Fashion over 50: Long Sweater Cardigan and Cowboy Boots

Hey friends! Thank you for all the great comments on the kitchen post! I read every single comment and loved your feedback. It sure has been fun having it all finished and enjoying it all for the last week.

Today’s Fashion over 50 is old stuff again. I’ve shared this sweater before but it’s worth sharing again. I’ve had it probably 5 years and haven’t worn it in awhile, but I was reminded of how much I still like it. The color is fresh and fun this time of year.

I paired it with my bootcut Miss Me jeans that I’ve had a long time too, along with my Tony Llama boots.

The turtle neck is from Gap, again have had it for a long time.

I decided to share some outtake pics from my photographer, Mark.

He loves to keep shooting while I’m posing for pics. I’ve been experimenting with some new curly hair products and my hair was looking better than normal here. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.

I really like this casual boots outfit and perfect layering for this time of year.

Fun and comfy too, we were heading to a baby’s boy’s first birthday party celebrated last weekend.

I’ve been ready up on the Curly Girl method for curly hair lately and still need to dive into it even more, but I picked up 3 new products from Target that I think will help me with my curly hair woes when I want to wear it curly. You all sure do like it curly! I do like the option of going curly or straight and the right products sure make the difference when I go curly.

Here it is after diffusing with a gel product I got. Again, my hair is naturally curly and this is using nothing but conditioner and gel products on it. If you’d like to know more, I can talk more about it next week.

I don’t have it all completely figured out and foolproof. I used the products again after these pics and then it rained on me all day and my hair was a frizz ball all over again, but I’m going to keep experimenting with it all until I get it more figured out for my type hair. There is a lot of information online about the Curly Girl method and I just haven’t learned that much about it, but I want to learn more. There are girls on Instagram devoted to it and they share their products and styling routines, so if you’d like to talk and hear more about this, I’ll share more next week, just let me know.

That’s it for this week! Hope you enjoyed this casual boot cut jeans and boots outfit. It was fun to dig these all out again and wear them.

Here are a few cardigans and jeans you might like and some are on sale (affiliate links)!

Macy’s Leopard Cardigan

Striped Cardigan

Seven Bootcut Jeans

White House Black Market Cardigan from thredUP


- Rhoda


  1. You look really great with the body and wave in your hair in these pics! I’d love a tutorial of how you achieved this look and the products too! That color green is fabulous on you!

  2. Rhoda, that curly hair is extremely flattering. Outfit was very cozy and comfy looking.

  3. I love the curly so much! You look young and vibrant❤️


    Your curly hair looks so cute! Love the outfit, too! You always look so pretty, Rhoda! That photographer you have is a real keeper!

  5. Yes, I’d like you to share more about the Curly Girl hair methods!

  6. Rhoda, you are beautiful inside and out! Your posts are so inspirational and encouraging! Your HAIR LOOKS AMAZING!! Please do share how you achieved this look! I have some wave to my hair but always end up straightening it. I would love to know what products you are using!! Blessings to you!

  7. Love your curly hair!!!! Those of us with very straight hair always love the curly look!! Your outfit is cute too.

  8. Would love to hear about the hair products you used, your hair looks amazing. I really like the long sweater, jeans and boots. Very cute!

  9. Love the curly hair. You look great wearing green. Enjoy these posts.
    Gorgeous kitchen!

  10. LOve your green outfit & hair! I tried the curly girl method with Deva curl products last summer. Boy oh boy was that a trip. The ends of my hair got dry and stayed dry. I even went so far as to go to a Deva Certified hair stylist for a Deva Hair cut. That was expensive and I didn’t think worth it so went back to regular stylist that is curly certified. Curly girl method is different as you can use any products that are silicone, sulfate & paraben free. I finally just got my hair cut back into a bob which I could do either way straight or curly. Now I have the new shag. which will do either way too. Good luck with your Curly Girl Method! Mine is still wavy on sides…..even tried the perm on the sides.which don’t do as that will break & frizz your hair. Back is curly and top straight. I am currently trying the “Wired” styling crème by Rusk that Kimberly of Little Big Town suggested under articles of and a little Deva Curl gel afterwards. I only do curly once or twice a month. LOL! Let me know how it goes with you & curly products. 🙂

    • Hey, Bonnie, your comment came through! I hear you, it’s a challenge to keep curly hair looking good. I’m going to keep experimenting with the products I got and read up more on it. I’m not going to dive full force into the Curly Girl method, I don’t think but some of the tips are good and the products seem to be working better for sure.

    • Hey Rhoda…….What is frustrating to me how curly hair can look good for 3 to 4 hours, then you look in a mirror & it’s gotten poufy & frizzy. So many rules too…..for curly girls. I do think sometimes that curly is a sassier & younger look – yes, we would love to hear all about what you use & how you use the products on your curly hair days. Thanks for sharing!

    • HI, Bonnie, I agree! It has it’s cycles of looking good and 3 or 4 day old curly hair is not always great. I’ll still be experimenting with mine but I’m not giving up the flat iron completely. It’s just easier to have a style last for a few days when it’s straight. Curly is way more maintenance.

  11. Hey Rhoda……..LOve you hair! I typed you a long post & it went to cyber space. Just wanted to say I am with you on curly hair. some times I love and sometimes not. I did try the curly girl method and the Deva curl too. Good luck!

  12. I am a Curly Girl and some things I use to fight frizz is I only shampoo once a week, at other times I just use a great conditioner & cool, not hot, water. I don’t use terry cloth towels on my hair, ever. I use the flop onto a t-shirt method. I do use curl products on my hair & diffuse when I want to be curly or wavy…if I brush at all I get waves, if I finger comb I get crazy curls. My fave right now is LUS products, but am still getting to know them a bit.
    I really like your waves in this post a lot, it sets your eyes off quite a bit. The sweater & boots are lovely, and the color of your sweater is truly perfect for sitting here on the cusp of spring!

    • THank you, Chelle for sharing. I think curly haired girls really just have to find the right method for them. I haven’t even tried the tshirt drying method yet either, but I hear that is important. I will have to get some cotton material for that, I don’t have many old tshirts.

  13. Is there a source for the handbag? Love your look!

    • Hi, Roz, thanks so much. That purse was a TJ Maxx find on clearance last year, so unfortunately no link. It’s by Cole Haan.

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