. I guess I’m selfish because I’ve really been extremely blessed by participating here and look forward to posting again. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  38. LOVE Wednesdays now!

    I love to wear linen and it seems to me that washing it on delicate cycle and letting it drip dry is best. Then you have vague generalized wrinkles and the dang seat belt doesn’t destroy your look. Also, after it’s completely dry put it in the dryer a few minutes, seems to even the wrinkles out.
    Especially for tops like this, a structured linen dress or suit should probably be ironed.

    This feature is so helpful to 62 y/o me. I’m not overweight but I haven’t worn white pants in years. I’m too timid with clothes, this is helping me branch out. And my husband loves it.

    • Hi Nancy! Glad you are enjoying the fashion posts on Wednesdays. I appreciate Rhoda inviting me to participate. Great tips on caring for linen. I have some linen drawstring pants that I do wash and hang for the “natural” look. Wear those white pants and enjoy the summer months with colorful tops and fun jewelry and scarves! Thank you for posting!

  39. Vicki, You look fabulous! At this point I would kill to lose 20 lbs. That’s fantastic! And if you are plus sized, you’re certainly on the small side of the plus sized scale! LoL! You are a very pretty lady.

    • Dear Cathy,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. As for you wanting to lose 20 pounds, please know you have the power to lose one pound. Yes, one! I challenge you to try something different this week. Just try one thing different. What can you do? Can you take the stairs? Can you drink more water? Can you park a greater distance than normal and walk into the grocery store or office? Can you eat a new vegetable? A piece of fruit? A handful of nuts? Can you just start writing down what you eat? I know you can do one thing. Each little thing we do to improve our health is a baby step on our journey. Take heart! You are not alone and I really appreciate you reaching out.

  40. Tardevil says:

    I think you look pretty even if you don’t lose another pound. We have very similar taste in jewelry.

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