Fashion over 50: Leopard Vest Revisited

Happy Wednesday! The countertops are installed and today the new faucet goes in and I’m so very excited that this week has finally arrived. Things are going to look so different around our kitchen after this.

I’ve got other exciting news to share today too. Our Viking cruise has been rescheduled for Spring and we’ll be leaving April 27th for the Rhine Getaway cruise. It’s going to be such a beautiful time of year for a cruise like this, so we are super excited. Of course, I’ll be sharing it all on the blog!

Today’s Fashion over 50 is a repeat, but I love this vest and don’t mind sharing it again. It’s fun to mix it up and wear it with different things and this is not one I’ve worn before.

I got this vest last year from Nordstrom, I think and it sold out later on, but it was a good find. I just love how cozy and chic it looks for winter outfits. I’ve worn it a couple of different ways, but this one might be my fave.

This sweater and charcoal jeans are both from Old Navy, the sweater from last year and the charcoal jeans I think they still carry. Boots are my tried and true Ralph Lauren that I’ve had at least 5 years.

I wish I could link the vest again, but unfortunately it’s last year’s season.

I’ve enjoyed it so much, it’s very warm and cozy and I love the length of it too.

Vest like this are great for so many occasions when you’re trying to stay warm and want to look good too. It’s a great in between look for a lot of events you might have.

Here are a couple of boots that are similar to mine and these jeans are the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy like I have on, but I don’t see the gray anymore. These are black, which is a nice color to have too! Thanks for stopping by today!

- Rhoda


  1. You look adorable as always, Rhoda! You and Mark are going to have a fantastic time on your Viking cruise, prepare to be pampered. I way overpacked but I did lay everything out a week ahead and did a practice pack. Those bags that squish the air out were a huge help! Can’t wait to see the kitchen counters!

    • Hi, Roxanne, thank you so much! I’m so excited to go in spring, I think it will be the perfect time of year for a cruise in Europe. I’m really going to try to not pack too much, I usually overpack too, but as I’ve traveled more over the years, I’ve gotten better. Sounds like it’s not dressy anyway, so just more casual clothes.

  2. I love Viking the best, they take care of everything! I always overpack too, I like to dress up for dinner wearing my fun outfits that are dressier. Our recent Paris trip the ladies dressed up, the other two some did. I always love to see your Fashion over 50 and home updates! Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. I can’t figure out how to post a comment on Instagram but I wanted to tell you I remember the shabby cabinet and how much your dad disliked it. I’m not surprised that Mark doesn’t like it either. I have one bedroom and bathroom with shabby style furnishings. I love it but it certainly gets mixed reviews. One of my favorite things about you is that you sometimes get criticized but you do your own thing. That is harder to do when you’re married, isn’t it?

    • Hi, Anise, thank you for leaving a comment! If you’re on Stories over there, you can just reply during the story to send a message. I’m glad you took the time to stop by. Yes, that cabinet is not a fave of my dad or Mark, but it’s cute, so I’m going for it. I think it will look really good in there and I don’t need that much storage either. Yeah, I’ve learned to do my own thing, but I do sometimes get swayed by opinions too. It was overwhelming YES on the cabinet from all my readers over there! They love it too! Mark will be fine with it, he doesn’t go in there much at all. I do the laundry.

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