Fashion over 50: Long Cardigan and Boots

Happy Wednesday y’all! The laundry room is turning out so nice and I can’t wait to share it with you all, hopefully next week if the light fixture arrives this week. That’s going to be the final touch in there and it came together even better than I imagined.

Today’s Fashion over 50 is another outfit that I’ve worn before, but maybe not all these pieces together. I’ve had this long fringed taupe tunic sweater for at least 3 years now and it’s fun to pull out during these chilly months. It’s a great layering piece.

I paired it with dark brown Liverpool leggings, these leggings are like pants with zipper and pockets but the fabric is stretchy and comfy. I got these one time in a Stitch Fix box that I got maybe two years ago.

This long tunic sweater was in Stitch Fix too and it’s a good sweater in a very nice neutral color.

You know I love my scarves and I’ve had this one so long I don’t remember where I got it, but the colors are just perfect for Fall and Winter with teal, gold, brown and cream. These boots are by Volatile and I’ve had them a few years too. I don’t wear my clothes out and tend to get rid of things before they wear out. How about you?

Bracelets are stacking bracelets in several colors of the scarf and I brought out the turquoise shade in the scarf with my earrings.

So that’s how I put together outfits. If you grab a scarf and look at the colors, then start pulling pants a neutral top and boots or shoes with it, it all comes together easily. Scarves really are a great way to pull an outfit together and feel good in it. I love my layers this time of year.

I wore this to church last Sunday and it was very comfy and felt good even without a heavier coat.

That’s it for today, but I found a few things below that you might enjoy (affiliate links). There are a lot of sales going on now at end of season. I think scarves, cardigans and boots just go together this time of year. Scarves can really pull an outfit together and I’ve collected many of them for Fall/Winter months. I’ve added a few below that are very affordable.


Love this cardigan from Kohls. Great colors in this one and there are other colors too.

Black long cardigan from Kohls.

Cute gray stripe cardigan from Kohls.

Gray and cream cardigan from Soft Surroundings.

Gray cardigan from Soft Surroundings on sale.

Gray cardigan from Soft Surroundings on sale.


- Rhoda


  1. Gorgeous, Rhoda! Love how you used the scarf and earrings to brighten up your neutrals. Can’t wait to see the laundry room. You are such an inspiration in everything you do! Have a great day, sweetness.

  2. VintageBeachgirl says

    Do those Liverpool leggings have the high no-roll waist? I have six pair of Liverpool pants/jeans and one pair of shirts and I love those high wide waistbands. They cover up any issues with “the dreaded muffin top” and make even somewhat fitted tops looks smooth and sleek. The waistbands never roll and the pants are all easy care as well. I haven’t tried their leggings and will have to ask my Stitch Fix stylist to send me some to try. Thanks for letting us know they’re available!
    I love the outfit you’re wearing, it is so flattering from colors to style and fit, I especially love those gorgeous boots they are very attractive and look great with the outfit. Super fashion post Rhoda, thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you VB! These Liverpool leggings have a zipper and button so different from the high no roll waist. I think their fabrics are really nice and I like the stretch they have. This is my only Liverpool pair I’ve had.

  3. Carol-Anne Powell says

    I’d love a tutorial on how you tied that scarf!!

    • Hi Carol! I happen to have a video on my sidebar on this scarf tying method. It’s my fave! Click the video box on my sidebar.

  4. That is a great look on you! And your hair looks fantastic. You need to call this “Fashion That Makes You Look Forty” because you look very, very young!!

  5. You look beautiful as always Rho. Thanks for sharing your fashion over 50 with us.

    That laundry room is so cute. I know that your readers are going to love what you have done in there.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Looks great Rhoda! I do the same with a necklace since petite and layering is alittle tricky on me. My clothes just get old too since I stay close to same size. Don’t ask me how, I walk but that’s it and eat basically what I want. I give to my daughter and she gives to her charity at work or resells them on posh mark . You are lucky to be tall and can wear anything ! I found the link to the silk pillowcase. .. it was if interested . Thanks for sharing your cute outfit!

  7. Love this look! I have the same scarf, I bought it years ago at Kohls, I love the colors in it. Since moving to Florida five years ago I’ve used at as a decorative runner on my table, lol. I love your hair curly, it’s very youthful looking.
    Can’t wait to see the laundry room.


    Rhoda, such a beautiful outfit! You always look so pretty! Blessings!

  9. Lorraine Watkins says

    I think your curly hair suits you! I may have to experiment with those products when I get back in the states . I wear scarves more in the UK than I did in Va.

    • Thank you, Lorraine, I’m getting so many compliments on it, so I think I’ll start wearing it curly more. With the right products it’s a lot easier and these products are working great for me.

  10. Jean from Georgia says

    As much as you love jewelry I thought you might like this company if you have not already found her. Victoria Emerson. My daughter gave me a bracelet for Christmas and I am hooked on her bracelets and I think you will love them, too. Let me know what you think. I especially love that some are magnetic.

    • Thank you, Jean, I’ll look her up, I haven’t seen it before! I have so much jewelry, but I do love it!

  11. Hi Rhoda, you look especially pretty today. Nice outfit and your makeup is perfection.

  12. Now that is a great outfit, and you look perfect! I really like all the sweaters you shared. You have such good taste. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your laundry room. I need to do something in mine …it’s a great little room, but needs some style.

  13. Cheryl Ann says

    Rhoda, you look beautiful! Love your hair and the outfit is perfect on you! Thanks!

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