Fashion over 50: Jeans and Leopard

Even though it’s still very hot here in Georgia, I’m trying to channel some Fall feels.  Not very successfully, I might add.  It’s been in the 90’s the last week and man, is that too hot for me.  I keep thinking every week it’s going to start cooling off, so maybe it really will soon.

I’ve got a couple of new things to share with you today, a new pair of jeans and the leopard shoes I’ve shared before are still newish. I’m digging these leopard shoes!

You’ve seen this top before, a white and embroidered boho type top that’s great this time of year, not too hot or cool.

These jeans are new, on sale and I’ll link them below.  I was looking for another pair of skinny jeans that were not cut too low and had more stretch than some of my others do and these fit the bill.  The brand is Blank NYC and I got a size 28.

These jeans have a raw edge hem, which is about as distressed as I go.  I still love these leopard shoes from Target and I’m having fun wearing them in these early Fall days.

Here’s the detail on the top, although I can’t link it, it’s old.

Closer look at the shoes, with an espadrille type sole.

And that’s a look at one of my early Fall outfits this year.  We were off to dinner that night and I took some pics before we left.

Below are these jeans and another pair of darker wash jeans I just got, those are from Kut from the Cloth and I’ll share them later, but I really like them and they are on sale too.  These I’m wearing today are more like jeggings and the Kut from the Cloth jeans are skinny, but not skin-tight.

I also added in a great sale deal I spotted on Urban Decay eye shadow if you’re in the market for that.  The shades look great and the price is really good too! 





- Rhoda


  1. It is too hot for me down in South Texas too. I love summer fashion, but by this time of year I want to start wearing clothes that look more like Fall. Your outfit is cute!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Diane Taylor says

    Cute top and shoes!!!! And wow that deal on the UD Naked Palette is a steal – thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I like the leopard shoes too! I have been hearing & seeing that leopard is very in this Fall and that leopard is the new neutral! I live in South Florida and I am so ready for it to cool off. I want to wear fall clothes too.

  4. I agree we are having a hot summer in Georgia, looking forward to fall! Just wanted to drop by to compliment you, Rhonda, you are a beautiful lady, love the top you are wearing. I would like to see you post more about your diet, exercise, and make up routine, you must be doing all the right methods since you look so great. I enjoy all your blog, it is the first one I read each day. Also, enjoy hearing and seeing pictures of your parents and family, tell your parents Hello from a middle Georgia fan.

    • Thank you, Theresa, you’re always so encouraging and I appreciate that. I’ll have to think about doing more posts about meals, etc. I have done a few of those in the past.

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